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  1. I agree on the vault, but you're straight wrong about the bunker. The bunker is actually arguably easier and safer for the antagonist to reach. Less camera coverage, can be accessed via maintenance tunnels. There's also a really easy back-door to get to it through. Putting it in the bunker is arguably a straight buff to antagonists that are smart. Captain's have no good reason to move it from the bunker so we should see less of that obnoxious crap, and security cannot see the bunker so you're very safe while you do it.
  2. Er. Excuse me, what? I am baffled to how an antag going guns blazing is going to be ganking? If there's an active shooter, you walk near the active shooter, and they shoot you, it's not really ganking. Either way I don't see any connection between silent/loud and ganking. If anything I would argue silent would be WAY more likely for ganking, look at changelings.
  3. Nantei

    Brainmed Update

    Please leave the cloning alone for now, also arguably should be its own thread if you're serious about it. (Once porting is done) And yes, it will need thorough playtesting. That's to be expected of any large port like this. I'm optimistic this will be for the better, brainmed is generally a lot better than our current system.
  4. Putting anything into the vault makes it a never for non-antagonists, and a mostly never for everyone that isn't a group antagonist. You had may as well remove it if you were going to do that. The only way into the vault without getting shot is with Captain level access.
  5. I don't think access should be a super difficult thing to get. It's bum-rushed because it is so vital to not getting trapped and captured. It is a genuine pain in the ass to move around and do antag things without the spare. I am open to moving it, but it shouldn't be heavily guarded. Bonus points if it is in an area that the Captain should have no logical reason other than powergaming to move it. Because boy is that obnoxious. Shove it in the Command Bunker where I am fairly certain all command members have access, but it is more out of the way and reasonable than on a desk.
  6. I'd be down to work with someone on this if a coder is interested.
  7. This already happens with job-hopping. It should be handled the same, make it a note.
  8. I don't have much stake in this. Personally I think it would be kind of cool, and way better than the smelly hazard suit. Here is the current stats of the Gunslinger and Hazard suit respectively. Gunslinger: melee = 50, bullet = 60, laser = 40, energy = 30, bomb = 30, bio = 100, rad = 60 Hazard: melee = 60, bullet = 45, laser = 30, energy = 15, bomb = 60, bio = 100, rad = 45
  9. Aheals for people who broke a rule to kill/hurt you are very rare. I would not expect such a thing from almost any other case. It's usually because it was a very obvious rulebreak, which is similarly not super common.
  10. Even as someone who isn't colorblind they do look very similar.
  11. Pretty distinctive command characters in a positive way. Easy +1.
  12. I didn't say anything prior because honestly I had very null feelings on it, but I am not sure why this should be a thing? The secure briefcase is a loadout item IIRC, so why should they get a special one? Searching a rep is already a big no-no without Captain level authority.
  13. Oh my god I love them. Can you please also fix the combat RIG? It looks like a stupid onion.
  14. This is definitely where I stand. Don't make this a blanket no ruling. Make it a default no ruling. If you have a good concept for it, you should be able to plead your case and get it staff-approved.
  15. The only department pet that is thematically appropriate is Columbo. I don't think it's a compelling reason that we shouldn't add the rabbit.
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