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  1. While the exact specifics of the implementation are still up in the air, I'd like to accomplish a few things: First, I would like to introduce a geopolitical conflict to Skrell lore. A lot of old lore, even in Loow's era, hints at conflict between the colonial government of the Jargon Federation and the local government of the Traverse. Many formerly independent colonies have been annexed in the decade since the last election, and as it draws nearer tension in the Traverse is reaching a boiling point. They—and the Federation as a whole—are polarised on which candidate to support; the two
  2. This was a tricky question to answer, especially without going against the core ideas I had in mind for the Exiles, but I think I've got something down now: As exiles share no specific origin save for no longer being Jargon Federation citizens, they have no shared culture. However, I'll instead provide several examples of exiles that can shed light on what a Federation exile character might be like. These examples are non-exhaustive but give a decent overview of typical backgrounds. One distinctive background an exile may have is being a Traverse independence supporter. Wheth
  3. To clarify, I haven't been using the wiki to propose stuff, except for my sandbox page which is an upcoming Unathi lore application. The changes that I have submitted on the wiki are proofreading suggestions and a few minor content revisions, things I feel would improve the lore and that were approved by Cael, not original lore submissions. I do believe I can avoid the activity issue I had last time, since I've been consistently working on Skrell lore for almost a year now. In terms of working with others, I've been working on monitoring my tone and avoiding kneejerk responses or, as some
  4. This complaint isn't against silly round premises, it's against events that encourage people to break character, as stated in the topic post. There is a difference between "funny stuff" and, as Danse said in the topic post, "breaking character to reference OOC memes."
  5. Could you provide an example of LRP canon events? "Meaningful roleplay", to me, doesn't mean it has to be the centrepiece of the round, just that if it doesn't generate roleplay, then it doesn't actively impede it either.
  6. For those who believe this is just Danse going "no fun allowed", keep in mind that this doesn't mean we can't have fun events. We've had a number of very, very fun non-canon events in the past, with plenty of quality roleplay generated. I believe that everyone on this server finds roleplay fun (that's why we're here, after all), so there should be no issue with having non-canon events that are both fun and don't involve LRP. I also agree that there needs to be a bit more transparency with event votes. There have been a number of times where people have voted yes to "add spice" and then co
  7. Okay, I'm making a PR to fulfill this. There will be four ways to empty it, one of which already exists: Throw at something to spill its contents. Use in your hand to dump it on the floor. Use it on a disposal unit to dump its contents in. (If on harm intent, you'll disposal the ashtray instead.) Destroy/shatter the ashtray. Also, the PR does some other QoL things for ashtrays.
  8. Ah, thank you, I hadn't considered it that way. My main intent was to say that it was largely a one-off incident and I would be fine with being pinged like that now, but I figure I should have said that explicitly. Thinking back on things I've since (not long after that incident, I think) had my own issues with others reacting badly to pings, and I can safely say that it's not fun for anyone involved and tends to create a lasting wariness to ping someone, even on important topics--I'd like to avoid that going forward. I don't think I can necessarily undo any of the bad interactions I've had wi
  9. I understand concerns about my activity, but I've been working on a lot of Skrell lore or another pretty much constantly since March. Even after the first disastrous history rework was released, I basically dove headfirst into proofreading it, with us slashing entire swathes of dry, overly-redundant academic text for just the important bits, followed by a total ground-up rewrite of the Glorsh section alongside Pan. Even after my last application I never stopped working, and I think being encouraged to be more active in the community in the feedback on that application just furthered my drive t
  10. At one point I feared it would be difficult for me to not do this, too (this was back when I was considering reapplying for deputy, while Snakebitten was still maintainer), but now that we've come forward with info about the rework and I've been helping Cael with their cuisine lore I think it's not as difficult as I thought. I really do enjoy answering good-faith questions, and it turns out that bad-faith questions are incredibly rare; the biggest arguments I've had that I can think of were probably with Stev, and we found out that was just over a miscommunication about the status of the rewor
  11. Ckey/BYOND Username: MoondancerPony Position Being Applied For: Skrell Lore Deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: I’ve been a member of the lore team twice, as well as a developer twice. I’ve written a good bit of lore both while on the team and in cooperation with those who are when I’m not; examples of such are the Glorsh rework on the wiki as well as the work Pan and I have put in to rewrite it. On top of that I’ve done some smaller projects with other lore teams, like implementing some Tajara foods with my cooking rework and going over a wiki page with the Unathi team. Examples
  12. Ideally it would only inject a specific toxin, to not be unbalanced compared to the syringe gun.
  13. A good solution might be having it inject a toxin/poison instead of directly dealing toxin damage.
  14. One could say this interpretation is fine; a triage technician that goes out to people who are in bad situations and rescues them, and can also step in and work in the medbay in situations where they're needed. Triage, in addition to implying a mass-casualty situation, can also imply prehospital/field work. If the intent were to say that they triage every patient that comes in, they would be a triage nurse, but the point is to move it away from IRL jobs. Therefore, I think "Triage Technician" properly connotes that the job is typically for providing first aid outside of the medbay, o
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