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  1. I personally do not feel that I would be biased towards the Trinary Perfection. I have a couple characters (some that are even IPC) who do not like the TP. I have also written things for the TP that would be considered harmful for their public image. The reason I have said in the past that I don’t understand why people see the TP as a bad entity is because the wiki page very plainly stated their end goal and their ideals. When I stated that, the TP was pretty much universally “good” as there was no deviation within the church. This is what prompted me to write my lore change for the TP and add in different sects that can definitively be pointed to as being “bad” or even downright evil (worshipping Glorsh). I can understand the worry that you have though and I hope my answers kind of help explain my reasoning a bit more.
  2. Hi there! Here are my answers: 1) To me, delinquent IPCs do not necessarily mean IPCs that break the law (although it could also encompass that). Delinquent IPC culture could take many forms; but in my eyes it would be most akin to the culture of a human punk. Rough and gruff attitudes, graffitied chassis (instead of tattoos), heavy body and modifications/upgrades. The IPC underneath this culture would not be breaking any laws but the way they dress, act, and what hobbies they partake in would set them apart from the rest. As far as scrappers go- I feel they could hold more relevance when it comes to Tau Ceti and especially D14. I feel they should have a heavy presence within the district as well as constant news reports of their shenanigans. Although this is mainly my personal preference. 2) Right now IPC interactions with the other species are pretty much the same on all fronts. They are almost universally disliked (of course individuals may feel different). I feel that expanding even further on why certain cultures do not like IPC as well as making lore regarding how a typical species member would act around an IPC or synthetic could benefit this. Although of course some species have very obvious reasons for not liking synths (Skrell). All-in-all I am for minor expansions into that lore. 3) My number one faction in all of the lore is the Trinary Perfection by far! My second IPC faction would have to be the Golden Deep. 4) The weakest aspect of Aurora Lore for me is that it can be hard to make it relevant to the NSS Aurora. Although I do have hope that the NBT will fix that and bring more lore to the gameplay. 5) Yes! I would love to still continue to write lore in some capacity. 6) As of right now I do not think there is another position that I would apply for if I do not get this one. EDIT: I have reconsidered this question and I think after dipping my toes into the Skrell lore I would apply for a Skrell lore dev position (after I have written Skrell lore and if a position opens). Thanks!
  3. Ckey/BYOND Username: RyverStyx Position Being Applied For: Synthetic Deputy Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: Yes Past Experiences/Knowledge: I am a current trial mod for Aurora and I have written and collaborated on some Trinary Perfection lore. As for my synth gameplay- I have been playing IPC on SS13 since 2016 (First on Bay and then on Aurora). How much time can you devote to lorewriting?: I work full time Monday-Friday. However, I would say any time outside of my work schedule I am free. Do you have any plans for the lore?: Of course I would love to expand on various aspects of the Trinary Perfection as that is what I find the most interesting. For instance, I would like to make a canon bible or religious text for the faction as well as some prayers. Aside from the Trinary Perfection I would like to focus on Shell IPC. In particular, I would like to focus on their "infiltration" of human spaces. I feel that Shells should get more lore regarding their ability to blend in with humans (perhaps an arc even). I also feel like there should be lore stemming from the consequences of this infiltration as well. Why do you want to join?: I want to join because I love synthetics and their lore. From station bound to IPC I find their lore to be the most engaging and fascinating. Examples of Past Work: I have sprited these two Trinary capes that were merged into the game: I have also written lore for the Trinary Perfection as well: Additional Comments: I find that the Synthetic lore is in a good place right now. I do not think it needs a major shake-up; however, it could benefit from gradual lore arcs. I also feel that the scrappers and other illegal and/or delinquent IPCs could be expanded on and potentially brought into the game. As of right now their relevance is rather low outside of a throwaway line or backstory which makes them feel like a tacked-on faction. This tends to mean a lot of IPC characters fall into the same category when it comes to how they act. Bringing relevancy to the scrapper lore, as well as other IPC counter-culture lore, can cause some interesting character arcs as well as possible antag gimmicks (or even event arcs). I know this application is rather short but feel free to question me on anything down below! Thank you.
  4. Hello! Xuul would have grown up a follower of Qeblak- However due to the falling out with their family and with them moving to the Traverse they have fallen out of the Qeblak routine.
  5. BYOND Key: RyverStyx Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Yellow Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: Skrell are incredibly interesting to me for many reasons. Being the first alien race that humanity came into contact with allows Skrell to be more fully "integrated" into human society while still maintaining their own unique culture. I also love how the ongoing event arcs open new and dynamic ways to play as and interact with Skrell characters. The history of the Skrell is also something that I find highly interesting; especially Glorsh-Omega. I also had a Skrell whitelist on Bay - However, I feel that the Aurora's lore is much more in-depth and unique. Especially in regards to the Skrell's psionic abilities and mechanics. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Skrell have a variety of different mechanics and lore that make them very different than playing as a human. For starters, Skrell are very competent psionic users. Skrell are often split into two categories regarding psionics; Listeners and receivers. The majority of Skrell are receivers- this means Skrell who are receivers are more likely to be influenced by the Nlom (Psionic Wake) than listeners. When playing as a Skrell you would have to take whether your character is a receiver or listener into account. Skrell also have the Srom as another mechanic that needs to be thought of when roleplaying as Skrell. Due to the Srom, if a Skrell is hiding a secret they may be an undersleeper who always appears tired or restless. This could cause alienation from the other Skrell around them. On the other hand a Skrell could enjoy the Srom so much that they become an oversleeper. Similar to the Srom, Skrell can also use telepathy to communicate with organic beings. However, doing so on non-consenting alien species is a criminal offense. Skrell also lack certain facial muscles which make showing emotions relatively harder to do when compared to humans. However, they can make up for this by using their tone, body movements, and general conversational skills. Skrell humor is also something that should be taken into account when roleplaying; jokes can be so good that they hurt! All-in-all there is a lot to think about when roleplaying a Skrell; whether you are talking to humans, other xenos, or other Skrell. As an aside Skrell can breath underwater thanks to their gills and they also never slip! Character Name: Xuul Yuxqol Please provide a short backstory for this character Xuul was born in the Radiant Era and in 2463 they would be around 60 years old. When Xuul was born on Qerrbalak their Qrri'Myaq and Qraa'Myaq had high hopes for them. Coming from a wealthy, psionically gifted family meant that Xuul had all the opportunities they needed to grow up successful. They believed that Xuul would be a brilliant researcher (much like themselves) and pushed Xuul towards a path of science. However, Xuul felt limited by this career path even at a young age and they quickly found that they were more fond of the arts. And not just any type of art; Xuul loved to cook. They aspired to be culinary artist! A chef so renowned that the best and brightest would wait in line for hours just for an appetizer. After kindergarten, Xuul went off to college like all good and successful Skrell do in the Federation. The college they went to taught them the basics for non-specialized roles. However, Xuul told their Qrri'Myaq they were taking research as a secondary when in actuality they were taking culinary classes. When word of this reached their Qrri'Myaq, Xuul was given an ultimatum; if they wanted to use their family's resources any further they must either give up their dream of becoming a chef or live with Xuul's Qrra'Myaqi, a like-minded artist/architect, in the Traverse. Xuul had weighed their options heavily and decided that their happiness is worth more to them than a career as a researcher. This decision did not come to Xuul lightly and they were deeply saddened to leave Qerrbalak and their Qrri'Myaq. Xuul however was ecstatic to live close to someone who shared an interest in fine arts; their Qrra'Myaqi, Quexqa. Xuul was not able to attend a second college within the Traverse; they lived on a Tributary planet. The culinary arts seemed rather stagnated here; but thankfully Xuul was able to train under various chefs and cooks within the Traverse. They learned many different culinary styles and cuisines and would often seek out chefs whom they never met before just for a chance at observing their skills. Xuul would also apprentice under them to acquire new skills as well as income. This intense studying of the culinary arts is what gave Xuul their skills and allowed them to achieve success in the field of culinary arts. Around the age of 50, Xuul was able to start their own establishment within the Traverse. Built, managed, and designed by their Qrra'Myaqi, Quexqa, it was just a small diner. Quexca would often rotate out the interior and exterior decorations to keep the establishment fresh and enticing. Due to the excellent food and atmosphere it quickly became a local favorite. Xuul and Quexca being business partners, as well as family members, lived close-by and kept very frequent contact. They often thought of each other as Qu'Kaax. However, due to the quiet lifestyle of the Traverse Xuul grew restless. They often wondered if they made a mistake in moving to the Traverse due to the lack of career growth they were experience. Not nearly as many people were able to enjoy their food in the Traverse compared to Qerrbalak. Not only that, but they missed their Qrri'Myaq and Qraa'Myaq deeply. Xuul decided to reach back out to them and attempt to mend their strained relationship. This proved somewhat successful and Quexca and Xuul would often take holidays to Qerrbalak to spend time with their family. Things were starting to look better for Xuul; they mended their strained relationship somewhat and they operated a fairly successful diner! While their family still did not approve of their life-path, thinking that Xuul could have been a fantastic researcher, they were at least happy that Xuul seemed to be successful. However, in 2463, sensing the political winds changing (and hearing about how the military was being deployed against it's own citizens) in the Federation, Xuul jumped at the chance to join Grand Councilor Candidate Weibii and the other refugees headed towards Biesel space as a First Waver. Xuul hurried aboard one of the ships with their Qrra'Myaqi, Quexqa. However, the rushed exit left him little time to reach out to their Qrri'Myaq and Qraa'Myaq. Xuul also speculated that they would find more appreciation for their career choice in human space. And Xuul was right! They were quickly able to land on their feet within Idris as a full-time chef. Their fine dining meals and etiquette were just what Idris was looking for. Not to mention they could upcharge clients due to the more exotic dishes that Xuul was capable of making. As of now- Xuul is awaiting transfer to the Aurora to begin their career while also trying to find housing. Their Qrra'Myaqi, Quexqa, is attempting to start their own line of work as an architect. Misc. Info Xuul is not fond of synthetics due to Glorsh-Omega. Not only that, but synthetics are not useful for Xuul in their career path since synthetics cannot eat. Xuul has also not found a Qu'Poxii. What do you like about this character? I love that this character takes the current political climate of the game and lore into account. Many people during the event were not happy about refugees coming into Biesel so working with one of those very same refugees will cause interesting roleplay for all involved! How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would say that my roleplay is fairly good. I would give it a 👍.
  6. Today is my two year anniversary as loremaster! Thank you everyone for our great community ❤️

  7. Love 50’s characters. They always lead to great RP and I’m sure this character would as well! Giving them a +1
  8. The reason I did not accept input is because hacking doors into maint as a roboticist is already against the rules. As far as your attitude goes- You pushed back repeatedly after told it was against the rules. I don't intend to argue here so I feel we should both wait for more input,
  9. Posting full ticket for reference I just want to start off by saying that I did misspeak when I said you caused a breach. However, I rephrased in the following messages. When I first asked if you were hacking doors you did say “no, it got vented while I was in there”. To me this seems like a way to weasel out of admitting you were hacking a door (something that you later admitted too after I sent the pictures). The long pauses in our communication were due to me asking more senior staff how to proceed. I also do not appreciate you attacking me as a person (bringing up my degrees and whatnot) as that is not relevant to the issue at hand. Regardless on how you feel about maint not being as secure as the bridge it does not mean you can freely hack into it. That as well as your general attitude in the ahelps is why you got a day ban.
  10. Artem views the NKA as a rebel kingdom. This is due to the fact that Artem views the PRA as the only legitimate ruling state of Adhomai. (Let me know if you want some more expansion this) As far as Artem's religion is concerned; he is trending towards becoming an atheist. While his parents (and himself by extension) were S'rand'marr Worshipers in name the fact that the PRA is a secular state has only strengthened Artem's views that religion is not entirely needed in day to day life. So if anything I would say their views have become more secularized to the point that they do not actively think of their religion.
  11. BYOND Key: RyverStyx Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Silver (RGB 192, 192, 192 / Hex #c0c0c0) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: The Tajaran history and lore is incredibly fascinating to me. For starters, the four separate ethnicities of Tajara show the wide array of playstyles that an individual can use when playing as a Tajara while also having deep impact in both a character's backstory and lore. To me it is incredibly interesting the way Tajaran evolution has both naturally evolved as well as the way that Tajaran politics and tensions have caused selective breeding within their population. This means that no two Tajara would be alike- and it also causes possible rifts when meeting other Tajara. The Uprisings that also plague Adhomai's past is probably my favorite part about the Tajaran lore and it is one of the main reasons I would love to play a Tajara. The total dynamic shift of Tajaran civilization and culture will cause a lot of interesting story points for both my character and those who my character comes into contact with! The expansive lore for the PRA, ALA, DPRA, and NKA seemed overwhelming to me at first but now I look at it as a whole new story that I would love to be a part of! I am also curious as to how the lore will progress in the future; whether that be through events, updates, or more. Whenever I play a character I am looking to advance not only my own story but everyone else's on the station. The wealth of Tajaran lore and the different ways that a Tajara can interact with both other species and their own is truly astounding; there are definitely many ways for a character to progress not only their own story but the Aurora's story as a whole! Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: In-game mechanics for Tajara differ somewhat from a human- although the difference is not major it should still be taken into account when roleplaying. For instance, a Tajara should know that they do not punch (instead they utilize their claws). For a human who is angry just punching someone won't normally get you in a whole lot of trouble. But, as a Tajara if you scratch someone and draw blood it will be seen as more serious. Likewise- Tajara take more brute damage with the tradeoff of being quicker. Their fur even makes them more comfortable in colder environments in-game. This means that they are prone to overheating if an area is too hot. Also- The different breeds of Tajara will affect the way you role-play within the game. Of course there are many more small in-game mechanics that differ but I simply do not want to repeat from the wiki. However, the in-game mechanics are not the only thing to consider when role-playing as a Tajara. The different split between the breeds of the Tajara in the lore will lead to a different role-play experience as well. A member of a different breed may look down on a Zhan for example due to the perceived inferiority of their intellect. On the opposite end of the spectrum a Njarir’Akhran may be given a greater status when you first meet them in-game. The lore, breed, accent, and background should be taken into account when roleplaying with other Tajara in round and in game. Character Name: Artem Kuznetsov Please provide a short backstory for this character Artem was born in Tampiska during the year of 2440 to two M'sai parents; Varis and Maria Kuznetsov, both of whom worked in cargo inspections of the factories of Tampiska. While the family was not religious they were S'rand'marr Worshipers in name. Artem's parents were very secretive about what they did in their free time; giving Artem little info during his younger years and often leaving him alone in their house once he was old enough to somewhat look out for himself. Artem's sister, Anya, was born in the year of 2450 when Artem was 10. Artem had a special attachment to his younger sister Anya; and often took the role of her caretaker when his parents were absent. It would later come to light that Varis and Maria were part of early dissident movements and would later join the Liberation Army after it's formation. With the ALA coming into formation during the year of 2451, 11 year old Artem's parents attempted to push their viewpoints onto him. They told him that they were not truly free under the PRA and that true freedom needs to be fought for and won. While Artem had his reserves... he ultimately trusted his parent's viewpoint (even though he resented them slightly for being absent most of his life). In the year 2455 his parents were meeting with 2 other Liberation Army members in the living area of their family home. Artem and Anya quietly play on the floor underneath the dining room table with toys; completely oblivious to the various parts of machinery and papers atop the table as well as the discussion going on from the connected living room. Artem fondly remembers the way that Anya giggled and laughed as they made their small dolls dance and talk. However, all of the sudden, everything turned into a blur. Artem was suddenly laying on the floor across the room and could not feel his right arm. He could not hear a thing; aside from the extremely loud ringing that now occupied his ears. He was extremely confused and could see his little sister, Anya, laying still- bleeding from a wound on her head. As it turns out, the machinery atop the table was a small explosive device in the making; intended for use in the ALA's fights against the PRA. The room was in absolute chaos- All of the adults immediately rushed to their aide. However, to Artem, it seemed like time slowed down and an eternity passed before they reached him. The following night was a complete whirlwind of various ALA doctors looking at Artem's wounds in secret due to the fear that going to an established hospital would alert the PRA to their illegal deeds. Artem would frequently cry out for his sister but his parents would only turn and hide their faces. Later in the night, to Artem's horror, it was revealed that Anya was sitting directly underneath the explosive... She did not survive. Artem was inconsolable; the one family member who actually cared about him was cruelly ripped away in an instant. Artem was plagued with what-ifs. What if he was sitting in Anya's spot? Would she still live? What if Artem had alerted the authorities to his parents illegal activities? What if they decided to play in the living room instead? These questions ran repeatedly through his head. They plagued his mind throughout his restless nights at the ALA doctor's secret clinics. In the following days Artem's wounds on his arm worsened- the doctors had did all they could for it but it seemed too far gone. Artem's arm would have to be amputated for fear of infection forming and spreading to his body. This further infuriated Artem. He thought, "Why should I suffer due to my parents negligence? What if I was taken to a REAL doctor; would I still have my arm? Why should Anya be ripped from this world due to their beliefs?". He vowed that when he was able; he would make things right... And he knew just what to do. He hid his true feelings and thoughts from his parents. Instead he showed them the complete opposite. He pretended that this incident strengthened his trust in the ALA. He asked to be included in more meetings. More campaigns. He wanted to be all-in. In 2456, around a year after the incident, the now 16 year-old Artem had collected all the info that he needed. He quietly slipped out of an ongoing meeting armed with documents, photographs, and evidence he had collected in the past year; he quietly made his way to the local PRA installation. He handed over this evidence in exchange for one thing; a new, robotic arm. The PRA members were impressed with Artem's collection of names, evidence, and photographs. They readily agreed to his proposition and told Artem that they would follow him to the ongoing ALA meeting with the intention of arresting the dissidents. As Artem reached the location various PRA agents surrounded the building and burst inside. Various accounts of rifle-fire could be heard from within the building and after a short while the fighting seemed to grow quiet. Various ALA members were being pulled from the building with different wounds. Artem watched as his parents were escorted out the door. He could do nothing but stare coldly at them as the realization showed on their face. Their own son was a traitor to their cause. After the incident Artem was relocated to Nal'tor with his newly made robotic arm. However, he did have to undergo intense interviews and interrogations to make sure he posed no threat to the PRA. After he was deemed a non-threat he was placed into a cargo inspection role (much like his parents were), as well as cargo security, which he worked at for 2 years. During this time period Artem perfected his Republican Siik'maas accent and took interest in the Visionary Hadiism movement. After this point, Artem's parents were just a memory lost in the wind. His only true family died that day in his dining room. After his home-city of Tampiska came under ALA rule in 2458 Artem was almost conscripted into the Republican Army. However, since Artem had had enough of war and NanoTrasen employees were exempt from the draft he came into contact with a NanoTrasen recruiter. Due to being an M'sai and having some security work history the NanoTrasen recruiter that Artem came into contact with was quite insistent on having Artem join their corporate security team. Artem weighed his options and found corporate security to be a better chance at a fuller life than that of a soldier. Before the conscription came into existence Artem had already signed a contract with NanoTrasen corporate security under the Non-human Species Integration Program. From the year 2458 - 2463 Artem was a member of the security team aboard the NSS Exodus. It was rather uneventful throughout his time working there but he did note that the humans were oft unkind. The fact that Artem joined under the Non-human Species Integration Program seemed to do more harm for his social life than it did help. Humans would often remark that he took the job from someone more deserving. Due to this Artem wanted a change of pace and a chance to meet friendlier faces. In 2463 he requested a pay-raise and transfer to the NSS Aurora due to the lucrative Phoron industry that seemed to be booming there. While a raise is pending the transfer was successful. What do you like about this character? I like the very intense backstory that this character has. They have a lot of soul and history that can be played out in-game in numerous ways. I also believe that it would be a good character to further the roleplay that takes place on the NSS Aurora. The interactions that this character can have with both humans and Tajara, as well as other species, is something that really intrigues me. I also feel that the way the Tajara lore is incorporated in this character has a chance to showcase the struggles that plague the Tajara homeworld. The way that Artem can work his role as a security guard is also intriguing to me. He would prefer to avoid conflict when possible; having seen enough of it in his life. However, it's come to be one of the only lines of work that he knows. This has many ways it can play out in round and I'm really excited to explore that aspect! How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would say that my roleplaying ability is fairly flexible. I can transition from character to character quite easily while maintaining their individual personalities. While some of my characters are often more eccentric I can also play a more quiet, brooding type! As long as my character has an in-depth backstory and I feel a connection to them I will give it my all while roleplaying! Overall I would say my role-playing abilities are a 👍.
  12. I enjoy Briony whenever I see her in game! She makes rounds fun and exciting while advancing the story. I would give her a +1 again now that I've actually seen her in command
  13. Grey gets a +1 from me! I really enjoy playing with their HoP character. They are very professional and collected while moving the round forward in a believable way.
  14. A definite +1 for me! Their characters cover a wide range of play styles and they’re all great to be in round with! I trust that with a command whitelist they can improve the narrative of the rounds they’re in!
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