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  1. please lmao, it's so annoying to be "punished" for accidentally clicking the wrong box by harming your patient when you cancel it
  2. i mean like is it even up to question?? i don't think anyone cares as much for AI as Chris does.
  3. I have interacted with BUDDY a fair bit as Yhara and through my rounds with them I've come to know them as a reliable, trustworthy AI. I would very much like to see BUDDY around again.
  4. i mean yeah??? theyre a synth dep and CPR is a good AI
  5. I think that MccRib is outwardly pretty goofy who plays a goofy character (Ian), but their skrell Qu'ei is easily one of my favorite skrells played. They avoid the pit that a lot of skrell players fall into of emotionless apatheitc beings, while also not going so far as to be entirely human in their emotions. Qu'ei is a slightly awkward, very earnest character who I enjoy RP'ing with in medical. I definitely think they have a good understanding of the lore, and could do really cool things if given the opportunity to write for skrell lore.
  6. stimky

    1. BoryaTheSlayer


      let the sleeping gods lie

  7. Title. It is just extremely frustrating and every uranium golem spawn goes the same. They spawn in, immediately wander into a populated area and medical suddenly has to deal with 5 or more people with extreme radiation poisoning that, if not treated quickly, will go into organ failure and die. It just isn't fun. Medical can literally do nothing else but treat radiation patients, as anyone who so much looks at the golem while it wanders around gets extreme radiation in seconds. The most recent one, we had 10+ immediate radiation cases all at once and two deaths because medical could not physica
  8. this situation genuinely felt like something out of scooby doo. we both went back to the OR to install new eyes on the dude. the dude's sprite had blue eyes and i was expecting like....black pits? or something to indicate 'this man has no mf eyes' and the default blue eyes made me think the roboticist had done it, which made her think i had done it b/c i said "oh, can you see now?" or smth to the dude and we both just confused each other for like 10 minutes b/c it doesn't say ' THIS MAN IS MISSING HIS EYES' on the examine, lmaoooo. in other words, drake, where's the door hole?
  9. i agree. it's super unclear as to what in those vendors is toxic IMO, and frustrating for the hapless newbie who stumbled into it and for the medical team trying to save them. i recall once that someone either ate a k'oiss bar or had one of those sodas, and in order to save them we had to have a full operating team (two surgeons, plus one intern slamming chems the entire way) and had to replace at least one organ. i don't find it particularly funny, it's just sort of annoying and a very lame 'haha!!! ur so dumb!!! now ur char's in multiple organ failure!!" if not on the name, then it should be
  10. the off white of the new shotgun is slick af. i like it. the ion is definitely improved. i agree that the lasrifle is a little stubby but honestly i do not think there is much that can bed one abt that? it's a v. small complaint overall i like them
  11. I think that it is more of a say,- an occam's razor thing. If for instance, someone has flashing eyes or a screech that can shatter glass, what is more probable? That there is a supernatural presence stalking the station, or that someone may just have advanced augmentation work, a gadget or some other similarly high-tech object in our sci fi setting. That is my take on it, anyways.
  12. honestly i had no idea you could get bwoinked for this? it reminds me of the trope about how like, everyone in a zombie movie exists in a world without zombie movies. kinda silly imo
  14. these are good. messing w/the current rollers suck
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