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    Hi, I was Officer Temirov's player. My memory of the round isn't perfect, since it was a while ago. I was wounded pretty early into the round and didn't see much, but I did see the incident at the chapel, and as a ghost I saw some of the fight with the Diona. In the chapel, security had chased the cultists into the back room of the chapel. The captain entered with 1 or 2 carbines, and went up to the window in the back and fired 3-4 shots, before dropping the carbine next to me and going for rifles. I couldn't see if they used the rifles at all, as I was separated from them pretty soon after they returned with the rifles. During the fight against the Diona, they were standing within 5 tiles of the Diona, with a gun drawn, and it seemed like they were only hanging back and not fighting because they were blocked by security officers. As soon as the Diona was killed, I believe they ran ahead of security and started killing the nymphs.
  2. Huge +1 from me. Whenever I play with Pewter, he's always a ton of fun to interact with. I've never had an issue with Hesphos's behavior, and I think he would be a great fit for command.
  3. +1 from me. In my experience, he plays good, reliable characters and roleplays well. No complaints from me.
  4. Locking and archiving, since I didn't get a response.
  5. Alright, so to summarize what I saw here: You said that Omen was Fake Jaq based on them using a suit cooler, and Omen not being trackable on sensors or by camera. It seemed like a pretty big jump to go from 'suit cooler, not on sensors' to 'Omen has to be Fake Jaq.' It would've been fine if you checked on Omen, or mentioned having a suspicion, but you went straight to being 100% certain they were Omen based on what was, in my opinion, shaky evidence.
  6. +1. I've played with his CMO, and he was great as both a character and command player. No complaints from me.
  7. I haven't interacted with Byrne, but I would definitely drop the 'will follow orders to the death' part. A character being so loyal to a corporation that he's willing to die for it just seems weird to me.
  8. @Slingring I'm still going to need an explanation. Why is the ban being mirrored to other accounts?
  9. The ban was applied to that account because of a shared IP address. I'm wondering why your ban is being mirrored.
  10. Actually, before I unban you, do you know who bronypony is?
  11. Alright, I'm unbanning you now. Locking and archiving in 24 hours.
  12. Just confirm it here once you have. Remember though, once you are unbanned, you'll be on thin ice and any more issues will most likely end in another ban.
  13. I'm not against unbanning you, but you need to read through the rules fully, and memorize them to the point that you'll at least be able to follow them. Until that happens, you'll stay banned.
  14. I've missed you zundy. Applicated accepted, locking and archiving in 69 hours.
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