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  1. Their CE is a good character from both a Skrell standpoint and a command standpoint | +1 from me!
  2. Hello and thank you for applying! Here are a few questions for you- 1. What are Xrij's views when it comes to dregs? How would they handle potentially working with a dreg coworker? 2. Where is Xrij staying while they are employed aboard the Aurora? 3. Is Xrij self conscious about the fact that they were born outside of the Federation? Thank you! 🐸
  3. +1 the sprites look very clean and fit in with the current style excellently! The coatrack additions are also incredibly neat.
  4. Love these additions. I think they would be incredibly beneficial to medical play.
  5. Hello! I have a couple questions for you 🐸 1. Would you be able to stay engaged in writing lore that you may not personally find appealing? For instance, if a project you do not find appealing was delegated to you how would you handle it's addition? 2. If you could have complete creative control over one facet of Skrell lore which area would you pick? I know that you alluded to some of this in the application but I am still curious to see your answers!
  6. Qerrbalak Contract: Settled! Translated to Tau Ceti Basic With the corporate talks for Qerrbalak’s contracts ending just moments ago- Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl has released a statement: “Citizens of the Jargon Federation, I thank you for your patience during this time. I want you all to know these decisions have not come easy and they have been made with great care. I know that many of you are excited to work with our new partners on Qerr’Malic and Aliose [pause] I also know that many of you are wondering what the state of Qerrbalak’s contract is… I bring great news regarding this question; we have struck a deal with Einstein Engines on Qerrbalak. A special economic zone will house Einstein Engine’s Jargon Federation headquarters. We greatly look forward to working with all of our new corporate business partners.” With the final location settled many of the high-ranking corporate entities have left the Jargon Federation. However, each location has assigned their designated corporate sponsor to ensure construction and start-up is not impeded. Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl has made the special economic zones top priority, making sure that their construction can be completed within the month. Thank you to our loyal readers- Until next time.
  7. I accidentally used the wrong PR. I don't think that's something to rake me over the coals for. Anyone can tell that is an honest mistake. Again, this is what I meant to link all along... -----------------In random order----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------These bottom two are in order------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------Today after this forum debacle-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you can see Rooster is being horribly entitled and only thinking about their own project; yes I agreed to help out (and I did help them). When I had too much on my plate I offered an alternative to just straight dropping the project. At no point did Rooster consider the fact that I was a new appointee to lore dev responsible for an entire species and that I had already made sprites before I asked for money in return. They act like I held these sprites hostage for money when up to this point I handed over everything I already completed.
  8. I couldn't find the original PR because it was purposefully hidden (since it wasn't supposed to be revealed until the arc dropped). I did not intend to take Desven's credit so for that I do apologize. However, you fail to mention all the sprites I did do (for free) that I will show below. I also dropped out of spriting additional bully clothes because the project was incredibly mismanaged and you and Desven would argue on what needed done while also having me go back and change multiple "finished" sprites. You could not agree what needed done for multiple days and had no general plan in place besides "make sprites". I found that incredibly annoying and so did the other spriter you were working with (which is why Desven ended up finishing the sprites). Also things change - I was appointed Skrell dev so I couldn't sprite an entire clothing line for a new race; I told you that multiple times. I didn't realize I would get the position when I started making you sprites (a couple weeks before I was accepted). I suddenly had a whole SPECIES I was responsible for. So yes, after that I did request money for any additional sprites at the measly price of $2 per sprite because I had a lot on my plate. Edit: Something else to note is at the point of the screenshot you linked the other spriter already completed every single uniform that was needed but you decided not to go with their iteration. By this point both of us were fed up with the project and decided to step away from it. Also this is the proper PR https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12503
  9. Ckey/BYOND Username: RyverStyx Discord Name: Mack#2829 Position Being Applied For: Spriter Past Experiences/Knowledge: Spriting for bullies, IPC, and mainly Skrell. Examples of Past Work: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12491 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11926 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12565 (I think this is bully clothes) https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12511 Additional Comments: (I also did some sprites for TG but I can't find them; they were chef uniforms) https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12628 (Not merged yet)
  10. Your ban has been lifted and a 2 day antag ban has been applied.
  11. Hello- Being that your job is unstable and you may be called away at any given time; why do you have antag preferences turned on? I understand that work comes first but when you choose to play as an antag you should play out the full round (otherwise it will ruin the round for others). I am open to changing this to only an antag ban (equal to the duration of the current ban) as long as you agree to play out rounds fully as antag in the future. If you feel like you won’t be able to play out a round fully then do not ready up as an antag. Instead play as a regular job slot and then cryo if necessary.
  12. Aliose and You Translated to Tau Ceti Basic Another win for the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate! Zeng-Hu will take on a majority contract within Aliose. Partnering closely with the Aliose University of Medical Sciences, Zeng-Hu hopes to strengthen medical research and further employment for those of Aliose. In fact, Zeng-Hu has already won the hearts of the medical students and staff; donating 100,000 credits for the opening of the Zeng-Hu Pharmaceutical Wing within the Aliose University of Medical Sciences. This wing will now hold classes for the university’s chemical engineers and pharmacy techs. Aliose’s SEZ will be built close to Oqraxo ensuring the partnership of the Aliose University of Medical Sciences and Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals can be unimpeded. Those within the University may also join Zeng-Hu on an internship; guaranteeing employment once graduated. This will significantly boost the amount of graduates employed within Jargon as they will have plenty of career opportunities with Zeng-Hu. The Warble Inquirer reached out to Einstein Engines for comment; however, much like before, Einstein Engines seems to be unphased. Throughout the talks EE has been seen as the underdog. With Qerr’Malic, and now Aliose, settled this leaves one burning question; What about Qerrbalak?
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