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[Denied] Security unban request

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BYOND Key:nortondk

Total Ban Length:jobban- perm

Banning staff member's Key:sebkillerdk

Reason of Ban:Banned from Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Forensic Technician, Security Officer, Security Cadet - As warden, began searching the station for hostiles and encountered a mercenary who proceeded to aim and back away. Pursuing them anyway, the merc then attempted to speak, at which point the player began to open fire while the merc was speaking. Then, after successfully downing the merc, proceeded to execute them on the floor. This is pretty clear validhunting and powergaming, you were both a role that is not intended to directly confront antagonists and engaging someone who was actively attempting to roleplay with you instead of start a firefight, and purposefully ignored both circumstances in order to kill the antagonist. This is not acceptable, you are free to appeal this decision at a later point when you feel you have gotten a handle on the server's rules.

Reason for Appeal: I've played antag a few times and learned what validhunting does to the round and antags, i will try to not valid hunting in the future and interact more with antags

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You've managed to accrue a number of notes for insufficient/low RP behavior and even a server ban for another rule violation literally within the last few hours, after you posted this appeal. While it is true you have not earned any more notes specifically for validhunting since this ban, I will not be accepting it until you can demonstrate you can follow the server's general rules on top of these previous issues.

This appeal is denied, you may appeal again at the soonest in one month from this date, or August 29th, 2018.

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