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  1. This looks good! Obligatory post from someone who has helped with the layout a bit, but I think Joshie has done an impressive job with it, better than I could hope to do. I do have one question though: do you have any planned additions to command with this update? Now would be the time to if ever add anything to the department given all the space you have to work with.
  2. You have a solid background in roleplay as shown through your characters and a solid history on the server. You have a great grasp of Dominian lore; however, a unathi whitelist encompasses more than just Dominia. Going over your responses and the backstory itself, I feel that the themes of the lore overall are not fully understood in this application. Unfortunately, I will have to deny this application. Good resources to utilize if you have any questions are the lore discord, my deputies, or myself! If you want to look over a Dominian unathi, I recommend this one for an example:
  3. Hello! I have a couple of questions regarding your application. 1) You mention Shannaz being a scientist in some portions of the app, yet also mention him being a doctor at the end. I'm assuming he's a scientist? 2) Where does Shannaz fail to connect with other species? 3) It is said that Shannaz adapts to the hand he's given while trying to stick to his beliefs, yet he ends up caving to Dominian customs and this struggle is not gone over as much. How has Shannaz struggled with the change in his life? As a last note: the "'akh" ending on words is used to note a religion and
  4. Your application is solid and the answers to the questions are great! Application accepted.
  5. Thank you for your replies! Application accepted. Do not hesitate if you have any questions for my deputies and I.
  6. I don't really know still. To reiterate some of my earlier ideas, I do not see much overlap between the duties of developer versus this new position. There will be fleeting moments where these positions have an overlap in responsibility, such as heavy involvement in corporations, but I can always defer to Mofo in these matters and ask that my opinion in them only be treated as a developer rather than a lore master— or simply ignored entirely. It would be the responsible thing to do, even if it means taking an outcome I don't agree with. Despite me seeing no concerns of bias, I do still th
  7. I really like your answers to Shen's questions. Of course, I have a smaller one myself: How is Kaliahsurzi coping with the Razortail Enclave? They are rather rough, comparable to a gang, and even frowned upon by some other Aut'akh: what are his thoughts on them and how does he fit into their group?
  8. Hey! Thanks for taking an interest in the species. I do have a couple of clarifying questions: 1) Could you go over La'ur's beliefs and thoughts on some of the other religions? 2) How does La'ur feel about the Izweski Nation and the (former) Traditionalists? 3) What excites La'ur about working in Tau Ceti? What is he afraid of in that same regard?
  9. This is probably going to be lengthy, but I will try to be as concise and helpful as I can here. There is a reoccurring narrative regarding an issue with your comments, and you clarifying that they are in fact not meant to be offensive, but instead jokes. On this note I am not really interested in arguing in bad faith— it is not my place to and would be better left to actual mods and admins instead of peanuting on a dev application should it be needed. Just to clear the water there. At any rate, this is still a consistent thing that is shown to be repeated behavior. Best case scenari
  10. The questions posited here have all been good, and your answers to them all eloquent. I cannot say I have the degree of personal experience here as other people responding to the thread do, so I will refrain from commenting there. I would like to ask if you could pick a couple of pieces you've done to showcase your talent— despite being rough around the edges as you may put it, seeing what you can do, Aurora related or otherwise, would help tremendously. Now, for a couple questions. These are all hypothetical, so I'm not looking for a "gotchya" moment to throw in your face later on. I jus
  11. My primary "game plan" is what I outlined above. I do not think most people are aware of how much time, effort, and stress goes into planning events, even meager ones. Bad Moon, King of the World, the Tajaran Civil War, they all required a lot of time for coordination, planning, and execution. Even just hosting the unathi holiday stuff absorbed a lot of my attention for the week leading up to it. Outside of this and the typical managerial stuff, I guess anything else I would like to do would be fostering inter-faction/species/corp lore and how they are faring during the scarcity. Getting
  12. Oh oof I missed a reply. Sustainability wise, we have TONS of content to work with in the lore for things that can happen on or around the station. Tons. I think when it comes to ideas, the lore team will hardly be lacking as the things my coworkers (co-volunteers? Dunno) come up with are pretty cool. Lore is also the biggest team, so an added bonus for how many people can help with or be willing to run events. Now, players? It is a hard gamble, though historically calling for volunteers is met with a positive and willing reaction. Even less played species like skrell and unathi g
  13. This is honestly hard for me to pin down. A lot of my future ideas for changes depend heavily on the direction of development for the NBT. So, for now, my realist answer and my speculative one. Assuming that the NBT changes nothing to the status quo of jobs— the same roles on station, no drastic overhaul with the SCC leading to joint-ownership of the new setting, no species arcs leading to revoked command— I honestly could not see any changes happening to command and contractor restrictions. And I mean, why would there be? At best, there might be a year-long arc of development that leads
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