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  1. no i mean that it requires people to have played AI before, not that it requires an arbitrary amount of time from first connection
  2. upon further consideration the best move is probably just to put a warning on the role when you select it personally i'd also like to see it require AI playtime but that might be a bit more involved and require its own suggestion
  3. as discussed in discord I think a much more elegant and less disruptive solution would be to not have malf be a desired role by default because yikes
  4. I might trial this as one of the new items added alongside syndicate commanders tbh, esp since it'd have the tradeoff of blinding your own commander to your presence too
  5. this is the large-brained approach and should be enacted as soon as feasible
  6. honestly i'm not a fan of splitting up the bar and kitchen, if anything they should be closer together not split apart across decks
  7. CMV: bar and kitchen should serve the same large area rather than the bar being gigantic and the kitchen getting one L-shaped table and a single booth
  8. well like I said in other places I could not make much sense of the spaghetti soup that is job/faction code in the short time I looked, but yes it looks like that exemption was for something else entirely regardless I don't think it makes much sense to faction-lock slots that don't really interact with factions
  9. i've looked at the code and it looks like AI, cyborgs, and merchants are meant to be exempt from faction checks but evidently they're not bears more investigation so it's on the list
  10. I'm not done meshing out the specifics just yet, and that's part of why I reached out now, to gather feedback - but generally speaking I want to strike a balance between the free-form nature of most antags and the traditional traitor objectives on other servers of "steal thing, kill man, escape alive". My plan is to generate a list of objectives that will change depending on which path you decide to choose (so that the objectives more match the path and playstyle you're choosing - loud objectives for the enforcer, quiet ones for the assassin, etc.), and then allow the Commander to pick a suitable set from those, with rewards for completing each in-round. It'll likely come down to one or two major objectives, a few minor ones, and then an extraction objective that'll always be active - and each will grant either a direct reward in-round for completing that objective, or a good amount of TC and cash, or both. Tracking objectives beyond "steal thing, kill man, escape alive" is a bit of a challenge, but I do want to try and reward active play and success mechanically as much as possible. Of course, the ambition mechanic will remain active as well. In terms of equipment, the Commander starts with essentially your bog-standard Syndicate Officer getup, an uplink, some terminals to do his commandery business, an unlockable shuttle to take to the station, and some very basic medical and security supplies, as well as a voidsuit. As for faction hardsuits/voidsuits, I'm not entirely sure. I could see them being an unlock if you took an objective to frame an attack from another organization, but that's about it, assuming we're talking about the same thing. As for Syndicate voidsuits/hardsuits, all the normal traitor equipment will be available and the heavier stuff (e.g. hardsuits) will be dependent on certain requirements (either picking the Enforcer path and/or completing objectives to get it as a reward).
  11. i can happily report that the backend for an AI/ghost-like viewer that traverses syndicate cameras is now working and in the PR, so that'll take precedence over the camera viewer originally planned right now it'll only show cameras that are part of NETWORK_SYNDICATE (which is basically emagged borgs, bugged cameras, and implanted traitors) but I'm considering giving something like the basic civilian networks as well (basically just the hallways and such) so it isn't a complete pain to use for new players and/or people who aren't getting a lot of help from their subordinates the cyberwarfare tree will, of course, have better access to cameras through their unlocks/equipment
  12. okay well I've looked into it and it's not NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be so unless I run into some major stumbling block, expect an AI-style view accessible (probably) via console in some form or another, as well as a few other UI additions to make it easier to track and assist operatives also these are my very early spitball takes on the different available paths at start, feel free to suggest additions or what have you also cyberwarrior is the cheesiest name on the planet
  13. brainmed is for big brains p'lus one
  14. I'll look into the AI view. It might be outside scope for this initial implementation given that, as far as I've been told and what little I've seen, the AI's camera handling is a gigantic pile of spaghetti and technical debt.
  15. It was reverted because it was causing most off-station antag modes to simply not fire, as far as I know. Not a bad idea, but honestly the unique antag population of Aurora is low enough you'd see a massive uptick in extended rounds.
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