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  1. The most stable is the phoron one, I haven't really tried another options but once saw someone do it on a N2 setup and that's a big NO
  2. Study time. Couldn't figure a laptop webcam can be so shitty.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Who were you playing as when interacting with her?
  4. I was there with Fatima to see the visit of the star chanter and the first Peacekeeper visit in which they entered her lab and put everything upside down. Overall I enjoyed them, from my perspective I could feel the goonerism of the federation and overall I enjoyed them. The star chanter one, which was the second afaik, was a completely different one from what was expected and helped fulfill the moral idea of two sides having a point, although that moral ambiguity was pretty much lost in favour of the resistance for all non-skrells. But who cares about skrells?
  5. Thanks, really appreciate it since I barely know anything about coding, not to say I know nothing at all. Really weird that all scarves fulfill that "flexiblematerial" flag but the pioneer's one doesn't.
  6. If it's a bug, it's one of the oldest. Doubt it's a bug, since bugs are ultimately fixed soon or later. Maybe it's like that cause people complained about autoinhalers/pills/etc being unable to be used with a breath mask, while removing the breath mask in an oxyless environment even if just for a little bit could get you a popped lung if RNGesus thought it was your time.
  7. Indeed, and so does a breath mask, yet you can perfectly eat and drink with it on. It's just a qol change that can't really be abused for powergamey reasons. Alternatively, I also suggested a "Lower scarf" verb to lower it and reveal the mouth without removing it.
  8. The item I have the issue with is the pioneer's scarf.
  9. Basically the title is self-explanatory: make it so you can drink while wearing scarves. It wouldn't mean much and it's a qol stuff. Also, you can drink with a breath mask so why not with a scarf. Alternatively add a "lower scarf" verb which would allow to do this.
  10. Well, QM's usually working, delivering and whatnot. Guns shouldn't be able to be requested by any cargo tech, I agree on that it's obvious. Excessive skill knowledge can be ahelped. KAs shouldn't be used as a weapon unless someone's antag, in which case it's a really poor weapon choice. Either way it's ahelpable. If I understand this well, the suggestion is not about removing a department (Cargo) but about removing an attitude (Cargonia), which is pretty much already ahelpable and contemplated under the rules, minus the weapons part in which I agree.
  11. Honestly I would just ditch slimes away or just keep one and fill the rest of the pens with different xenofauna. I'd rather xenobiology to be more RP-focused than trying to produce something out of a slime core, that seems to me as a forced utility in a desperate intent to make it attractive. Have in mind xenobotany can produce really useful stuff and yet the xenobotanist will have to go out of their way to hand prototypes to other crew, they won't come to ask them for it, and xenobiology is in a worse state related to that, as we all know the general condition of science sublevel
  12. Totally supporting. I only used the silent barefoot steps one and I don't even remember why. You can't really escape anything within the hallways by going barefoot, and in maint you can but have the floor usually riddled with glass shard so it actually has its ups and downs.
  13. I enjoy xenobotanics. I don't see it unupdated: as most, I would suggest some minor changes like mutant fruit now showing named as "mutant x" unless it's obvious (for example, a changed appeareance gene) and in fact, mechanically-wise, I consider it one of the most well polished roles. I don't want to sound rough at all, but the "antags spamming teleporting stinging vine spore gas cyanide peanuts" is a reductio ad absurdum which isn't really on par with a well-formed argument. Moreover, the "shatters immersion" is really relative. First, cause we have some tropes that allow us to contemplate it as "not-immersion-breaking", such as the "it's bluespace I ain't gotta explain shit" which is also a fundamental part to slimes, xenobio golems and many other "gimmicks" that can involve wizard rounds or the sole fact that the Romanovich Cloud is an anomalous zone. All this is already used as a pretext to justify weird wild stuff, and wether it's liked or not is another discussion. That being said, bluespace stuff could have some tweaks. It's not really making sense that bluespace anomalies are a genetic stuff. If it was only achievable by mutation and somatic (hence, not transferrible), I wouldn't mind that.
  14. I never mentioned the strike in discord before you did. They insulted me, you saw it. You then explained an admin that we were insulting and arguing and I clarified that I hadn't insulted anyone, but they did to me, and you acknowledged that. Indeed you do not deny that Aimless is at fault for what happened in discord, and as I say in my final line on the opening thread, I only intend for this to reach a simple talk with the user as for their attittude, nothing more.
  15. Not quite true, actually. You just quoted me but not until the end. Yes, I explain exactly that same things, as I quote myself now: "Turns out someone was complaining exactly about "how they ruined the antag gimmick" in OOC at the round end and the user thought it was me, yet after I clarified, again via Discord, that it wasn't me, their passive-aggressiveness continued if not only turned into worst. Basically they kept acting as if they were a victim and I'm a guilty bad player. Like I hadn't made them a favour when agreeing to their terms instead of legitly just telling them to abide by their laws or either way not play AI. They even went onto the extent of insulting me." So yes, I acknowledged that he was confusing me with other user, yet after I clarified I wasn't, their inflamatoriness didn't stop, and kept onto the extent where they insulted me, as you yourself acknowledged via Discord. This PC is not about us receiving a strike on Discord, but about a continued bad attitude from this player towards me while, as you can attest too Borya, I had no issue with their ahelp. We tried to crop the law onto something they could deal with until we finally decided to omit it (as I did ICly). As I state, after they noticed I'm not the user who were complaining at round end, I'd have expected an apology, though what ensued were insults. Do not confuse this with a complaint for not following AI laws. That was totally fine by me and I ended that round happily and then went for lunch. It is for bad behaviour and attitude via discord, even more since I was totally cool with their requests.
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