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  1. Time to wade in on this. That "ooc calculator" you're on about? It's an entirely IC calculator using NTSL2+ that my character, Declan Bynum, passed on to her, after getting it from the creator of it, Wruop'xi Jruop, who is played by TehFlaminTaco. I've played with Sim on multiple occasions with their scientist squid, and I've never seen anything that I would consider overly powergaming or otherwise out of bounds of the rules.
  2. +1 they're a pretty good roleplayer and quite chill ooc, they play a good squidlet and i'd like to see how they handle being on the opposite (the correct) side
  3. i honestly cannot endorse an appeal from you in any capacity i've never seen anything good from you man, you always talk about round events in OOC to complain, when you've played roles such as medical doctor without knowing what you're doing, you've insulted and yelled at people who asked you to read the wiki. you've had people tell you time and time again that what you're doing isn't right and yet there is still 0 improvement -1
  4. yes, but how did this cut down on z-levels if it's still there
  5. the derelict became one of the away maps. additionally, you say you had too many z levels, but sector 8, the one the derelict was one, is still there, just empty
  6. being able to teleport things to an area normally inaccessible that requires exploration and potentially has goodies to be found, which is what has been replaced now with the away shuttle it's pretty much just a way to teleport shit around on the station now
  7. delete this thread then please, i can see there's no chance of getting telescience to be a meaningful part of science again
  8. quick correction, wasn't the RD that returned to look, it was me, bynum
  9. agreed. they roleplayed the nymph so well that i literally thought it was an admin controlling the nymph to give us some more rp
  10. +1 +1 +1 +1 had some very interesting rp with this guy, i thoroughly encourage the admins to accept this app
  11. The new ruins that need to be reached with the research shuttle are all on sector 9. This cannot be reached through telescience. The Aurora I is now one of these, meaning that sector 8 is now empty, and it also seems like the abandoned shuttle that had a chance to spawn on the asteroid has also been removed. This has all but effectively castrated telescience now. You can't really teleport people anywhere except stationside, which isn't really the point of telescience. Sure, you can do neat tricks like retrieving a dead miner from the asteroid by teleporting the corpse back, but the point of telescience IMO, should be to allow for expeditions to places otherwise unreachable by other means, which this shuttle has now completely replaced it for. I think that these ruins should be moved to sector 8, or sector 9 should be made accessible to telescience. Of course, to not completely invalidate the shuttle, I think there should be no GPS' on the ruins, so that teleporting things on there requires a bit of guesswork to find it, or the shuttle already present, to work off of the coordinates of the shuttle.
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