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  1. BYOND Key: CoffeeToffee Discord Username: NeverOddOrEven#8008 Character Name: Cypres Item Name: Segment-Loader Item Function(s): A flexible, high precision cyborg model. Item Description: (Borgs flavor text) "This cyborg sports a nameplate engraved with "Cypres". Its segmented arms twist and bend to preform its tasks with great precision." Why is your character bringing this item to work?: It is their body. How did your character obtain this item?: They were simply placed into this body to test its utility in the field. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Seeing as it is their method of locomotion, they value their body greatly. Their creator inspired by the flexibility of movement seen in snakes and eels. The focus of the model relies heavily on the arms, so much so that the legs are left a bit neglected, simple and slender, which begs the question of how it balances such a top-heavy design. It turns and walks slowly so that it does not teeter. Tools extend from its palms while it remains mostly stationary with its arms doing the moving. Sprites: (I dont know if you needed the syndicate one but i added it anyway.) Additional Comments:
  2. My apologies', I was trying to make a bound interesting by having an interesting origin in place of the personality they dont have. I thought it would allow some intrigue with certain antags using their intel mechanic. I can see why this is a bit of an issue. Here is a longer, unbound alteration of this character that you might like more. The original idea was that the abductors were trying to put distance between the hive and their area of operations, but for this new character, I want to say that as the hive colonizes, theyre one of the few first to start trickling in to the more diverse areas in space like the other broods before the zkaii. Perhaps they were part of an envoy, a simple worker to accompany a Vaurca of higher standing. I imagine they enjoy their time in VR, devoting a good portion of her salary as tribute so they can have a more personal experience. Reveling in the thought of their next dive while preforming their duties. Though the physical world is unpleasant this makes it significantly more bearable knowing they can look forward to it. While in VR they spend most of their time exploring vast virtual landscapes or constructing their own in the image of her faith and people. I like to imagine they're middle aged, so about 10? Spending most of their time in VR to keep up with their duties to their faith. The brood itself is fairly curious in nature so I suspect should would be fine going on an adventure a bit far from her hive. I dont think they would have any qualms with unathi since they are basically business partners. they probably just confused and perturbed by the more common xeno body functions, like eating things other than kois, or needing full blown outfits to go into space. Id say they has no problems with most people, but avoids people who soak up too much of their time that she could be daydreaming about... dreaming. A busy body officer or persistent journo. Needless to say they would dip from any situation getting heated. Maybe as they spends more time among humans and xenos they will become more inviting. Yes, I had planned for them to fill a role characteristic of their caste and I thought it fit nicely. If you have any more questions id be happy to oblige. Also Sorry for any odd grammar, English isnt my first language.
  3. Im sorry, it seems i got carried away with the character and didnt even notice. Ive made a new one I hope is more suitable. Thank you
  4. BYOND Key: CoffeeToffee Character Names: Azhar Al'Salam (imam). Cypres (borg). Lance Lassi (sec officer) Im still fleshing out my characters so theyre fairly new Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Fir green (Zkaii) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Eyup Why do you wish to play this specific race: Id like to open up more avenues for character ideas and playstyles. Its nice to have variety of origins to start from than what you can just achieve with humans. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: It focuses way more on social standing, solid and tangible goals, and a more calculated and deliberate playstyle, while humans are more capricious and self serving. Character Name: Ka'Viax'Naz K'lax Please provide a short backstory for this character: Naz, being a simple laboring drone, led a life characteristic of anyone of their type, mainly keeping low-level tasks kept such as custodial or hauling assignments, eventually being led from the hive to a more human inhabited location, they found themselves abducted. Though accounts of what was done to Naz is vague, its assumed that they were trying to find a way to tamper with a bound vaurca to make them subserviently to them instead. Fortunately it appears they failed in this endeavor, though left Naz with several scars and disfigurements as they dug though the poor vaurcas chest and abdomen. The faction that carried out the abduction has been kept classified between the K'lax hive and the Tau Ceti Legion who conducted the raid on the hideout. Though Naz passed several evaluations of their subservice to the hive, as well as their mental wellbeing, they were still feared and distrusted by their hive, functionally exiled to work under direct supervision of nanotrasen. They currently preform minor, non-vital tasks aboard the station, mainly janitorial or basic clerical duties like organizing the library. What do you like about this character?: I think this character would be very fun on antag rounds involving legion, or most non-monster antags. Anyone who inquires about their past might be met with some interesting response depending on who asks, though some may get a simple "im not allowed to disclose this" How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I have my slipups but I think im fairly decent. Notes: I was inspired to draw them. And before you say it, yes, I understand non-ta dont have a thorax but i realized this after I drew it.
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