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  1. Really a no-brainer. Anyone who can survive a (physics?) PhD and MATLAB won't be daunted by anything in DM. +1000
  2. I think it's intentional, although they do have access to the vendor that gives them out. I wouldn't be opposed to them getting one but I am also a biased, filthy atmos tech main.
  3. Haven't had time to do much more than skim because my brain is blasted, but this first paragraph just seems like a massive QoL headache to playing AI and a significant coding hurdle for little to no real gain. You'd essentially be downgrading AI vision to someone flicking through a security camera terminal, which, as the only means of vision for a 2+ hour round, sounds rather dreadful. Even the best and most QoL-friendly implementation (which would probably be WASD-based camera hopping based on direction and proximity?) would just be a more user-frustrating and restrictive version of our current system. I also don't know what's wrong with the static overlay. The rest of the section seems fine as far as I can tell, but right now my head is throbbing with the force of a thousand suns.
  4. I now see the issue. The scourge of o l d c o d e. Will be fixed soon.
  5. I mean, just so we're clear, engineers (should) spawn with impact wrenches already. This would be more akin to just removing the superfluous screwdriver and wrench from the belt. Also @Nantei do you know which machines in particular it wasn't interacting with properly and/or what steps?
  6. AFAIK all outstanding bugs (except mech construction) were fixed with impact wrenches a while ago, and looking at the code for tesla parts I can't see where it'd necessarily be going wrong
  7. no i mean that it requires people to have played AI before, not that it requires an arbitrary amount of time from first connection
  8. upon further consideration the best move is probably just to put a warning on the role when you select it personally i'd also like to see it require AI playtime but that might be a bit more involved and require its own suggestion
  9. as discussed in discord I think a much more elegant and less disruptive solution would be to not have malf be a desired role by default because yikes
  10. I might trial this as one of the new items added alongside syndicate commanders tbh, esp since it'd have the tradeoff of blinding your own commander to your presence too
  11. this is the large-brained approach and should be enacted as soon as feasible
  12. honestly i'm not a fan of splitting up the bar and kitchen, if anything they should be closer together not split apart across decks
  13. CMV: bar and kitchen should serve the same large area rather than the bar being gigantic and the kitchen getting one L-shaped table and a single booth
  14. well like I said in other places I could not make much sense of the spaghetti soup that is job/faction code in the short time I looked, but yes it looks like that exemption was for something else entirely regardless I don't think it makes much sense to faction-lock slots that don't really interact with factions
  15. i've looked at the code and it looks like AI, cyborgs, and merchants are meant to be exempt from faction checks but evidently they're not bears more investigation so it's on the list
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