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  1. Sterben just had a fun round where a traitor tried to coerce him into doing the traitor's dirty work and he managed to turn the tables on the traitor, bringing all the sordid details to light with security. Instead of setting off a murderous rogue of rambo security guys, they made a plan and used N2O to knock out the traitor and their captive on the bridge, as there was a threat of a bomb and they hoped to eliminate any chance they could set it off. It was like the Moscow theater hostage crisis but no hostages died, and the only hostage was a robot anyway so there was no threat of that. I thought his depiction was interesting, immersive and fun. +1
  2. Just played a round where Taps was an excellent CMO. Held captive by a traitor, I thought he still played an interesting character and the resolution to the round was interesting, with the takedown being entirely non-lethal through N2O. +1, definitely adds something to the server.
  3. Thank you. Sounds good to me. I can still use telescience, just don't do anything criminal or that could even possibly hurt anyone?
  4. Well, I thought the difference was previously I used telescience to attack somebody (a station antag, but without sufficient justification IC'ly to do something like that). The captain's ID is not a player and I didn't see anything that said you couldn't steal things or break the in-character laws IC'ly - non-antags routinely end up in the brig for all sorts of reasons. My thought was, I just spent like ten hours making tools to solve telescience with, I wanted to get some good use out of it - If I can't use it offensively, might as well figure out some other way to have fun with it. But I understand now actions like breaking into the vault, stealing the Captain's laser or the captain's ID fall under 'high treason', and they are restricted OOC'ly as employees just won't break those rules unless they are antagonists.
  5. BYOND Key: Armrha Total Ban Length: Permanent job ban from the Science department. Banning staff member's Key: I don't know. Reason of Ban: Immediately after being unbanned for abusing telescience, I abused telescience in a different way. I didn't see in the rules where committing non-violent crimes, like access elevation, was against the rules so on a late night extended round with like 2 people I teleported the Captain's ID into telescience, upgraded my access and teleported it back so I could go exploring. I've learned that even though this hurt no one and I stole nothing else and took no aggressive action, effectively anything that is effectively 'high treason' by action is something that even a misbehaving employee would not do in character, so this fits under the rules about 'IC action', even if the server has nobody on it. Reason for Appeal: I gave myself an almost three month time out before this request, I'll be sure to avoid making the same mistakes again.
  6. Avoid chucklefucking. Conflict is acceptable, even if you are not an antag, but it needs to be believable, and meet roleplay standards. Generally, avoid playing hero. Not avoiding powergaming. 1. Using telescience to attack an antagonist just because I thought they'd probably stay still is absolutely chucklefuckery. I shouldn't ever try to use it as a weapon unless it's some part of the overarching story. 2. The conflict was completely unbelievable and met no roleplay standard. I could have engaged them, told them to stop, had any in character reason to attempt to stop them before doing such a reckless and violent thing. 3. I totally went rambo on one antagonist, hoping to save the day. My character had no IC reason to do so, so was playing the hero. I could have petitioned security, even contributed to their effort if I wanted without doing what I did. 4. Using telescience in such a manner is totally powergaming. Not many people can do much about being teleported against their will into a disadvantageous situation. It wouldn't make good RP to have all antagonists having to constantly move left and right during roleplay to avoid telescience griefing. It's experimental equipment and should be treated as a dangerous and unknown thing, not a "I win" button.
  7. BYOND Key: ArmrhaTotal Ban Length: Banned from Science department jobs until I learn my lessonBanning staff member's Key: I don't knowReason of Ban: For validhunting with telescienceReason for Appeal: You ever figure out how something works and you are just really itching to do something with it? I got carried away. We were playing a heist round where one of the heisters was just standing around in one spot for long periods of time. Nobody seemed to be doing anything about it - It almost seemed like the antagonists were using the meta of how everyone is supposed to act like a shield to just let them get away with whatever. I probably was just missing the action wherever it was, but I made the very bad decision to just telescience grief a heister. This was very dumb and had no RP justification. I am sorry and will do my best to uphold the standards of good RP in the future. I should have at least tried to establish some kind of reasoning or contact before just bluespace murdering somebody. I miss science. Thank you.
  8. Alright, fine by me. It's tough for me to find time to play every day, but I'll try to get more rounds in when I can. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. BYOND key: armrha Character names: Arthur Osteen How long have you been playing on Aurora?: About 6 or 9 hours or so Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I don't like not having positions I can play if they are just sitting empty Why did you come to Aurora?: Recommended by some other players Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? No administrative action. One time, I saw an Xenomorph-style Alien and mentioned it on the radio, and somebody on the radio was like 'An unathi? What kind of alien?' and I said, "No, like an Alien like the one from the 1979 movie Alien by Ridley Scott" and an admin was like "That movie doesn't exist", that's the only admin encounter I can recall. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay is interactive storytelling. The goal of roleplaying is to construct a compelling narrative everyone enjoys. Stories should have conflict and things at stake. SS13 is an amazing narrative engine unlike most roleplaying games because there's actual "work" to be done in the game; each department has some sort of task to complete in some way and they need to fulfill their goals in some rudimentary ways to make the rounds work. This makes the entire thing a lot more interesting than in "traditional" roleplaying. When you are just roleplaying at a table as a chemist, you're sitting there pretending to do chemistry. In SS13, you have to mix things and satisfy to simulation to "do chemistry". An engineer isn't "pretending" to power the station; they have to satisfy the simulation to make that happen. Rounds in SS13 are relatively short, but the stories are compelling and earnest. I find a lot of people hear stories from this game and find them fantastic compared to a lot of other games, yet it's weird that most people don't have the patience to actually play it. The interface and the patience sometimes required is a little much for a lot of people. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: I think heads of staff help organize their departments to help streamline gameplay. Everyone who plays this game knows how completely useless departments are when they are three or four people just goofing off and one person on their job. A single security officer trying to corral or categorize threats always ends up in disaster. Ideally, a head doesn't boss people around too much; it's not just an option to select to gain some peons to listen to your commands. A good head helps facilitate good storytelling and interesting character development, while helping new players learn the way the systems work and sets a good example for future play. They don't steamroll players from having fun and properly doing their job. They try to protect their department and direct people to counter threats. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: I think basically they just have to set a good example in that front. Don't be completely incompetent, don't goof off too much or cause problems or interrupt good storytelling. The best heads make you happy when you see their name, you know your team is going to be directed and it's going to be a fun team effort to accomplish the goals of your department. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Obviously the independence of Tau Ceti is a pretty good thing for my character; He's a company man through and through. He got burned pretty badly in an engineering-related incident and resulted in his insanely crappy bionics which are constantly on the fritz. Still, he tries his best to do a good job and keep everyone working and satisfied with their jobs. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Chief Engineer is the only role I plan on playing. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Arthur Osteen (Chief Engineer) How would you rate your own roleplaying?: Fair to good. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Sure, that's a no-brainer. Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yeah, yeah. I read that stuff. Extra notes: I've played this game since about 2013 on a variety of servers. I've played on goon, tg, oracle, hippie, d20, d2k5. I don't have a lot of time to play but I think I'd be a good candidate for the whitelist. At the very least, I'm not going to cause trouble.
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