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  1. Seems like you copied the format, but forgot to include your answers! You'll need to edit those in.
  2. Even if you made an effort, those few radio messages really don't count for much. It just wasn't enough RP to justify killing it, especially killing it in the way you did.
  3. Hi, sorry it took me a few days to post here. Anyway, I'll keep this pretty short. You didn't really attempt to RP with the AI at all, a few radio messages that aren't even directed at them hardly pass for RP, and likely won't even be seen due to the sheer amount of logs AI players deal with. As for the emittering itself, sneaking in through the side of the core and blasting a hole in the wall is a pretty cruddy way to end someone's round. He couldn't really do anything to stop you, and all you really succeeded in doing was shutting the antag down.
  4. As a Certified™ Secmain™ I like the idea. I'd love to see this at least test-merged so i can steal science guns without being bwoinked.
  5. I, King Turtle, declare this to be an invalid complaint and have moved this to Off-Topic Discussion, for it's slander does not belong in my halls. Be gone with thee, vile dissenter!
  6. Hey hey people, Tbear here. So what happened is pretty simple. We got an ahelp about Nikov's character saying something ICly which, obviously, didn't belong in IC chat. I took the ahelp, scrolled up to look at the chat and then I PMed him about it, and asked him not to do it again. The note was added so other staff could see the basics of what happened, if it ever becomes a problem again, because as you said it did break the rules, despite being minor. As for not scrolling up or playing favorites, I'm sorry it feels that way, but that isn't what was happening. My byond was screwed up and my chat box was being glitchy, so I scrolled up far enough to make sure he said it, and then I PMed him. I didn't go out of my way to look for context, because I was only searching for the one log that was reported in the ahelp. Like I told you in discord, my byond was glitchy and I had logs going by very quickly, so a couple of seconds apart might have been 15 or 20 messages before what he said.
  7. Alright, I'll be lifting the ban then.
  8. Okay, so something came up as I was lifting it. Can you tell me who 'andymcd1879' is? The game flagged them as having the same IP as you, and they tried to connect earlier today.
  9. Hi. I'll be lifting the ban, since you obviously know what you did wrong and regret it. Make sure to re-read the rules before you hop back on, and be more careful about this kind of thing in the future!
  10. Big +1 from me. I don't think I've had a bad experience with Snoopy.
  11. I maked a new character. Lemme know what you guys think. I await your constructive compliments and limitless praise.
  12. Alright, I don't see anything wrong here. I'll go ahead and lift the ban, as long as you make sure to store your gear and cryo when you have to leave, or ahelp when you don't have time. Also, complaints and unbans have specific formats, so next time try to use the proper format. Thanks! Locking and archiving now.
  13. The application is following the wrong format, you should use the alien whitelist format here. Also, an IPC (or a human, for that matter) can't specialize in four jobs. At most, a character should have two jobs that are related.
  14. I've played a few rounds with them, and Amory pretty much said what I would have. +1 from me.
  15. I've never seen him, but why you gotta call earth sol III?
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