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Regarding Players asking me Questions or for Input


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Talking with a few people, I'm getting the impression that those who don't directly interact with me over TS or in chat think I'm some like, super angry violent person who will yell at them for every question or comment they have. Just want to make it clear that I will never yell at someone for asking me a question one on one. At the same time, I can't guarantee the answer or feedback you get you will agree with...that's on your end. Still, I try to be as respectful as possible. Also, sometimes I criticize characters in TS but 9 times out of 10, it's a character I love to hate, like Vittorio Giggleandshitsfrio.

One more thing, and I really need to stress this: just ask the question, don't beat around the bush. I get messages where it's like 'may i please ask you a question?'', and I'm like 'what?!'. It just seems redundant. Save both of us time, just send me the question :)

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