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  1. Your answers to the questions were good! I enjoy asking them both to see what elements of the lore applicants are aware of, as well as a bit of personal curiosity. Nonetheless, this application works for me! Your whitelist should be available next round; feel free to ask lore questions on the Discord or DM them to me and my deputies.
  2. Hello! The application looks solid on the merit of knowing the lore. I enjoyed the little details, like health complications from size being qn issue that comes up. I do have a couple of basic questions to pair: 1) Is Asshan a traditionalist or Izweski when it comes to his loyalty? 2) Similar to the last: what is Asshan and his family's opinions on the Contact War? 3) How does Asshan feel about the feudal system still in place? How does he feel about the peasants below and the warriors and nobles above him? Thanks again for taking the time to apply!
  3. I'm not looking to write up a big expose atm as most of my points were already made by other people (maybe later when I have time? Who knows) but just to comment in quickly: I believe the matching icon was provided rather than requested, and it is not exactly a copyright claim. Servers getting access to a similar logo is a non sequitur; it's unofficial, but still affiliated. We couldn't stop the security discord that still exists from making a similar icon, for example. As for arc tie-ins, those are completely on whoever is running or helping to run arcs, and since the point of th
  4. I like your answers, especially on Raan's view on hierarchy. Your application is accepted. Good luck on station!
  5. A well-done application by my metric. Raan has a good backstory and flow of events. The above questions are solid, but to chime in my own of personal curiosity: do you think Raan's time away from Moghes would see him slip up in his practice of faith, such as drinking soda and eating cooked meat? I look forward to your replies!
  6. I haven't posted in a while oop A D&D NPC in some of my better shades A commission done for @Sharkatk for his character Kas! This was pretty fun to do considering I rarely work with blue portraits. Doodles of two WoW bfs
  7. Two months were given to update the application, and due to a lack of forum activity in regards to this, I am moving forward with another applicant. I look forward to seeing your passion around in the community nonetheless!
  8. Hello! The end of the month has come. Your work in the document is solid and you have proven not only a good understanding of the lore, but also shown community involvement which I find important. Concerns with the applicant were talked about in DMs. Otherwise, this application is accepted. I look forward to working with you!
  9. Hello! I like the application. Another cat chef is always cool to see. 1) Did Dimit's ideological foundation falter after seeing the ALA side of the war? Was his beliefs reinforced by his experience as a captive? 2) Is Dimit very religious? I didn't see much about that there, so I was curious. 3) More of a personal question and not too whitelist related, but do you have any ideas for what you'll do in game regarding dishes and menus and food? I got into tajara because of the cuisine lore, so I'm always eager to see what other people are coming up with! Good luck, this
  10. The IAC is an intended non-profit organization that focuses on providing aid and relief. It would not really make sense for them to have contractors on station as a result. As an option though, they present a good tie in to the lore via character backgrounds, allowing people to say they've been involved in different parts of history where they would otherwise have no reason to (such as in the tajaran and unathite conflicts that happened over the last couple years), and that's pretty good.
  11. I have to parrot the concerns of others here. Shitposting when there's a serious conversation or thread or survey at hand is not really kosher, and I've seen this done in spades. I myself don't really mind or care about it, and most staff are pretty laidback and fun to engage with, yet I think this crosses a line for what kind of behavior shouldn't be kept up in all honesty. I'd prefer seeing the act reigned it and maybe wait a bit of time to see if this is a promise that has follow through.
  12. Hello! To ask a couple of quick questions: 1. What do you think if your biggest weakness regarding writing or working with others? 2. Do you have any ideas as to a concept of your own design you would like to add to the lore? I look forward to seeing where this app goes!
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