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  1. Overall I like this but maybe the colour contrast between floor tiles in places like central hallway main lvl ring and cryogenics is too much.
  2. After reading this comment and thinking more about it, and witnessing a couple wiz rounds since my last comment in this thread, I have to post again since I have changed my mind. Yes, still I have seen good wizard gimmicks, but they all were mixed gamemodes like visitors, not wizard alone per se. I totally agree, wizard is only fun imo for the player playing wizard, it's gimmicks are childish and LRP, don't bring anything to the table interpretation-wise. I'd go further and advocate for removing the wizard roundtype, only allowing the mixed gamemodes in which wizard is part of, while keeping them in the secret rotation.
  3. I hope this doesn't end in shift-start mechs spawned.
  4. Being a roboticist, you obviously have access to the fabricators windoor in your lab, yet clicking it with the PDA won't work, it will just hit the windoor with the PDA.
  5. Well, this is a small suggestion that is focused on improving QoL. The windoors like that in Robotics lab leading to the fabricators area require for you to take the ID out of your PDA and click it with it in hand to keep the door open/close. My suggestion is: make it so just clicking the windoor with the PDA (with the ID inside it, of course) opens/closes it.
  6. Supporting. Maybe, like with borgs, a roboticist tator or any other tator with enough knowledge could pry open the IPC's chest and then open the wiring, having to deactivate some stuff and then emagging, or making inserting a hacked law board doable..
  7. Why not, supporting. Not only suit cycling machines, but many other stuff like the DNA-modifying machines from xenobotany usually spit the item under them rather than on top.
  8. Since there's no CoC flag, a portrait of Iraiya, Tian Kehan would be appreciated.
  9. Yes, zero gravity. However, afaik, off-worlders aren't mechanically different from regular humans when in zero gravity.
  10. I'd be inclined to support since I don't really like wizard rounds generally. However, I've enjoyed some and since the biggest issue here seems to be the trolling and so on, I would just stand for supporting a more thoroughly enforcing of the rules, and maybe being way less lenient with such LRP gimmicks.
  11. I specifically addressed that when talking about phonotactics. In-game, you can know which language an unknown language is cause Sol sounds like an asian language, Freespeak sounds like gargle, Tradeband sounds like latin, etc etc. Addressing what you say about a paper being able to contain many different languages... You have a point, I didn't think of that, although I assume there can be workarounds for that, though they'd require more coding headache.
  12. I think people responding to this are looking at a finger which is pointing them to the moon. Aesthetics is the least of my concerns when suggesting this feature. You don't really need different fonts for this, the functionality would remain the same, and due to phonotactics one could still know which language it is. Given the case of non-human languages which have different alphabets, any kind of symbols or default fonts could be used. As another possible measure, upon using a piece of paper as to read it, a line of text could indicate that you do so and see it's in Freespeak, for example, or "it's a text composed of strange characters" if the language is unspokable by a given person.
  13. As an off-worlder usual player, on one side I do agree that it'd be a realistic addition. On the contrary, and looking more at balance and mechanics, I think off-worlders are already pretty much weak enough physically, and the meta this would bring would be undesirable. I wouldn't mind that dislocating an offie limb could trigger a small chance to break it though.
  14. I'm confused about the fonts issue... Can't it just be exactly as it is in speech, but written?
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