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  1. I'd actually love something like this put in for sure. Please finish it.
  2. That sounds more like a player problem than a Law problem. Make it clear on the wiki this is expected. Problem solved.
  3. Yeah, you're basing this solely off your own opinion that the laws are somehow taken as OOC. They're not. This just makes it weird.
  4. What is this, nerf everything month? Just because someone is playing a thing terribly, does not make the race itself terrible. We have whitelists for a reason. If someone is being stupid, review it.
  5. You didn't, but there was an implication. I apologize for the mistake. Anyway, my point stands.
  6. You can accomplish the same thing in a less efficient manner by having security man camera consoles and sweeping the station. Don't pretend this behavior is exclusive to AIs.
  7. So just ran into a game where I didn't have the ability to bolt or electrify doors as a purged AI. can non-default AIs be given bolting and electrifying abilities again?
  8. This is bullshit, and I can't believe you're still trying to peddle this opinion as fact. Bolting is useful for all manner of things. Don't pretend AI players abuse this as a matter of course. It's insulting.
  9. Can't agree, at all. Bolting is not nearly as game ending as a security force with weapons on the warpath. It's ridiculous you think otherwise.
  10. By this logic, having to plan around security actively hunting down the antag is nuts, and they have far more power to actively handle the situation with guns and armor. Any knowledgable player antag will be able to unbolt doors quickly. All this is, is an excuse to nerf AIs.
  11. Meta wise, we don't assume someone is going to create a pirate AP upload console connected to the station for the purpose of subverting it. That being said, I would agree that a new connection should be known to the AI, since it's on their network.
  12. The point of the doomfort is to keep unauthorized people out of it. AIs are expensive to produce and so are their cores, it makes perfect sense to protect that investment... and if your AI is subverted, that's a whole other problem.
  13. Bolts are also used to keep the crew from harming themselves or the station. Don't try to pretend this is only used for antags. I am not, I admit. Discord doesn't appeal to me at all due to the need to maintain alt accounts if I want to appear inactive to some groups but not others. I can see that majority opinion is against me here, but I still call it unnecessary.
  14. This argument can be used to justify all kinds of nerfs. If you're going to neuter the AI to give antags a buff, why stop there? IPC security officers are infamous for being completely ridiculous to fight, yet I don't see active calls to neuter them. Diona are infamous for being practically immortal. I don't see calls to neuter them. etc etc...
  15. You don't want to, yet you're doing it, so that statement is moot. It's neutering the AI, no matter how you try to paint it. If you're going to neuter it, at least be honest about it.
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