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  1. We’ve hit real scalie hours lads

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      When do we pass those hours and leave them in history forever?

  2. Hey! I played that paramedic, Kars. As corporate liaison, you went out of your way to chat with me, and we kept up conversation for a healthy amount of time, nothing to sneeze at. It was quite enjoyable, and though I tend to play really dynamic extroverted characters, your end of conversations, interactions, and questioning felt solid and made me want to continue that heavy RP period. I only have a bit of constructive criticism. As command, (while that was a good moment for me and I enjoyed being selfish/taking up some more time to RP,) I would consider how much time you're spending with people. Being in that position, it would be good to have presence in round, even if the presence amounts to "oh, they brought me donuts near the start of the shift" or whatever else the super simple interaction is. Being recognizable and seeming approachable would help a lot! Again though, you played the character well, answered questions ,and gave useful information (as I played the dolt), so all in all it was very pleasant and left an impression on my character. Big +1. I also have a quick question in regards to your initial application, more so to satiate my curiosity. How do you feel your response to the 'purpose of Head of Staff' question relates to you as you play corporate liaison? Thanks again for the fun in game. 👍
  3. Thank you for your questions and feedback! 1) Dominia will always have a nice little spot in my heart. Schwann did a good job reworking them from where they were before, and it really roped me in interest wise. However, while I will acknowledge that there are a couple of things in the lore that feel a little forced (like the introduction of unathi into Dominian society for one), I ultimately think that the marriage of unathi spiritualism and human culture is what makes Dominia stand out, so I would be for them staying as a part of the empire. Personally, seeing an arc with them in conflict perhaps with a revised Grim Compact or even the Hegemony would be extraordinary! I don't want to get ahead of myself with an arc though, I'd definitely need a little more experience leading into it, but I'm interested nonetheless in the future possibility near the end of the year or similar. 2) Well! I'm always a little spacey--I unfortunately had two parents with ADHD, so getting it was inevitable. As a result, it's easier for me to get too far ahead or lose focus; writing the essay for the prompt already had my mind leap towards what ideas I had for Ouerea for example. However, this has been something that I've always struggled with, and a point of my life that's always with me, so by now I have a lot better hold of it than lilttle 5th grader me. Even then, sometimes I'm still really productive because of it. There's a distinct memory I have where I put off a paper I had to do in 8th grade, and instead of doing the essay due literally the next day, I finished a slew of projects that weren't due for another three weeks or so. Anyway! Sorry for oversharing, I hope that answers the question. 3) Teamwork wise, I'm a natural leader. I don't want to toot my own horn, but generally speaking if there is a lack of direction and people are not working, I start to crack the whip and organize people actually. I think I fit the 'one gay of the group' meme pretty well. My only downfall for teamwork that I need to work on is staying organized. Organization is not my biggest foe, but in a group it's easy for me to not stay on top of it. If I can find someone that's good with it and I pair with them though, look out! I can be a real driving force when collaborating. I love team projects because it can be a chance to see other points of view, and with the lore team as it stands now, there are many people already on it that I adore and would love to get to work with on lore projects. PHEW okay questions answered thank you next 💅 Thanks for your time.
  4. Thank you for your question and feedback. For Ouerea, the first thing that immediately pops into my mind just goes back to my essay prompt. It would be interesting to see some slang/informal dialect of Azaziba that's evolved to be more compatible with skrell and humans for example. Skrell's headtails could simulate tail movements, and humans or even skrell could just simply use a leg to emulate a limb they don't have. Some preliminary thoughts on it at least. Alternatively, instead of Azaziba, sign language could have become a norm there for most as a means of interspecies communication instead of Tau Ceti Basic, which would give sign language an interesting use and see more usage outside of being used for deaf and mute people. Culturally, there is a missed opportunity to see where some humans, skrell, and unathi all have common ground and bond (through avenues like music or entertainment; potentially looking at human and skrell counterculture affecting unathi perhaps?), and where they start to disagree or where conflict emerges as a result of cultural clashing (skrell being more casual towards relationships versus unathi taking them more seriously versus humans being a middle ground). I would also like to see about Ouerea having some corporate dystopian vibes to it as well; Hephaestus' presence on the planet could very easily be ruining its natural ecosystems, so perhaps there is pushback from some unathi who think that such operations have consequences spiritually. Anyway! I hope that answers your question. If I was too vague on anything, let me know. Thanks for your time.
  5. A based and welcome change. Being able to be in one server for lore is great. Out of curiosity, what are you looking for the bot to do?
  6. Thank you for your question. Well! Aut'akh also seems like a hot topic from what I've seen from other people. There is a lot of room to see how they develop and overcome their current situation. I know some people call for their removal, but with the amount of investment put into them by people by now, it would feel rather clenched to take them out of the game. I would definitely be interested in perhaps pursuing some new lore on them as I mentioned before in some kind of storyline with IPCs, maybe finding common ground in both being largely outcasts and also stinky machines maybe they both benefit together in some way. I'd ideally want to work on too the various meta stereotypes about them (like Optikams and Samariites being edgy), but I'm personally unsure about what could be done for that sort of thing. At any rate! I think their development would be interesting. I can't deliver any pertinent promises as to me getting something like this done quickly if promoted, but it is something I would definitely assist with. Thanks for your time.
  7. Thank you for the questions! I think that it's personally a great piece of lore. I know I've heard some people gripe and harp on it, but I do think that it's an example of an extreme situation caused by conflict in which a social paradigm is really shaken up. Since it has been untouched for a while, I'd like to see some work done on it and give it some new life and aspects. One way I'd be doing that would be ideally with my essay topic; I would LOVE to give different regions/nations/cultures in unathi lore their own minor twists with language and mannerisms, which would include the Queendom in the long run. Otherwise, I don't have much off the top of my head for them. As far as I'm concerned though, I wouldn't be opposed to think tanking lore on it and seeing what more can be done for it. Thanks again for your time.
  8. Thank you for your time! I'm glad the essay interests you as much as me. 1. Factions wise, Grim Compact. I distinctly remember when you polled people in the unathi discord (before it got depreciated, may it rest with Th'akh) about the Grim Compact, and thinking about how I probably would've done something similar in your shoes. I think that is easiest one of the weaker areas of unathi lore, and I don't think I see many people that enjoy that aspect of the lore more than they have problems with it. Ideally, I'd aim to revise the lore to be more accessible and usable for players when they are designing a character. From experience, if a setting's lore doesn't pique interest, tell a story, or feel like it fits with the rest of the lore, it can be jarring for whoever is working with it, regardless of it being for a roleplay environment or book or show. Depending on your definition of a 'faction,' I also mentioned Ouerea as needing some love as well as Gakalzaal (though that latest article though... 👀). Ouerea would probably be the one I'd gun for first after language and mannerisms though, as the idea of a bigger blended culture of humans, skrell, and unathi would be really cool. 2. Unathi as a species are very spiritual (and as another note, that's what I enjoy about Aurora lore from what I've found, that different species usually have different aspects that draw people in). Forgotten Realms lore usually does something similar where different species often have their own focus that draws in players or gives them a good starting point to work off and do their own take of. Character creation is probably one of my favorite parts of being a DM, and could be probably cited as a reason I want to be a lore deputy; I want to create content that inspires people to make characters. Alright! Little tangent aside, to be more specific, I think the biggest draw of unathi to me is their different conflicts in relation to the setting. An almost post-apocalyptic vibe mixed with religious conflict and classist struggles is extremely appealing. I think, mixed with the NanoTrasen setting, some unathi have similar backstory themes of trying to 'rebuild' after the Contact War by seeking out better jobs among the stars. My application for unathi was a person who lost their lives due to the Contact War and worked hard to find a way out of the Wasteland, making a better life for themselves (which slots in with the above pretty well!). I think in the department where it could be made 'better,' that portion of the question ties back to my application in general. Unique language and mannerisms can make creatures feel varied and diverse without actually making them drastically different from ourselves. The mannerisms like chuffing and baring your neck are a good start, but I want to inspire people to perhaps come up with some of their own slang and phrases, and do their own spins to truly grow into it. Whenever I see Eridani for example on station, there are some people who I see extrapolate the slang and go above and beyond to do their own research to develop it for their character, like a dreg using South African influences. It's touches like these that can really make characters diverse and interesting that I just adore. Anyway! Sorry, that one was a little long. 3. This is a tough question! I probably spent the most amount of time on this one actually. Most species have some kind of relationship with unathi in some way; skrells and humans are on Ouerea; the K'lax vaurca in the Wasteland; tajara and unathi on Gakalzaal; dionae trying to help heal the Wasteland. Honestly, this might seem like a weird pick based on what I put in my application, but I'd actually like to explore a possible relationship between IPCs and unathi, whether it's a symbiotic tale (perhaps with Aut'akh?) or one of conflict (like extremist groups of unathi terrorizing IPCs brazenly). There are avenues that can be taken for either, and that relationship would be one I would be keen to work on: have to work on something more original eventually, right? Thanks for the questions! I kind of went overboard with the responses, but they were all too good to leave short ;-;
  9. Ckey/BYOND Username: Haydizzle Discord Username Including #: Petrichor#0098 Position Being Applied For: Deputy Lore Developer Past Experiences/Knowledge: I did all honors and collegiate literature and social studies classes in high school, fields of study which I'm still pursuing in college! I've also done a couple of articles for my college's press. Biggest experience though that I feel would be the most prevalent is my knowledge and skills I picked up as a Dungeon Master: creating stories, managing lore on a server, and collaborating with others for four or five years now. Teamwork and coordination are some of my biggest skills in addition to creative writing, which is why I believe I could fill a good spot on the unathi deputy team. Examples of Past Work: To keep things simple, I'll only be referencing my unathi whitelist application, which can be found here. My laptop recently got wiped, so I don't exactly have many of my old files on it. If I can manage to get a copy of some of my newspaper articles, I'll edit them in here post-haste. I have some samples of creative writing done as a DM that I can send to people privately as well if desired! Additional Comments: My unathi lore deputy application. This is just a sample of some of my creative thinking and thoughts, but perhaps to expand a little further in brief, I'd ideally like to see through or participate in a couple of key things: language and mannerisms (as seen above), reworking/updating Ouerea (mostly updating and giving new lore), and expanding on quieter aspects of lore (like unathi colonies, the Grim Compact, and the like). I would love to potentially work with the human and skrell teams to develop the culture of Ouerea as a bigger group project, or perhaps Gakalzaal with the tajara team. Thanks for taking the time to read this all! Any more personal feedback/questions/etc. are always welcome to me on Discord (I'm there more often than here).
  10. LOL at the screenshot. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  11. I don’t think at this point it’s a dupe; this thread talks about character creation (and perhaps more so character identity), while the other one seems to divulge more into extending mechanics that exist to other items (making a gas mask give they/them when examining like a void suit). They’re similar in that they both deal with perception, but this thread has evolved to also deal with giving non-binary characters a solid option. The sword swings both ways, too; perhaps someone looks male, but identifies as non-binary; maybe a character is hard to tell due to genetics, but was born female and identifies such. It’s a tweak that would give a lot more intrigue to characters and the like. I think too that giving non-binary people the option to make characters that they can relate to would be a good ideal to strive for as well. It’d be a harmless implementation for people who aren’t interested or don’t feel comfortable making an androgynous or non-binary character, while also giving a few folks something that would honestly rock for them.
  12. I’d be very curious how to do this! I’d love to partake.
  13. I think if the step after is to make it so that some species are harder to identify sex for, that would be really cool as well. I look forward to see what comes of this!
  14. Thanks for all the feedback and support! I think that seeing the suggestion evolve to perhaps include determining sex and gender as separate things would be cool, if it’s not hard to do. Points were illustrated by both Wezzy and Josh for perhaps adding just the gender neutral option might be sloppy for sprites, so maybe adding a sex versus gender option would be cool. I definitely would like to say that the neuter option for IPCs really inspired this thread! So in a way, thanks for inadvertently pioneering this suggestion, I’d say! Devil’s advocate and all considered, this was still a tad concerning to read. Just because ‘not everyone deals with this on a daily basis,’ does not mean people who think like this or prefer this don’t exist. People on Aurora and even on this thread have stated that they prefer to use they/them. It ultimately boils down to respect for the other person. If someone found out good friend Bob prefers to be referred to as they/them as it makes them feel more comfortable, giving them that space and respecting a honestly pretty simple wish would be pretty easy to do to honor that friend. That’s how I see it at least, and I think it would be a good change to give people a chance to diversify who they play as well! It’s an entirely roleplay faceted change, in that to my knowledge, sex doesn’t affect anything in game other than things like your sprite and description text, both of which are meta creation options. I’m 90% Citadel has code for something like this if you need an example or similar! Thank you for your help.
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