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  1. if a system like this was instated i wouldn't want to see it on the relay because that'd be boring as fuck and a huge funkiller. the relay is kind of a shitshow, and that's the fun in it imo. people are going to talk shit and fling insults and mess around, and that's just how it is i think. part of the humor. it's a work chat. there's bubble. why is central affairs monitoring the nanotrasen equivalent of discord? if you make threats or commit a crime, your character can already be punished.
  2. i am not entirely opposed to the idea - i think it could be cool to give heads a bit more 'oomph', but i would not want to see it extend to things like the relay. it should stay purely in-game.
  3. Hihi. I was the officer that shot the borg b/c they were in the way. we had a pretty big shootout between myself, warden Dekel, and the antagonist. of those three parties, two were synthetic. myself (aesma, the IPC officer) and the robot antagonist were fighting while Dekel was a bit behind Aesma. We were on the far right side of the Captain's office, and if I recall correctly behind the desk or very near it. There would have been no wounded for DOG to retrieve except for the warden, and we had the CMO themselves directly outside of the office. anyone who has played a response role before knows that the number one role of response is to not impede the situation and make yourself into a casualty / liability, which was violated here. doubly so when playing a role that is not meant for response (not a medical borg, etc). i do not find peppermint's conduct to be unacceptable, and i likely would have ahelped myself if it wasn't bwoinked.
  4. hahahahah i like the more sci fi cool monitors. they're funny in a good way.
  5. Nothing I want to say hasn't been said by Lucaken and Peppermint already. Interesting idea, but I would not want to see it in-game.
  6. honestly i don’t really care how it’s implemented, just that there’s some way to open the robotics bay doors. for clarification, i do not mean the doors that go back into science, but the wide door that goes back into the central primary hall when the garage is up and open
  7. Hi. I've started to go to Robotics a lot more recently, and I think it'd be really nice if the robotics repairbay had a button next to the door for people to let themselves out, like how medical has in their lobby. That's all. Sometimes the roboticist is busy and can't let me out, and a few times they've went AFK and I've been stuck there. It'd just be nice to have.
  8. lame imo. getting cuffed shouldn't be a game ender for antags, and we already punish ppl for cuff spamming. this would also make it awful for hostages
  9. I mean yeah honestly I second everything above. Half the time I walk out of cryo and forget about it, then have to make the walk of shame back. It's frustrating.
  10. hi. i play verline steerpike in sec. i've worked with you a few times, and i think you can probably hack it on command. you reply to people over comms and communicate well, and that's half the battle right there. my main criticism for you is that you use a lot of IRL terminology and methods in-game. i think that this is an issue, because i do not personally believe that one needs IRL knowledge / familiarity of a subject to enjoy that subject in-game. i would want to see you try to find a more 'happy medium' with this kind of thing,- make it so a layman can understand and be interested, and be able to RP with you easier. i hope my feedback helps!
  11. I think this adds much more interest and flavor to their battle with Sol. I like it more! Good work.
  12. I think you could use this as a good opportunity to introduce a bit more strife into the Consulate. They mobilized near a billion people - wouldn't that do serious harm to their civilian economy to have such a large portion of the population leave the workforce and enter the military? I think it'd be interesting if there were more solid remnants of the war within Mohranda culture. Was there rationing? Do people remember any sort of economic depression? Stuff like that.
  13. I do not dislike this idea, but I find myself unable to understand how the Consulate successfully fended off an entire Solarian battle-fleet to the point of near universal extermination. For reference, in recent times it took ships from Elyra, The CoC, The Tau Ceti Foreign Legion, and NanoTrasen's own private navy to fend off a similar battle-fleet, and even then it was a mess. Was Sol too battered from the Interstellar War to pursue the Consulate similarly to Elyra?
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