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[Denied] Roy Wyatt's Stained Atmospherics Jumpsuit


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Character name:

Roy Wyatt

Item name:

Stained Jumpsuit

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Because he's got to wear something to work.

Item function(s):

Works just like a normal Atmospheric jumpsuit.

Item description:

This is a stained Atmospheric Technician's jumpsuit.

It's a jumpsuit that has a few faint stains around the sleeves and neck areas. It also looks worn around the elbow and knee areas.

Item appearance:

A normal Atmospheric jumpsuit with a few stained spots. When rolled down, the black tank top is replaced by an alpha channel that shows a few scars on Roy's frontal torso, and a small tattoo of a Singularity on his back.

Additional comments:

Some help on the spriting would be appreciated.

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Okay! I know how to handle this, so only Roy has the sprite of the tattoo and such.

If ckey = keinto, blah blah blah

Show tattoo sprite x. If not, show regular sprite.

Should work.

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It would benefit RP visually during intense situations, where people probably won't read flavour texts. For example, I would roll down the jumpsuit and take the webbing vest off if he was injured from the waist and up. The Doctors could have read his flavour text earlier in the round, but I think they'd probably forget about those details later on. It would serve as a reminder of his physical condition, and possibly make the doctors take extra precautions while helping him. He also often boxes at the holodeck, and rolls his jumpsuit down to be more comfortable during it, something I think a lot more people should do. The jumpsuit itself would show how little he cares for his appearance with all the oil, heat, dust, gases, sweat, and over all punishment a jumpsuit goes through Atmospherics and Engineering /ICly/.

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I mean, just because you have scars on your sprite doesn't really mean medical personnel'll treat you differently? I can accept the jumpsuit (I guess mainly because it'll be a very simple sprite edit), but I'm just not seeing the point behind needing to have the scars and tattoo on the mob sprite; especially since those aren't items per se.

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