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  1. I honestly don't think that this would change anything. I would be willing to bet that regardless of what antag rolls are called, 'antag' is already in the server's lexicon dictionary and they would continued to be called such.
  2. I've talked to Charger a lot and I think that they're a pretty good writer with realistic, believable characters. I think they would make very good command staff. + 1
  3. yeah let me roll a potential biohazard down from medical to the chapel office LMAO nah the medbay morgue really needs a crematory. going into quarantine sucks
  4. After Shadow's decision to try for command on a different character and having talked to them a bit on discord about their plans for Sszk (being a character arc where they learn to control their emotions better and adapt to a more professional environment over time), I don't see why they shouldn't be given a Trial. ^^
  5. I think that this player is capable of command, though Sszk is a kind of a, put bluntly, unga bunga Unathi. I knew of and had heard of that aspect of the character before interacting with them personally. Some of their IC behavior has struck me as quite honestly unbecoming of Command-staff (I think the remark that Danse posted earlier with the r-word is particularly harsh, and I would not want to share command with someone who has fits like that.) However, this is nothing that cannot be worked on and improved especially in Trial, and I think that maybe if Sszk adapted and showed restraint more
  6. the entire post is why this probably won't be an issue. the cost of accessory items is nonexistent
  7. This isn’t a -1 and I am more than sure than you are capable of performing the role, but I do have concerns as to Godard’s tendencies to perform in round. Yhara rather often has to separate him and any Fisanduhian due to arguing, insulting and bickering frequently, especially if they speak Freespeak. Additionally, Pierre has refused orders from Yhara to operate on people before, whether because of prosthetics or their nationality. I am not trying to argue semantics or attempt to mess with your app, but a CMO that could potentially refuse treatment probably isn’t ideal. Will
  8. I've had good fun on my CMO partnering up security investigators and surgeons to perform autopsies. There is no difference between a "security autopsy" and a "medical autopsy". It gives both departments something to do. If security investigators want to be a stick in the mud and prevent medical from interacting with the corpse at all then they should be allowed to do that, but medical should be able to provide autopsies with or without investigator presence.
  9. i like this. godard talks a lot about his house IC'ly and it'd be cool to see a more tangible representation of whatever influence house godard has
  10. please lmao, it's so annoying to be "punished" for accidentally clicking the wrong box by harming your patient when you cancel it
  11. i mean like is it even up to question?? i don't think anyone cares as much for AI as Chris does.
  12. I have interacted with BUDDY a fair bit as Yhara and through my rounds with them I've come to know them as a reliable, trustworthy AI. I would very much like to see BUDDY around again.
  13. i mean yeah??? theyre a synth dep and CPR is a good AI
  14. I think that MccRib is outwardly pretty goofy who plays a goofy character (Ian), but their skrell Qu'ei is easily one of my favorite skrells played. They avoid the pit that a lot of skrell players fall into of emotionless apatheitc beings, while also not going so far as to be entirely human in their emotions. Qu'ei is a slightly awkward, very earnest character who I enjoy RP'ing with in medical. I definitely think they have a good understanding of the lore, and could do really cool things if given the opportunity to write for skrell lore.
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