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  1. I was under the impression that rev rounds aren't canon, so what Odin would do or how it would affect your career seem completely irrelevant; none of it counts for anything in your canon character history. Is that wrong?
  2. looks cool, increases our spriting library and has no detriments, seems fine to me, go for it yonny
  3. I hope you guys give him a chance, people do learn and understand the community over time - it's not always a factor of maturity or trolling, just understanding the community and what makes the experience enjoyable for everyone compared to other servers. I did some really ridiculous things in my first couple months here and managed to change my behavior to be more in line with what we're expected of here, I think Vulcenus could do it personally. I was an antag in a round where Vulcenus was the main security officer that confronted us as mercs and he was the more well-reasoned of the two securi
  4. +1, Ronald Monday is great and I always feel safe in his arms. Looking forward to seeing how he plays HoS in his trial.
  5. Definitely deserves a trial imo. Would love to see how Forger steps up to the command roles.
  6. Always a pleasure to have him around. Sorry we trapped you on a diona nymph biomass for two hours. +1
  7. I still feel like if you're 'shut down' because an AI bolted you in or out of somewhere, that's your problem and you need to learn more to be the antagonist and part of being an antagonist is overcoming challenges, no matter how much people say 'it forces you to build your whole strategy around avoiding the AI', well, the game has built years and years of ways around the AI. It still feels like fun gameplay to me. But I guess the community disagrees. Though I feel like I've run into far more people that disagree with the bolting being removed than who agree with it; it still seems like every t
  8. Yes, if my math was right that bomb should have been 7 moles of phoron @ 1073C, 11 moles of oxygen @ 20c, so it should have been only 1 devastation range. (1,3,6,9). Kind of like a... big grenade. Though I did rush it a bit. Glad you didn't have to use it! I'll happily give a bomb to anybody who will comment positively on my whitelist. (kidding)
  9. Yeah, it wasn't too hard. I went ahead and made a PR: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9186
  10. I think the cat pet should change color in the presence of radiation. One of the difficult parts of the disposal of nuclear waste with extremely long half lives and extreme dangerous contamination risks is the idea that the nuclear waste could easily outlive a culture that created it. Addressing this issue has been a project for many groups, but the most famous example is the Sandia report from 1981. They describe the difficulty of the problem: You can't depend on any of our icons or alarm diagrams surviving through the future millions of years. We have no data points on how langua
  11. Omg, Regi is a treasure to work with. I was playing a escape pod survivor that came in off the rock, and he was overwhelmed in engineering, being the only apprentice in a power crisis. It ended up being as simple as SMES output levels, but I felt weird trudging into engineering so we walked through breaking our way outside and setting up the solars, then went back to engineering and ended up fixing the SMES too. He was great the whole time, very in character (though pissed off at himself oocly too). I had previous encounters with him as a janitor too, always great. I would love to see his take
  12. Gillian was HoP Melya Mochachino for a cult round that finished just a few minutes ago. I interacted with her only a bit, but I appreciated her banter on the command channel and she tried her best to manage cargo. I felt like it rounded out the crew of heads really well. She helped show me how I screwed up my fountain pen. Anyway, wouldn't regret playing with her again on a round that gave her more to do. +1 so far.
  13. BYOND key: armrha Character names: Arthur Osteen, Quintus Aurelian, Jaakima Niskala How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Since January 2019, with intermittent breaks. I actually applied before shortly after joining, but it was denied due to not having played enough. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I think I'd be a decent RD, having played the game enough to get a feel for the server culture and learned enough about the department to perform the duties adequately. Why did you come to Aurora?: I'm not sure if this helps or hurts my applicat
  14. Prince is a great HoP. I ran into her in the halls as my scientist and she helped deal with my pressing issues, and her interactions were entertaining and fun in the most recent round I played where I was the detective and we had a space bounty hunter, where she told one of the officers that his armor was 'worth more than the entire security department budget for a year'. It was great.
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