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  1. VUX

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    They have existed for only a decade at this point, and only now are they coming onto the galactic scene, but they are extremely open to new members from any species, including and especially IPCs. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't develop or assist in developing augments for other species but that is not going to happen in the immediate future.
  2. VUX

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    The aut'akh are religiously opposed to terraforming attempts, as the current state of Moghes is their punishment and they can only overcome it by changing themselves. The k'lax, last I read, are currently attempting to terraform the planet. Oss cannot make magical technology. It can only facilitate the creation of technology. The Aut'akh do not have more advanced technology than anyone else, they have only pushed the boundaries in certain areas which are already well-explored.
  3. VUX

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    I don't know enough about synth lore, but presumably it has better things to do than churn out implant designs.
  4. VUX

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    1. Possibly, nobody knows. That basically comes down to how aut'akh are received. I do intend for there to be aut'akh traitor items (and it's tungsten carbide, by the way, not diamond!! diamond makes a lousy penetrator) 2. Pretty much everything in the game is produced out of black box machines. Therefore the only two things necessary for production of advanced technology are blueprints and materials. Materials are gathered from mines deep below the bunkers and blueprints are produced by Oss, which can work through millions of iterations very quickly to produce a workable design much faster than would normally be possible. The soul anchor does not record their being, it's a communication device. When they die, their brains are scanned and their brainprint is stored in Oss' cold storage for reactivation later (like how some people freeze their heads in a hope for a cure for death). They do not have access to cloning. They would embrace cloning as a second chance if they had access to it, although it's a very finnicky process and you'll need to have all of your mechanical components reinstalled (basically, it will probably not happen on station). 2. Their technological level is more advanced in some areas and less in others. They have many scientific blind spots. They are highly focused on producing the most efficient survivor, which means that much of their research is devoted to cybernetics, AI, and genetics. 3. I don't like the word fanatical because it doesn't quite describe the situation. Imagine if your deity was standing behind you, quietly guiding you your whole life. If someone tried to tell you it was fake, you would probably just smile and pat them on the shoulder. You have literal, actual, physical, provable evidence of your god with you all the time. 4. No, they're actually halfway between cyberpunks and fremen.
  5. VUX

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    1. Other unathi will react to them as they feel appropriate. The hegemony hates the Aut'akh completely and I assume Dominian unathi are the same. 2. The cult is completely decentralized. They have no leadership. 3. They are exterminated on sight on Moghes and presumably Ouerea. 4. That's a good question. I think effectively they eliminate a lot of the old social ideas but the general religious ones are still in place. 5. Ideally yes though I didn't really think of that and I dunno how easy that is to code. I don't like the idea of them popping off easily but you should be able to pry one off given a neckgrab and 30 seconds. When their arms are broken, it takes a circular saw to get them off.
  6. I have had good experiences with Allakai! They seem to do very well with keeping a consistent character, even in extremely chaotic rounds, and I'd love to see more skrell in security besides. +1
  7. Honestly, in that case, it probably makes more sense if it were just sold to NT and used as a model organism in science for a self-dividing AI. Then all the different instances just pursue work, because they'll have inherited departmental knowledge from the original.
  8. It was basically a bunch of active posibrains sitting on the floor of a workshop until finding work with the company. They are different characters with the same personality and most of the same memories. They each have different chassis. It bought its freedom because that was a convenient way to put it into working for the company that also allowed it to have the freedom to carve itself up into multiple units. It could just have easily been sold directly to NT. It doesn't really matter to me that much.
  9. BYOND Key: UglyXeno Character Names: Amy Wright, Asmar Raikov, Essh Kesan, Valka Amjad Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Black Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race: Well, I do like playing robots, but I generally feel AI and Cyborg to be too limiting to be fun as a regular character. Mostly, I want to play a robot with hands to take advantage of the wide variety of character concepts available to them. Personally I tend to like to play around with the possibilities of a fully sentient piece of software, but I'm aware that's mostly not how it is, so I'll be happy to settle for a sentient piece of machinery. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPCs in specific and AI in general are extremely different from humans in their psychological makeup. While humans are chaotic, synthetics are binary and very logical. For example, a human might immediately draw a parallel between two events whose relation is not obvious, a synthetic might have to take a while to find the pattern, or otherwise have the situation explained to them. Additionally, it should be possible to spot what makes a synthetic tick. IPCs ought to be fairly predictable, going about things in a specific, logical way. An IPC might, for instance, return to an idle state when not otherwise working and return to a public place to await another assignment, and have trouble being proactive, even (and perhaps especially) in stressful situations. Character Name: Doorbell Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs What do you like about this character? Doorbell exists to bridge the gap between the human-like IPC and the machine-like one. I notice a lot of IPCs (particularly baselines) with humanlike personalities and shells which mostly seem to have very mechanical personalities. Doorbell is a baseline frame with a mechanical thought process leading to a stilted and awkward speech pattern, but a psychological makeup more or less equivalent to a human's, resulting in an emotional, but rigid and logical IPC. Also, Doorbell is a composite entity, a community with one set of personality traits spread over a number of units with different but specialized capabilities. Like a group of siblings who remember major events in each others' lives from both of their perspectives. Like "Wow, it was crazy that you dumped wine on grandma's dress, but luckily I know exactly what you were feeling at the time". How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10 Notes:
  10. 1: I'm not certain how the sprites would be different or even if they would be. The IPC body would definitely have to be a mechanical equivalent of an unathi, though. I see them as a subspecies, yes, including the minimally-augmented ones. Although a standard unathi race character could be one as well with a couple cyberlimbs/mechanical organs, I suppose. 2. They would take pain and possibly blindness from EMP. They would be able to sprint for much longer at a lower speed. They would require periodic charging as well as food (for biological ones) or just charging (in the case of the IPC). They would probably take less damage from most if not all physical sources at the cost of EMP-related paincrit. Prosthetic limbs are optional but encouraged for biologicals; the brain and eye implants are the important ones. 3. I see their IPC bodies as a sort of armored mechanical t-rex. I see their regular bodies as being unathi bodies with a couple mechanical bits and bobs grafted on, perhaps glowing eyes.
  11. At first the autakh would probably not even think about them at all, being mostly preoccupied with survival. They'd be something to be peeked at from a distance. As more information came out, they'd be overjoyed. Someone else had the same idea they did, that being to build an artificial heaven in cyberspace. Then as K'lax began working on terraforming Moghes, they'd basically be seen as misguided fools at best and demons at worst. To the autakh, Moghes is as they deserve it, and surviving there must necessarily mean changing oneself, symbolically taking control over one's spiritual destiny, rather than changing the environment. As far as the hegemony and k'lax, I imagine k'lax is cautious of the hegemony but willing to help (while preparing for the inevitable backstab), while I imagine the hegemony thinks of k'lax as useful idiots to be discarded once they're done with them.
  12. 1. I apologize for my work because if I didn't, my immediate impulse would be to scream "fuck you" at the top of my lungs instead. 2. I never said that you couldn't have an unathi with a spear and a laser for an arm! It's just that that's not the immediate goal of the thing, and I have a personal distaste for laser weapons. For special mechanics, ideally I would give them an IPC body: an unathi-style utility frame, designed as a combat robot. Assuming at that point people aren't yet tired of my shit, I'd also give them a subspecies of augmented Unathi who are able to sprint for longer, but somewhat slower, with even higher brute resist, but they'd be floored into paincrit by EMP, take more stun, and possibly need to take in power from APCs now and then. I would also give both of those bodies the option to have a sort of hivenet-style communication with each other, given the option. 3. I'm sort of lost on this. This is part of what I mean by the fact that I'm not very good at religion. Basically, Oss is their semisentient AI thing while also being a representation of Sk'akh in the logic of their computer systems. It'd be an aspect or a face of Sk'akh. I referenced Si'akh because they are also apocalyptic and believe that they'll be trapped in a reincarnation cycle, but can be saved through their computer network. 4. Honestly, there doesn't seem to be a cohesive naming style other than Stuff That Sounds Cool And Mean so I'm not sure what I'd call them at that point. 5. Basically, they believe that before the nuclear war the world was effectively a sort of eden. Afterward, since they could basically no longer survive on most of the planet as they were, they embraced augmentation and decided that the correct way to go forward was to change themselves to be ideal for their environment, or, even better, all environments. Pre-war Unathi were not unnatural because they are different, more perfect beings than post-war Unathi.
  13. VUX

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    Personally I've found Lord Fowl needlessly confrontational and honestly pretty rude. I've put a screenshot in of my only real interaction with him, but how rude he is (and the way he chooses to be rude) to everyone else is honestly pretty disheartening.
  14. I'm not specifically married to them being from Moghes. I just assumed it was a smaller ask to have a small opposition faction on the planet that recruits from people the hegemony was getting rid of anyway, rather than to have them be from space. They could easily have stolen some barren moonlet or flotilla of cargo ships or something. Having them running around as infiltrators would also be a not-bad way for traitors and other antags to happen as well as regular station characters. Although, having at least some presence on Moghes wouldn't be so bad, given that they're a distraction for whatever dumbass lord of the day happens to want to start a fight, and they live in the freezing armpit of nowhere anyway. I feel that them having asteroid bases and space fleets is a bit bombastic for what is meant to be a group of cyberpunks hiding out in a frozen tundra, but I'll take it. Yeah, if you put me in charge today I would totally reformat the entire setting. Most things would go away and the things that remain would be changed around. But it's not my setting, it's our setting, so I gotta work with what other people like, although I'll never shut up if I run into something I feel is too lazily written. When I want my own setting I'll write a book. EDIT: Yeah, they are meant to be anti-Unathi Unathi. They're meant to be an Unathi/IPC crossover type thing similar to Dominia with its Unathi/Human deal. The point of them is to integrate the Unathi honor code into a bunch of semireligious cyber-cultists and thus create another possible backstory for scientific and technical Unathi characters, to try and break the Security/Civilian stereotype.
  15. 1. Yes, it was basically just jitters related to past experience. The previous server I worked on had some very rigid and miserable rules related to what a lore person (or at least I) could and could not do, that made the task they gave me pretty much impossible. As long as I'm allowed to write new lore now and then and people don't mind my occasionally-spotty availability I should be fine. 2. Honestly, I have a distaste for something out of basically every bit of lore on the server, I am a hard sci-fi fan to the bone. That doesn't mean I hate space opera, but it's not in my comfort zone as a writer. I could continue the themes of unathi fine, and I exaggerate how much apostrophes bother me. I have no problem with fictional feudalism or monarchies, only real ones. I cannot promise that, if you were to die tomorrow and I got total dictatorial control, that some things wouldn't change, though. I can't see myself throwing the current writing in the garbage for a number of reasons, not the least of which that I just don't have the time to rewrite everything in any sort of reasonable time frame. Besides, religious space feudalism is my shit. Dune is one of my favorite books.