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  1. Apologies for the delay! Questions were answered in private and the inconsistencies brought to light were patched up, so Shen and I think it is good to go! Application accepted.
  2. Not'zar Promises Aid to the Republic of Biesel! Hegemon Not’zar proves once again his honor as a warrior by showing mercy to the fledgling republic. In light of the crisis regarding the rogue fleet of the 35th Battalion heading towards Biesel, the Izweski have publicly announced their decision to aid the Coalition of Colonies and Republic of Elyra in sending reinforcements despite prior feuds with both polities. In a public statement, Not’zar speaks on the growing crisis: Lord-Regent Zkaii'xay'yil has made a brief statement of her own in conjunction with Not'zar's rega
  3. Hello! Apologies again for the delay. I enjoyed the read, and while Grim Compact is one of the currently weaker options of the lore, the route you're heading down with the backstory feels more appropriate for the faction. I still have a couple of questions and points of note regarding your application, however: I hate to say this, but there was likely a math error. The Contact War started about 23 years ago before the current year (2439 versus 2462), which means either two things for your character: they were nine when it started, or they're ten years older. Another quick point I
  4. I'm a little late on updates whoops! I guess for today I'll just upload the tarot cards I did last month before I dropped Inktober. They're all done in about 2-4 hours for each piece.
  5. Hello! Sorry for the wait (Coalf), I'm a little bad about checking the forums, plus you had a lot of good questions I wanted to think on. In line with my philosophy of wanting to be transparent, I will be rather frank with my answers, even if blunt. If I were alone and had less than 24 hours to make decisions? No, I wouldn't trust myself to do this to a satisfactory degree. I'm of the opinion that while the ideas themselves might not be bad, this does not justify their existence, nor does it mean it automatically fits into the lore. Of course, what's lore abiding or not can be som
  6. Thank you for your patience: your application is accepted! Good luck with the character on station.
  7. Hello! Thank you for the feedback, for starters. Both of these questions are related a bit I feel. I don't want to spoil too much for an overarching story, but ideally I will be running some events that play off of the typical narrative style for unathi: which is to say, fairly dramatic. I am looking to run rounds that can be engaging for other unathi as well as the crew in general (outside of just "wow something is happening!"), and thus my ideal events would be working with a couple of the other teams to have narrative threads from other factions or groups play into them. The first m
  8. Very sorry for the late reply! I'm pretty awful about checking the forums consistently. Normally I have a couple questions, partially fueled out of curiosity and sounding for the lore, but your concomitant application regarding diona scrubs the need to probe for your understanding of the lore. I'll be talking to Shen about this, so expect an official decision sometime later in the day.
  9. This is indeed extraordinarily impressive and has a level of effort lore does not ask of applicants, yet is always inspiring to see people write so much. I'm giving it the stamp of approval regarding unathi lore; this is probably one of the better concepts for a Wasteland diona I've been privy to.
  10. Normally I make a point not to comment on these, but I feel like this is a pretty good suggestion considering we already have the code in place for something similar, plus there are some cases where people would want a bowman (like a unathi without horns, or perhaps skrell in general) due to them not having large(r) ears. +1
  11. Shen was looking to tweak them and make them more relevant than space pirates last I checked, something I will probably leave to her and assist with should she need it. I also have some things in mind plot wise for an overarching story arc for unathi. I don't want to give too much to away as for what I have in mind for them, but I believe they will be coming back into the fold very soon. 👀
  12. Hello! Thank you all for the feedback and support for starters. The short answer: yes! The longer answer is a bit weirder to dissect, but I'll try to explain my thoughts as best as I can. I would love the chance to get to add a completely new faction, religion, planet, or something similar for unathi. It would be a unique opportunity to leave my mark and the lore and say "I did this" compared to pointing at a bunch of expansions and claiming "I helped with this." However, we lack a bit of narrative space for new factions; there's already a lot of directions we went with the lore s
  13. After reviewing the answers to the questions and the backstory again, Shen and I find it satisfactory. Feel free to reach out to either of us if you have any further questions! Application accepted.
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