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How do you play HoS?


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Just describe how you generally play your Head of Security, and their little quirks.

I play Robert as a rough and tumble, sort of ex-marine type. He doesn't go by-the-book like a lot of others do. He's impulsive, and very selfless when it comes down to it. I can recall many different nuke and wizard rounds where Robert told someone to flee while he distracted the antag/sacrificed himself.

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With my head of security character, I try and play the gentleman as often as possible. Delegate security to the letter, whilst only getting directly involved in pursuits/arrests where necessary due to an emergency situation, lack of capable officers, or already having been at the right place at the right time.

I don't allow personal relationships, or negative opinions of crew to influence my professional decisions, particularly in sentencing.

As Seto, I maintain a resolute loyalty to Nanotrasen, trumped only by his moral standards and ethics that all life is valued, and that the only time a man is justified in killing another is if that action can result in a further loss of lives, and as such, limit antagonistic actions to a bare minimum, and always choose mercy where possible.

Essentially, when I created Syrus Seto, I modeled him after the stereotypical white knight protector.

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I play Tanner as a gritty, anti-social and loyal to the bone person, who mostly tries to go by-the-book. He is very rarely biased, and mostly tries to hear both sides of the story before acting.

He usually manages to maintain the same facial expression at most of the times, and it kind of makes some people to be disturbed by that during interriogations.

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Avelak is formal and distant on the outside, and can be strict with punishment if not shown a reason to be lenient. He's polite at all times, either way, and would choose to put himself in harm's way to give civvies the chance to run, should the situation call. I try to give him a slightly intimidating air when things go wrong, merely by keeping him stoically calm.

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When I do play her as HoS, Elena Reshnikova is a drill sargent on PMS.

Easly irritated, she will order officers to report in as many times it is needed until every officer responds or is found as SSD. In case someone fails to respond and isn't SSD, she will hunt them down and demote them. Elena is both a multitasker and micromanager, even though she will leave competant and dependable officers outside of her obsessive control if she thinks they can function independantly.

She however, also has a heart of gold and hates when she actually has to punish any of her employees.

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