Staff Complaint Rules:
  • The General Forum Rules
  • Only post if involved or you have something to contribute. If you are not a moderator or administrator and were not involved in the incident(s) referred to, you may not post or reply to a staff complaint regarding said incident(s). It is permissible, however, to provide testimony regarding a staff member's behavior backed by proof, in the form of screenshots or logs, or as a witness of some form that can (respectfully) verify/refute any claims made
  • Stay on topic, this means that the posts should be constructive and focus on the complaint itself only. Any off-topic post made will be removed and met with a reminder to remain on topic.
  • Do not use ad hominem. This means do not attack a person's character (character in this case meaning the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual). You are expected to argue the presented ideas, not the person. If someone were to attack you, don’t take matters into your own hands, report it to us.
  • No flame wars. No trolling. Self-explanatory.
  • After 24 hours of opening a complaint, if there’s no response, you are free to bump it.
  • DO NOT MAKE A STAFF COMPLAINT WHILE A ROUND IS STILL GOING. This constitutes as IC in OOC, wait for the round to end. This only applies if the request is related to an ongoing round.
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