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  1. So Sampletex decided to remove my whitelist? It says its up to the discretion of the team to unwhitelist someone according to the whitelist rule page. So thats the banning admin then?
  2. I see, I wasn't aware of that. In the command whitelist rules it says you are eligible for the removal of your whitelist if you received too many administrative actions with a clause that says that in the end it's up to the discretion of the staff team to enforce or not. From my understanding it's not automatic and the staff team can decide if the actions leading up to the ban were heinous enough to warrant a whitelist removal. The reason I opened this staff complaint is that I personally disagree with this heavy handed approach that I was subjected to and it would seem that in the complaint against Sampletex the two staff members that were working the post (MattAtlas & shestrying) agreed to some degree by issuing a reprimand to the moderator and reducing the ban from a 3 day to a 24 hour one. Even though that was kind of moot because on the day of the reduction it already expired. I'm trying to make a case for the fact that what turns out to be one note and a 24 hour ban doesn't warrant the removal of a whitelist due to the following reasons. I've been in the clear for more then a year with no administrative penalty against me. The time and effort it took for me to get my whitelist is much longer then 24 hours. The offence is something exceedingly minor. People seem to enjoy my playstyle as is evident from my whitelist application. I'm asking for a little bit of clemency with the fallout of this minor offence as not only I find it to be a brutal reaction I've also made a concerted effort to improve my behavior in staff PM's on the server. Please, I really want to continue playing as a Head.
  3. BYOND Key: Hesphos Staff BYOND Key: MattAtlas - ShesTrying (According to the Staff Directory) Game ID: NULL Reason for complaint: Whitelist Removal MattAtlas and ShesTrying recently reviewed a staff complaint against SampleTex. In this complaint they reached the following conclusion. As this is directly linked to a whitelist removal and the Staff Complaint post has been locked I will follow protocol and open a new staff complaint as outlined here. This is the first impactful administrative action taken against me in years. I'm afraid that I cant look up my administrative history on Aurora as a user but I believe I've been in the clear for a very long time. As said, atleast a year if not more. What was originally a 3 day ban that was levied against me from Sampletex was eventually reduced to a 24 hour. This whole action is moot as the ban was put into place on June 8th and the reduction made on June 13th making it more of a ceremonial gesture at most as it would have been automatically been lifted by the system itself. So to put it all in perspective, my non trial whitelist was removed after one 3 day ban, that was reduced to 24 hours, in where the staff member was also found at fault to some degree, after years of not having any administrative action against me that resulted in a ban. Now I understand that the whitelist rules state that its under the discretion of the team to enforce but I personally find it rather steep to have a whitelist removed for a single 24 hour ban with years being in the clear. I've apologized regarding my behavior in the SampleTex staff complaint and made sure to hammer down the point that I will make every attempt to not raise any kind of fit in the staff PM's as to avoid administrative action in the future as this entire ordeal was definitively something I wanted to avoid. Evidence/logs/etc: Listed above. Additional remarks: Being able to occasionally hop on a character that is a Head of Staff is one of my main draws to play on the server, please don't remove it after such a small and single infraction as that will drastically reduce my enjoyment. As listed above I will make an exceptional effort to ensure any future staff communication will be handled in a cordial way from my side even when I'm provoked.
  4. Armhra plays a scientist in a way I wish more people would. Actually getting into the science and mechanics behind his class and translating that into interesting and fun gameplay. Not to mention I've had one of the best rounds ever when he played my personal assistant on the character Quintus Aurelian whilst I was the captain. Catering to my every whim whilst letting the single shred of power he had immediately go to his head, proclaiming he was the assistant captain to ensure I got my bahma mamma's on time. It was played in a good way however that actually left a good impression instead of a sour taste in your mouth. As a good assistant should. I highly suggest to give him a trial as I think he would be an excellent fit. +1
  5. @Simon_the_miner I will try to disseminate the 3 points you made here from my point of view. I personally wasn't aware staff asking for a moment is simply a courtesy thing when it comes to messages from moderator staff. I take information admins send me at face value because I'm not going to try and interpret someone's intention through a bunch of red letters on a white background. Only to have it bite me in the ass later for misinterpretation. If you needed my attention at a hectic time you could have just stated it wasn't optional, or that you need to speak to me immediately. Not be vague and then wind someone when they give a quick reply that you didn't like even though with all the information you gave me it seemed reasonable for me to do. If you would have clearly stated what you wanted from me I would have most likely asked for a delay after the shuttle left the station which you then you could have declined or accepted. This makes it clear what is expected of me instead of having to gauge your intention whilst I have another command officer talking to me, officers talking to me, and at the time atleast 6 people asking me questions and demanding things from me. The second point you make, your own words make out that HOS can at times be a stressful position and yes a part of the gameplay is to try and multitask your available time. With my time already stretched extremely thin you decide to just scoop up more on my plate by contacting me. Does that mean a staff member shouldn't contact people when playing HOS? No of course not that would be ridiculous. All I ask is to be simple and concise in your demands so I can immediately answer your question and then go back to what I was doing. I cant sit down and have a nice back and forth because you hide your intention behind a veil of courtesy. Finally, you call it a kick in the teeth, Atlas here calls it ''being a shit'' and I will in the future only pass along facts back to staff members to avoid these allegations. However I will ask you to do the same thing. You yourself said you could have worded yourself more gracefully and the line you take as an example that offended you was after you dropped your own standards. My ''you dont even have half the information'' line came after your own condescending remark. If I was in an admin conversation and wanted you to hurry up and told the staff member working my ticket to ''Just multitask my guy'' I would have a fresh new note from Atlas in my file saying ''Stop being a shit in tickets mark 2'' There would be no question about that. To wrap this up, as I stated. From this moment on I will give simple replies to any staff PM I get ingame to avoid being labeled an ass and only work with facts. I urge you do the same when dealing with high stress positions during a time they are completely swamped with work. @ShesTrying Hello, when I still had control over my body I was engaged physically with an Unathi crewmember, looking through their bags and pockets whilst also dealing with a Varuca that refused to being searched. Next in line at the time were atleast 7 other people. 2 of my officers weren't on site, the detective refused to help except for operating the door controls and thus we only had me and another officer to deal with the central mandate of searching everyone. People were already clamoring to get past the checkpoint when I was still up, within a minute I was winded the fight broke out. So no, technically there was not a physical fight the moment I was winded but with me out of the picture the other officer got swamped and swarmed almost immediately. I'm not sure if SimpleTex was aware what was going on at the checkpoint or if he was observing somewhere else because the situation was quite tense with multiple people refusing to be searched and others trying to get past without the consent of the door operator. Even when I was still up.
  6. No problem, thank you for your prompt response.
  7. BYOND Key: Hesphos Staff BYOND Key: SampleTex Game ID: b7y-cJR3 Reason for complaint: Condescending behavior towards players. Taking a player out of the round at a critical moment. Okay, so. I join this round as Frank Pewter, Head of Security. 1 hour after round start I ship in from the Odin. Someone steals the Captains ID, loots the vault, steals the research shuttle. Yadda yadda, doesn't really matter. Standard antag stuff. We get a message from central that we are to setup a checkpoint during the transfer and search everyone for the vault materials. Ok, thats fine I guess. I had 2 officers off station to find the grand theft shuttle guy so I had me, a detective and officer still at the checkpoint. All hands on deck. It was a busy round so soon people start flooding into arrivals. Alot of people, so me and the officer are super busy, super swamped trying to search as many people and send them through to the red dock. The officer, Officer Lord found a stack of cash on someone. A huge amount of money. Normally not a big deal but we had a fraud case earlier where someones bank account was drained. So here I thought to do the reasonable thing and I tell this person that his money is confiscated and that he must produce a bank statement, that is free to print out from any ATM on the station, to prove that this is his cash. Less then 1 minute of work. I move on to the next person in line to be searched, a Vauruca when I suddenly get an administrator PM from SampleTex. They ask me if I got a minute, I tell them No. Thinking to myself I can simply come back to him once the shuttle undocks and even answer any questions next round from the lobby. That's the moment where he winds me, when literally almost the entire station is standing at the checkpoint waiting to be searched. Forcing his question in right then at a crucial moment whilst he could have simply waited a few moments and asked me anything when the shuttle left the station. I get alot of PM's just like this, asking if I got a moment or some time. Usually they are just questions about other people. Or asking about some clarification about things and I always try to answer them as quickly as I can. I simply just couldn't right then and that's why I said no. This seemingly was seen as rude and unacceptable however. I felt that SampleTex was incredibly condescending towards me from the following line. ''Just multitask my guy! haha!'' There are 10 minutes and then another safe 2 for me to search the crew with 2 people and 1 manning the checkpoint controls. No, that is impossible for me to multitask at that point. If I spend time carefully explaining the reason for briefly holding on to the money before returning it half of the people there aren't going to make it on the transfer shuttle. I find this extremely disrespectful to just demand time from anyone when you could literally just have waited when things weren't so hectic. It wasn't like the world was ending and I was decapitating people left and right. Not to mention, demanding it in such a way. Calling me a guy and brushing off anything except for his own need to push this through. Whilst this was going on a robot dragged me into the office when I was winded. Sensing easy prey just a few moments later I heard gunshots and a fight escalating at the checkpoint. With me powerless to do anything but answer these questions. So obviously I'm pissed. It's like you are balancing on a tight rope and someone walks in and asks you what time it is and if you say you cant answer right now he cuts the rope, pins you down and demands to look at your watch whilst he could literally just have waited a few moments and then asked when I wasn't on the tight rope anymore. So here I am, pissed to having to answer this whilst I was taken out the round and my officers are getting assaulted within throwing distance. I ask for SampleTex to escalate In hopes to getting it dealt with faster but he notifies me I have no alternatives. Okay I guess, then I ask if he has any further questions and he replies with a no bans me for 3 days for my attitude. Making me miss the CCIA interview I had finally had a chance to schedule with Bryce regarding an unrelated issue. I cannot properly express in words how disappointed I'm in SampleTex for dealing with this situation and his sheer impatience. Not being able to simply wait for a few minutes to ask his questions and instead forcing himself in and taking an extremely valuable person out of the round at a crucial moment. Evidence/logs/etc: Full Admin PM log. Moment I tell the person to get an ATM printout. Full checkpoint pastebin log. https://pastebin.com/Hi56htmi Message from Central Ada telling me about her drained bank account and responding to the bridge for the Captain quarters intrusion. Additional remarks: Despite the circumstances I believe I remained cordial enough in the admin PM's. If I did cross a line then I apologize for that. However I still believe that SampleTex's actions are inexcusable and he could have easily solved the situation and gotten the required information if he simply waited for a few minutes. He could have also asked anyone else that wasn't up to their knees in work or snooped through the logs to find more information until I got freed up. I also wish to ask SampleTex to not try and agitate people on purpose with lines like ''Just multitask my guy'' and then using the results from that as ammunition to ban someone.
  8. Spaceweed on our station? I dunno about this suggestion only because of 1 fact. The vendors are already swamped with options. The list is becoming way too long. Like, we have 3 different brands of rolling tabacco I think. If this keeps up the cigarette vendors will soon be like the science circuit printer interface (which is absolutely hell) I would be ok with this as long as some items were removed from the list to make space.
  9. I'm not sure if this counts as feedback but I had a couple of people praise the stuff I did in OOC after the rounds without posting about it here strewn out over the course of the last week. Here is the last one for my final trial day. Fitting I suppose.
  10. whups, I didn't know you would reply so quickly. I did add a little sidenote to my post. Also that is Senior Captain Jakob Goldsniff of the NSS Aurora for you young man.
  11. I just finished a round with me being the Captain. A 4 hour long round with me being the captain. I find that his character Travis Black is really well played in the HOS role regarding orders from up high. If it doesn't break the law or SOP just immediately following it as per the hierarchy and what the loyalty implant demands. A notable example when I wanted to hold a small medal ceremony during a moment where the round was quieter he didn't ask questions, or ask for a reason. Just blind obedience but in a good way. Loyalty to the corporation and the command staff. Its a breath of fresh air to have a command officer so well played having to deal with a clearly sup par Captain. He only snapped at the end when he refused to call me Captain Goldsniff of the NSS Aurora every time he addressed me. This is why he gets a big fat +1 from me. One thing of note however, security can be pretty hectic but keeping track of comms is super important as a HOS. So try to focus on that going forward as that might be the only point of contension I did find.
  12. I guess allow them to still be culters, but without the ability to spawn overpowerd stuff guess.
  13. It's all good. Don't worry, I will activate my bot army and get as much feedback as possible.
  14. Yes. Sadly the security barricade is worthless if the person trying to break in gave themselves full access. A single swipe can unlock the barricade so it can be moved again.
  15. It didn't. You say a mech and I quote ''You can use a mech for any number of other things'' Yeah, any number of validhunting. Bolting doors can be used for 1 method of valid hunting. An AI remote controlled mech can explore a whole new realm of validhunting. I just had a round where I asked the AI to bolt a door for me in security that led into security maintenance next to the HOS office because we had 2 seperate break ins aimed at the armoury that round. (I briefly forgot this whole AI cant bolt anymore issue because it's been a thing since time immemorial) I felt really sad for the AI when he said he could only pretend to bolt the doors by activating the door bolt lights. AI's are a joke now. Just a meme. I might be grasping at straws here but it really feels like this was the intention to nerf the AI into the ground after the failed removal poll and make playing AI so unappealing people would be clamoring for it to be removed after a few weeks.
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