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  1. You are definitely a great roleplayer and take into account a lot of aspects of unathi lore for your characters, so in my mind, I have no doubts about you there. However, a whitelist application also serves as a means to convey your understanding of the lore and what you can do with it. I have a couple of questions regarding your character: 1) Why is Yeqol a strong follower of the Qeblak faith? This implies that they are very devout to the religion's ideals and tenets: which ones appeal to them? Are there any aspects they disagree with? If not, how does their faith impose a challenge in a multicultural workplace? 2) How does Yeqol's colleagues and peers view their job as a drill technician? 3) How does Yeqol view the Federation as a whole? How do they feel about the refugees in Biesel?
  2. Thank you again for the time you put into the application. You have a good understanding of the timeline of events, the mindset of Unathi, and gave fitting answers to the questions. However, my team and I feel the themes of the species are properly grasped. One important example is that you consistently refer to Dorviza as "they"— not that this in and of itself is an issue, but you barely touch on Th'akh, the religion that such notion of gender comes from, or any underlying reason for why they identify this way in the application or questions. You mention that they are traditional and what the wiki says this means and is like for sinta, but conversely, you do not take it and make it your own. What does being traditional mean for Dorviza? I am denying this application. You can reapply in a little less than a week due to my slow replies in processing this application. I strongly encourage you to do so again as I think you are capable of getting this whitelist on the second go. Additionally, my deputies and I are more than happy to answer any questions you have and give you some guidance, should you feel stuck at any point.
  3. My team and I enjoy your application and answers to your questions! Application accepted. Please reach out to my deputies and I on Discord if you have any questions or concerns.
  4. After some discussion with the team: Kha'alzri appears to have a deep care for her clan. Does she ever wish to return to them? Do you have this as a potential end goal for the character? Queendom Unathi, besides Aut'akh and Guwan, have it worst on station, for the most part. It is a jarring change IC, and the Queendom is looked down on for its views. Do you think Kha'alzri would get into scraps or fights about this, should anyone be provocative enough? Th'akh is a very open-ended religion. Do you have any ideas for Kha'alzri's own ideas about it, such as unique spirits she pays tribute to, any rituals or prayers she has?
  5. Alright. Your character's backstory section is a little short, and usually I use that to gauge a character's personality. What are some character traits Dorviza has that can aid or hamper them? Go for at least one good and one bad trait and talk about them a bit. Does Dorviza ever wish to return home? How does this affect their time in Biesel and their own culture? What is are some aspects of Unathite culture Dorviza that are probably not leaving them, for better or for worse? Think of the species themes here! Thank you for your time in applying.
  6. Hello! I will be going over your application later today.
  7. Thanks! My deputies may have more questions, but that satiates me for now. I will try to process this application as soon as possible.
  8. It is not just another sport, but a very similar concept that is being executed. More about it can be read here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Crosk
  9. I will be looking over this over the course of the week, provided school and work are permitting. What makes this stand out from Crosk, whose identity has similarly put stock in racing events?
  10. After going through applications for a while, I decided to draft a guideline on how I view the whitelist application process and give some pointers to prospective applicants.

    Due note that this is entirely from my perspective and experience over the years and other lore developers may have different opinions than me on the subject. Commenting is left on in case elaboration is asked for in any areas!


    1. Butterrobber202


      I appreciate the write up and the effort that went into it. By and large, I agree with the points. The only statement that I disagree with is the following:

      “I look for characters with depth, that struggle with the beliefs of their species, that have their own views, and that are willing to challenge the norm in their own way.” 

      Now, I don’t disagree with you looking for these kinds of applicants. I’m simply stating my own thoughts on the matter of “challenging the norm.” I agree cookie cutters are lame, but die-hard lore characters that adhere to the norms and traditions of their species can be just as interesting as those “challenging” characters. 

      obviously, both camps need to create a character with some actual traits beyond “I’m a traditionalist” or “I’m a rebellious gamer” to be good characters. But more often than not, the characters that stick to their guns while on station, even when their traditional beliefs are unpopular or even considered wrong in Tau Ceti, are the most appealing to me. Mainly, because this drives conflict with lore at the center. But, it can lead to fun RP and learning about the lore.

    2. Haydizzle


      A traditional character is an equally great option; however, in terms of the application itself, one that runs into no issues with their own culture, their species' beliefs and tendencies, and/or the desires and wishes of their peers could be seen as too on the nose for an application. I want to see a player's creativity in regard to the situations they can create with characters since I am judging one character out of potentially dozens they will be making.

      That is my reasoning behind it, at least!

  11. This was a wonderful read! You make good use of imagery and locations and people in the lore, and on top of my experience with you as a roleplayer, I have no doubts in my mind that you will do wonderful things with the whitelist. Application accepted. Feel free to approach my deputies and I with any questions you may have.
  12. I originally wanted to put it all in the complaint, but realized as I was combing through conversations that it would have bloated the post to a ridiculous size. I wanted the complaint to be short and sweet seeing that all of my evidence was searchable on Discord and context was a click away. The image was added because I felt it showed intent and couldn't just be shrugged off as a joke.
  13. I came back to add a post, but Lucaken summarized my thoughts in a nutshell. I don't really have anything else to add to this post unless someone else decides to comment.
  14. These are all the logs I have, pertaining to everything on the relay and comments on the main discord out to October. https://imgur.com/a/IGPkT2K
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