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  1. Fine then, I'll pull it when I get back home.
  2. It's not really THE method because if someone chooses engineer and there's 3, that's still not conclusive. But yes it makes it easier. What's so bad about that? Do you guys play D&D with black hoods and voicechangers? 😛 If you get harassed, that's already against the rules.
  3. Right, but if you have 3 people as "doesn't want to show" on the list. You can't then necessarily make the decision to go to engineering cause it's empty. And you can't be like "there's no HoS this shift, so I'll take it" cause you won't know. Again. Even worse, you could have someone think that, but a hidden guy has HoS on high and takes it. It undermines the intent of the change. Edit: I really don't get why you'd want to hide your name in the first place. Pretty much every other role playing game makes it pretty clear who's behind the other guy. If you get harassed, that's already against the rules.
  4. You can kinda hide what you're playing if you don't select a high and instead have only one job on medium. You would then however have lower priority than people willing to openly slot. is that acceptable?
  5. @Pratepresidenten So in this Scenario, people would use a pen and paper or notepad or whatever, to note down what everyone readied up as and compare that to the in-round manifest? I guess they could do that. But if there's 2 people readied as janitor, one of them will not be the janitor and presumably join as something different. Also People who don't have a high preference show up as "no preference". I don't know, seems like a lot of hassle to go through to determine if it's an offstation antag, as opposed to just waiting for people to turn into fish magically or the space hobos knocking at your airlock. And even then, would fuguring out in advance that it's some kind of offstation antag be that much of a meta advantage? @Lemei Well yeah, you can coordinate with friends, but if you're not friends with everyone else in the lobby, that doesn't really replace this functionality. "'ll hurt the more passive players whom queue up for a contested role" how so? "whilst this is a HUGE indirect antag buff. " What? How so? @Shenaanigans Thank you for your support! @niennab ^ List of your cahracters in case I have beef with you. There's also the entirety of the "NanoTrasen Personnel Database" and if all else fails asking after the round usually gets you an answer. In any case I feel like the difference between "The guy who played Finley Greyson this round is a douche" and "Niennab is a douche" isn't that great, but that might be just me. As for multiple preferences, that shouldn't be an issue, since everyone only gets one "high" choice and that's what's getting displayed. If you don't have a high, it just says "no preference" EDIT: it'd be possible to add a flag in the job selection window for "don't display my job" and make it display "unknown" in lobby. But that would undermine the purpose of this whole thing (giving people an idea how contested their preferred job is) and I'm not really convinced it's necessary. Lastly, it's been on bay like this for years and they haven't reverted it. So I guess there weren't any major problems.
  6. Well, someone asked me to make a thread. So here it is. You might have already seen it on bay. You ready up in the lobby and your "high" job choice appears next to your name. Makes it easier to anticipate wether you'll get your preferred slot or not. You can, for example, elect not to queue as janitor, when there are already 4 other people queued as janitor. That was originally coded on bay by me and now I have also implemented it here. It's finished and ready to go, barring any wishes/complaints. How it looks: PR: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7774
  7. This will just lead to people always asking if there are hidden laws, thus making having secret/hidden laws impossible
  8. I feel like saying "it would mean the game mode would fail to load and another game mode would get rolled instead" is kinda missing the point of this request, which I understand to be "If you don't have a certain number of important roles, merc isn't fun". The implication being that only "not fun" rounds would be blocked by this. In which case nothing of value was lost. There would be less merc rounds, true. But only less shitty merc rounds without security or command staff.
  9. True, it's not a reliable way to tell what exactly you'll end up with. But if there is someone with "head of security" set to high, you will have a HOS in the round. If there's 3 people with engineer set to high, you will have 3 engineers. You may have more than 3, or if 5 have it on high, some will have other jobs. But if there's 3 on high, you'll have at least 3. So you could have a provisional, skeleton manifest of people that have high selections and make decisions based on that. Not saying it would be a good or bad idea, but technically possible.
  10. Few years ago, i put a pr on bay that displays what peoples [high] job preference is next to their name in the lobby when they ready up. Could be compiled into a list and checked against requirements for certain round types. Of course that doesn't solve the problem of making these rounds rarer as a result.
  11. In my opinion, it's because a lot of antags are annoying shitters and the only reason they want to interact with you after capture is so they can escape and keep on being annoying shitters. Sure, there are exceptions, but generally it's not worth it wading through the mass to find the few. Most wizards aren't going to quietly go to science to get poked at. As soon as he's out of paincrit/sedation, he's gonna teleport away and continue doing whatever he was doing and now you gotta Benny Hill him around the whole station again (And also get called an idiot for trusting them.). Same with ling or vamp. Also, I'm not gonna go out of my way to investigate the deeper motivations and character story of the traitor who killed 3 people in broad daylight with a fireaxe. and there's not gonna be a solicitor, who argues the finer points of axe murdery with the command staff either. You get exceptions sometimes, where it's rewarding to rp with them, but they are few and far between and it's very annoying when it goes wrong, so most people err on the side of caution.
  12. Thank you for the detailed (and well structured) post. It was a very interesting read and changed how i think about the direction of this rework. I'll think about it more and come back with an improved overview over the mode and its features.
  13. Sorry to hear you don't like it. Especially because getting the cult to engage more with the crew was one of the main goals of this. How about I completely take out the stuff that corrupts people without a cult member present? So cult members have to talk people into accepting and carrying around items and whatnot. Would that be better in your opinion? If that doesn't help... Hey, you didn't like cult before and you won't like it after the rework. So no change for you. But other people may like it better this way, so it'll be improved for them. As for the bad madness rp. At least it's rp, right? It's not just getting jumped, stunned, dragged off to maint and force converted. So that's an improvement in my book. Sure, you'll get people that act like shitters because of it, but you can't expect me to make a gamemode shitter-proof. That's impossible. If people chucklefuck and grief, it'll have to be dealt with, same as in other gamemodes. 0 conversion mechanics isn't exactly true. Since corruption will make you go mad with time, every sufficiently corrupt crew member basically becomes a mini-antag that has to be dealt with, thus allowing the cultists to act more freely. In any case, I plan to offer a choice at 100 corruption to "give into the madness", get healed of your traumas and become a cult member or, alternatively, die in a horrible way. Will update first post with that. Not much I can do against the metagaming I'm afraid. If you don't want metagaming you have to play extended. Otherwise it's always going to be "oh the ai is behaving strange 10 minutes in. Must be malf. Let's not do anything the AI says" "Oh there's red suited guys outside. Must be mercenary. Activate robust mode." "Someone is mysteriously missing half their blood. Sharpen the stakes" Edit: Also keep in mind that you have to breach 40 corruption to get anymore than slight physical symptoms and text messages on a strict cooldown so they don't spam you. So you have to engage with/get hounded by the cult on a more than casual basis to get the more serious stuff.
  14. Malf seems to be pretty divisive. One of the big problems being underqualified people being thrust into the malf role and then having no idea what to do. I would propose that the player chosen to be the malf gets a prompt asking him if he wants to do it. If he says yes, the round proceeds as normal, if he says no, the round immediately restarts.
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