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  1. I don't see why her job should specifically outlaw it, but either way I don't plan to play her exclusively as Security. I was planning to branch her into Engineering Apprentice. Feldt will wear face covering items that look similar regardless, this just makes for something far more fitting and flavorful than a balaclava/gas mask. Also it's a cloak with a hood, then a face scarf, so she does not have to be masked if a head wanted to make a big deal of it.
  2. Being a sellable cargo item isn't a super convincing line. Anyways, I agree they should be added after rather than before. Making corgi hide keys is hilarious, but makes no sense.
  3. Going behind is definitely too easy. This may be one of those cases where putting the wire inside a wall is preferable. If there is to be a back entrance, it should be the most difficult option. I like the changes to the elevator. The elevator as is now is horrid. The front entrance definitely needs to be beefed up, though. Preferably the door should have two walls next to the front entrance next to the intercom and extinguisher. That way opening the door to snipe turrets is actually hazardous, and usable cover to snipe said turrets is more limited. If you want to make it even worse you can make it so the farthest turrets near the stationbound recharger are only visible from the doorway.
  4. Better ways to accomplish that which don't make it more difficult to interact with normal crew members. Agent ID card already makes you immune to tracking, you can add jump to it if it doesn't already for some reason; that would probably be an oversight more than anything. Similarly I have a suggestion thread for this very problem of cameras. AI can't really bolt you into a room if they can't see you, at least not without a fair amount of coordination from others. Looks like the reception has been positive, just needs a coder. So the solution to doorknob is... make it more difficult? I don't find that cool at all. I don't find the idea of trying to figure out where someone is so I can open a door particularly great. I get what you're trying to say in that people have to put more effort into getting the AI to do said doorknobbing, but I don't think it improves the interaction at all on the AI's part, and especially not for the crewmember. If the crewmember is a newer player who doesn't know the map very well, there will be even more issues. In my mind, a good nerf to the AI shouldn't hinder interactions with normal crew members. Giving antagonists better tools for handling an AI is far superior to making it more difficult for the AI to help normal crew members.
  5. Going to bump this in the hopes that a coder will pick it up. It should be fairly easy to add from what I can tell, so hopefully someone will have enough interest to take in the project.
  6. All of the tesla engine parts. It wouldn't wrench or screwdriver the panel closed.
  7. Would be news to me, I haven't played Engineer in a month, so perhaps it got fixed. Previously the engine parts did not interact with it at all. No error message, nothing. Readying up igniters and such also did not work last I tried it. It's already widely available. I don't see why wrenches and screwdrivers being pointless is necessarily bad, but as a non-engineer I almost always use screwdrivers instead, so I would hardly call them useless, just not useful for engineers. We used to spawn with all three tools, and it was hardly an issue then.
  8. Might finally be time to look into a skrell application... But really, I love it. I am mildly worried we will see a lot of godmodding with people pretending their minds can't be read, but that's not a huge concern that should affect the PR at all.
  9. Might be helpful to show a side-by-side and explain the decision making process behind the changes. Not quite sure how I feel about it myself.
  10. I don't think jumping or tracking is particularly useful for validhunting. The agent ID is a 3 cost item that most traitors will buy due to its extreme utility and cheap cost. Mercs and raiders get one for free. The only people who should really be getting locked down by this are lings, vamps, and cultists, all of which have powers that let them get around it fairly easily with a bit of planning that they should be doing anyways. So who does this really hurt? Pretty much exclusively innocent interactions between the AI and crew.
  11. The impact wrench isn't able to do a few select things probably due to shitty code with tools but I haven't looked. So unfortunately screwdrivers and wrenches are still needed. The Tesla engine parts come to mind as an example of something that does not recognize the impact wrench at all.
  12. Ideally, pain should be unable to cause any serious damage in someone who doesn't already have a massive amount of problems. Healthy hearts don't tend to give out because of chronic intense pain.
  13. That was my thought actually. It requires a head level ID, but like anything that requires an ID it can be emagged.
  14. Shooting welding tanks doesn't make much sense. Purposely igniting them does. I don't see an issue with making it so they don't sodomize turfs as badly as they do, especially with how asteroid turfs hoover up air now.
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