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  1. You would be surprised by how many changes are spurred from someone booting off of a shitty round and typing up a forum post. Without echoing to many of the sentiments already posted in the the thread, I think that dionae need some kind of health rework. They actually have organs, I say we give these organs purpose: create a new health system for dionae that at the very least incentivises the cluster staying together. If you collapse into a tide of nymphs, you lose all of your useful organs. And when you lose all of your useful organs, you start losing out on all of your immunities. Want your organs back? You gotta eat, get light, and wait. Or you can pick them up off the ground and stuff them into your chest if they haven't gone rotten. Dionae can bounce back very fast from grievous injury or splittings. Every race on the station needs complicated surgery, specialized personnel, a shit ton of time, and chemicals to bounce back to full health when they get dabbed on. Dionae should have a system that mimmicks this. As the treemen are right now, they are mechanically robust enough to almost be their own antag type. Until they get a rework, I'm all for the race getting barred from selection as antags, with the exception of Rev and Renegade(just a dionae with a gun, no uplink). Despite all the the disdain for treemen lately, I have never seen more Dionae on the station than I have since I started playing about September of last year. Dionae are objectively the most alien race you can play as on the server, I think that factor alone makes them worth keeping around.
  2. Things are the way they are because IPC's dab on everyone with how their health works. They don't feel pain, and when they get hurt, they don't get worse unless you drag them or they have shrapnel. A lot of people die in the medbay because of how brainmed kills you through the brain, blood, oxyloss, or necrosis. If you get trashed as an IPC, you can just wait somewhere until a roboticist or someone with a massive satchel of nanopaste can fix you up. It's like wearing a stasis bag, all the time. I've read the numbers and seen the arguments for why lasers are suitable enough for IPC counterplay, but that ignores the logistics backing up the IPC when they are in security. IPCurity has access to a bigass armory: They can load up on ablatives to counteract laser issues, or stack on other body armors to double up on the resistances they possess. In ideal circumstances, they have a department that can meet or outnumber most antags, the rest of the crew to support them, and a robotics bay that sees very little antag activity(compared to medical). In a vacuum, where we're banging numbers into numbers, lasers are an suitable counter to IPC's. When you take into account the amount of logistical support backing the ISD, and the fact that the robot man will be running around trying not to get shot, and that he has a team to protect and recover him, they become stronger. The Ion is horrible design, and is everything I think we've been trying to move away from. It kills in three hits, irregardless of armor, distance, or IPC subtype. Its first firing mode is a non-negotiable stun that knocks you on your ass, while the kill mode absolutely cucks you, dealing heavy damage indiscriminately throughout the body and slamming you to the ground for a long stun that guarantees the next two follow up shots will make you into dead metal Pinocchio. It has the ammunition economy of a fucking laser carbine, and so worrying about running out of shoot juice isn't a problem. We permit this atrocious thing because 1) it turns the ISD's fancy laser rifles into paperweights and 2) IPCurity(no really). It fucking sucks getting Ion'd, believe me, I've been there, but it's the unhappy and necessary solution to a playable race that completely spites the health/pain system we have balanced our races and combat around. I've heard talk of reworking their health with organs and coolant and shit, I think there is even a thread up somewhere in projects, but I don't think any change will happen till then. For the current order of things, maybe increasing the amount of shots it takes to kill an IPC or reducing/removing the stun on kill mode will make it less frustrating to play against.
  3. I get the impression that the lore team is retardedly occupied right now, but having additional languages at least for a few major human factions would be fantastic. Everything being a dialect of tradeband, freespeak, sol common, or ceti basic is a duct-tape solution for many planets and factions, especially Dominia, Elyra, and the Scarabs.
  4. I've had about five or so rounds of rev with this new system in place. You've basically managed to rework rev into a game mode wherein both sides focus on designing a small, self contained narrative rather than validing each other. Because security and command are not intrinsic to one of the sides(and the HoS/Captain cannot pick a side), it means that security is less likely to manhunt, and are more concerned with stopping everyone from killing each other. Rounds are more likely to turn into three way chaos fests involving the contenders, fellowship, and station authority. It becomes even better when you mix additional antag types into the round. AOOC during Rev rounds is constantly buzzing with where the story should be taken next. I'm running into more and more rev rounds that feel like micro events because of this. It's great.
  5. Then we should change the legislation of the station to support unethical research. I have an orange jumpsuit D-boy that I've made to fucking die from science every round. I already have enough problems with the science team not having any ideas or the spine to murder me in the name of science. We're part of an amoral mega-corporation dammit.
  6. IPC's are manufactured almost exclusively by humans and human organizations. Because of this, IPC's inherit much of the same settings, organizations, and cultures humans also use for character background generation. These two factors alone make the dynamic between the two very present. In many respects, they share the same lore. The relationship between the two races has always interested me, because it opens up a lot of philosophical questions about how the two should coexist. The controversy associated with IPC's is treated like an issue of civil rights in our setting, when we could go much deeper than that by making it a philosophical issue as well. Is it the right thing do by determining the best course of action for IPC's through the lens of human ethics? Is it a moral thing to make IPC's in our image, when we ourselves are extremely flawed creatures that haven't transcended our own struggles? What course of action would best prevent an AI singularity, whilst making all parties happy? I want us to ask these using our setting, how different planets or cultures treat and utilize IPC's. It will give much more depth when discussing Synthetic rights, and it will give players both human and IPC much more to consider when designing their characters. It would be something I would love to collaborate with the IPC lore team on.
  7. Besides my interest in fleshing out Sol-Alliance a little more, I do want to expand a little on corporations. To supply them with some overarching themes, and give an idea on what it's like to live on a planet or settlement that is 100% purchased and owned by them. With the introduction of the new star map, it placed a lot of empires, both human and alien, in relatively close proximity towards each other on the bottom half of the map. I would love to collaborate and write about these nations interacting with one another and playing the game of international politics and power. The last few things I would be interested in expanding upon is adding more offworlder backgrounds for people to work with, and expanding upon lore for the various frontiers and unknown regions of space in our setting. For the latter, It would be done through the addition of some lore on exploration and expeditions into these regions, and maybe even including some named installations or planets. Not enough to take the mystery and emptiness of these regions away, but just enough to create intrigue and character backgrounds. I like it. I'm all about internal consistency and balance when it comes to putting together lore for our setting. I am extremely receptive to criticism, and unironically enjoy the peer review process. As a lore deputy, I will telegraph my proposals, and assist in the creative process of others. I would start with little things, such as holidays and civic traditions. From there, I would expand upon the founding principles of the Alliance, their cultural identity, and the political ideologies that hold their nation together. In appropriate contrast to this, I would introduce some regionalistic differences and identities within the empire; each with their own cultural practices, attitudes, and how they feel about the Alliance as a whole. Right now, we have Sol set up so that its demographic regions radiate out from Sol itself, and that simply is too broad, in my opinion. When Solarian characters discuss their country, it's usually in the context of the named planets we have and a few home-brews. When I am finished, people will have a greater capacity to discuss the Alliance in its totality. As a final note, the expansions to Solarian lore I am proposing will give us more foundation and material to work with should the lore team decide to collapse and/or balkanize the Alliance.
  8. It should be something like what Aimmo has suggested, where it feeds IPC's afflicted by it strange cravings or inclinations. These "Ion behaviors" should expire after a TBD amount of time that can be checked by using self diagnostics. Removing the behaviors prematurely should be done by a roboticist or other trained equivalent by opening up the chest cover and then using a debugger.
  9. We've got all these cool faction flavor armors that only really pop up when mercs want to try a gimmick involving them. I'm only interested in a body guard role so we can see those sprites more often. If the body guard does manage to get implemented, they shouldn't be carrying anything stronger than a laser pistol, or even a taser.
  10. I don't play consular, but the idea of being able to call in a secretary or faction flavor body guard to shoot the shit with sounds pretty neat. +1
  11. The title of this thread should really just be "replace the rounds in the detective's gun with rubbers." I don't see why the detective can't have a rubber gun when the entire department is walking around with one in their pants, but I've seen the lethals cause mishaps before. People often forget the gun is even loaded with angry stuff, and they can cut rounds short/escalate too fast like what happened with Kyres.
  12. As long as the new plate durability/carrier system supports crafting from materials/autolathes, I'm game. It'd give more reasons for people to swing by cargo. It would also be nice to assemble the ultimate trash armor. I dunno how demanding such a suggestion would be, but I recommend also giving us the ability to craft or acquire things such as leg and arm protection. Stuff we can pin either to the carrier itself or our jumpsuits. For most armors(and most races), Damage resistances are localized in the chest and head. For melee combat in particular, the best way to win a fight is by going for the legs until they break, causing the spaceman to go sideways and drop his shit. It's a great equalizer, but having armor countermeasures would necessitate more variety in combat.
  13. I'd like to participate too! I'm GrandMasterChef on discord.
  14. Just give them rubbers instead. If you think that the detective is just another officer slot, remove an officer slot.
  15. Iz saesseoz zs ks kulaos os sk izi zuleku. Ir oza le auleluhou ol asar uh. Eh zea akki rihiolsohoslu ze aheul resl sh. Zeul eh a. Ok ls e il. Oh ek urar za ks zousasu s ze su irso. Ar ak sl ki ha re al. Kskiku zaerih alo seak zalear s erel sr es le us so. Ozro zi. Uliih sk ih aksuh. Uz lias. Al. Ss ih. Sulesk es uas +1
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