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  1. There's actually a complete list of what works and what doesn't somewhere in the repo. I remember the list being very small, and very stingy. Most of the junk items don't sell, so there's no utility there either.
  2. Ckey/BYOND Username: Boggle08 Discord Name: GrandMasterChef Position Being Applied For: Unathi Lore Deputy Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page: Yes Past Experiences/Knowledge: I'm in education for an English major right now. Prior to this, I dedicated most of highschool specializing into computer science, but it didn't really work out. I did lead a few projects for a STEM club relating to programming. I can read code, and am in the slow process of figuring out github. I've always had a fixation on worldbuilding and fiction regardless; I have pages and pages or art and d
  3. I keep my antag prefs off because there's such an inflated expectation from the people who play regularly to create a decent gimmick, be robust enough to pull it off, and involve everyone. If you are very successful, people talk about it for 30 minutes after the round ends and then it goes straight into the memory hole, because it isn't canon. Your effort is fucking gone and swept away. If you fuck up, or never escalate because you got drafted with no idea, you get treated to people grading your performance like you were a piece of meat that wasn't cooked to their liking. The effort isn't wort
  4. I think I remember several months ago Skull musing over the idea of phasing in more ghost roles to help supplement and/or replace our current antag-oriented round structures, and this whole event feels like a prototype run of that idea in action. I haven't played enough rounds to give feedback that can reflect the entire finale arc, but the business of ghost roles is something I think works. The way they're structured and designed means that sec doesn't have a monopoly on interaction with them, which has been a common complaint in the past. It also takes a lot of pressure off of "antag" r
  5. 1) The Gestalt is set heavily in it's Th'akh ways. The Continuity has placed a lot of burden upon itself regarding the death of Ulzka and continuing his legacy. Being on Moghes exacerbated dissociative traits within The Continuity, and so it had to leave in order to pursue it's quest with clarity. On Biesel, however, the methodical, unavoidable hum of the spire serves as a continual, omnipresent opponent to the faith and conviction of The Continuity. It remains extremely hesitant to merge with other gestalts, moreso than others, for fear of losing sight of it's quest, and views the enthusiasti
  6. BYOND Key: (Boggle08) Character Names: Markos Rakt Tankred Horace Thratch Norman Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: GREEN. Like a good forest green. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: I find the setting for Unathi to be very interesting. I like the religious elements to their lore, as well as all of their concept of honor and various traditions. I was initially turned off to Unathi by the fact that their lore for the most part exists i
  7. BYOND Key: (Boggle08) Character Names: Markos Rakt Tankred Horace Thratch Norman Species you are applying to play: Dionae What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: I have a character concept I want to explore specifically geared towards Dionae. This concept would be impossible to do using any other whitelisted race we have on the server. Besides this reason, I really like dionae purely on the basis of them being one of the most alien playable races
  8. I cringe every time the poor hydroponicist's nutri-vend breaks whenever engineering is busy, lazy, or absent during a round, because it entails them losing all of their soil bottles since they break on impact. Since the vending machines start from the top and work their way down, medical probably gets fucked over too, since the dylovene and innaprov bottles are close to the top of the screen IIRC. RBI gives engineering something to do, maybe just having it provide a less intrusive effect would be better. I don't like seeing a department's stock of crucial equipment slowly disappear becaus
  9. I feel like this could be done just by altering the loot tables in the warehouse to contain more chems that are beneficial to medical, rather than just the lukewarm sea of bicardine, ATK's, stasis bags, and kelotane that I see on a regular basis. The whole point of the warehouse shipments, in my view, is to give cargo busy work that helps other departments by making them more versatile and self sufficient in regards to their material needs. Having that happen automatically is in my view equivalent to having a portion of the warehouse pre-sorted and shipped out to medical. The inconvenience of
  10. Multitools come out of the plumbing here. They spawn very often in the two tool storages we have, and can be mass produced off of an autolathe. The multitool is a +1 from me, just because it fits what the character is and does, and the object is extremely common. I have seen tools and welding helmets get approval, but they're usually locked off behind a job role. They might rig you up such that the multitool only spawns in your inventory when you play engineering. The coin? It should only be for flavor, and should not be able to fit into any of the vending machines, if you're going to do
  11. Rev at its highest apex behaves like a small, self contained noncanon event, with AOOC buzzing with activity about where things should go next. These rounds are typically mixed round types, with merc + rev being the best pair, since the mercs can act as destabilizing agents to force action, are well equipped enough to take on the station, and are versatile to fit the narrative of nearly any gimmick. A lot of our canon events are pretty similar to Merc + rev, come to think of it. Rev is a gamemode that benefits greatly from being mixed into other roundtypes. The other valids can be used to
  12. I get what you're putting down, but I dunno about losing out on the spare, because of the dreaded solo command lowpop CBT power hour. That thing is your golden ticket, man. And that's if the antags haven't already decided to swipe it for themselves. Station bounds are a thing, sure, but they're not always on, and they're not always on the station's side. Especially on lowpop. I would be cool about losing the spare if we had a new system in place that encouraged variety in playstyles and antag stratagem, like what you are proposing, but the spare is an immense utility to the crew when we don't
  13. The rollback would allow people to fit in more lore into the setting pertaining to IPC's, and, as the OP stated, provide a more natural flow for what we currently have within the lore. I do not think this is inconsequential for character backstories at all. I feel a lot of character backstories for IPC's have to be extremely compressed, especially when it comes to the younger models. People are either incapable of not fitting in enough and keep it brief, or they have to stack and overlap events in their backstories in order to cram everything together. On the matter of IPC rights, I do h
  14. Thanks man, this'll probably remedy my problem, but I really hope we do get the Zelda lock on or "aim intent" down the line as @Myazaki described it. Something accessible and intuitive for new guys or people that don't engage in mechanics/combat enough to commit to making macros. I think the new sight cones have the potential to add a lot of depth to combat or even new mechanics based around such(i.e. turning away from a flashbang to negate some of its effects), but it also has the potential to become a severe injury upon QoL. Aim intent would be a perfect compliment for the new system.
  15. I'm fighting the camera just as much as I am fighting my opponent. I wouldn't mind the vision cones nearly as much if I could actually look at what what I'm doing. I feel like I'm playing 2D Epic Mickey. People pulling sneaky shit and slipping past my vision's fine if I can actually control where I'm looking independent of movement keys. Maybe have It so I just hit a key and then my dude is facing the cursor and strafing. I've been playing a shit ton of Darkwood lately, and the experience is something like that except with terrible controls and latency. And before we put out the visi
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