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  1. Vira is a good and competent HoS/captain, enjoyed playing under and with them in the past, Schev is also a very competent command member in general. And as far as i can remember have been pretty chill to talk to in OOC occasionally. +1 from me
  2. WOO MORE CMO PLAYERS, Ortiz is a great character, and i love Musan aswell great dreg mixer, great medical player, i think you would do very well in command. Also we need more CMO's. your characters feel real, and have depth and backstory to them, furthermore any and all OOC contact i've had with you has been chill, you're fun to be around. +1 from me.
  3. ryverstyx is great to play with, personally i've had nothing but fun times with their tajaran officer. their roleplay as them is solid and feels like a living person, i think they would do well as a skrell. +1 from me
  4. Ey, you finally did the thing eh? good stuff. moving on, I think it would be interesting to see you in command, I'm rather curious how you would deal with some of the situations command faces at times, along with the added responsibility, i also very much enjoy playing with your characters in general, and OOC'ly you're pretty fun to be around, so no issues on either front. all in all, you have my support for a go at command, +1 from me.
  5. I believe Rotharia would fit well into the role of a tajara player, from playing with them on station, they have given me the impression of having a very good grasp of the concept of roleplaying, their characters feel alive and as actual living things, instead of just being a character/front that you put up to play. furthermore i think this to be an interesting take on a tajaran backstory, allowing for a lot of character development and progression, im interested in seeing what adventures junmir gets up to on station. +1 from me. join the mrowl gang.
  6. right, ive played some rounds with rotharia now, both before trial and after, i can only say that it has been enjoyable, and fun, they are interesting to interact with, and react well to preassure. they would be a great addition to the command team. +1 from me vadim aprooves.
  7. a good HoP, the rounds i've had with them as my CMO have been enjoyable, they know what they are doing, and are capable of doing it efficiently. no complaints here.
  8. alright, finally got around to finnishing it eh? i think personally that herp would do alright with playing an IPC, i've seen them play for a while know, and from what i've observed they have moved away from their tendencies to sometimes get a bit too goofy, their most recent character, their engineering apprentice i personally find enjoying to RP with when we've managed to play together in engineering. +1 from me
  9. ey, ya did the thing. anywho, i ahve fun interactions with ostrov and jose, mostly ostrov from playing CMO with them under me in medical. OOC'ly tomkiel is a great lad, we chat often and it's allways in good spirits. I personally think tomkiel would do great as a chief engineer, i know that they are rather skilled in the department, and i think they would do nicely filling the role of greasemonkey. im also personally rather curius to see how you will handle the stress of command/captain in hectic rounds. +1 from me, looking forwards to seeing you in command.
  10. Smokes Sausage cigars. 10/10 captain. overall valk is fun to play with, does well in command, had some fun rounds with them as my captain with their HoS. keep it up
  11. ay, finally joined the synth masterace? Anyway. i've known herp for about 3-4 months now, and i can confidently say that i have had nothing but great and fun interactions with them through this time, especially with their skrellian surgeon Xu Qiuu, whom i've noted they are very great at when it comes to getting into the mindset of a species. I've often found myself dumbfounded by their sudden actions that would seem weird for a human, but perfectly normal for a skrell, and overall i think they will do a great job at getting into the mindset of being an IPC, and bring some interesting RP with their backstory being focused on a new IPC that is still learning about the world around them, a gimmick i have not seen done that often, and the few times i have seen it, it has usually been enjoyable, and entertaining to interact with. i am looking forwards to working with bob in security, and getting into situations where im gonna have to explain a giant 8 feet tall walking tank what teddybears are used for in human society. A confident +1 from me.
  12. ayy ye finally did it. anyway, kester is great at RP in general, i've had alot of very good interactions with yates in particular in medical, and alot of great RP overall aswell. i think they would do nicely in the command role, and would excell trying out the new aspects of gameplay that involves. +1 from me. go get em tiger
  13. I have played alot with icedcabbage in security as of late with their officer august. although they usually end up in getting me killed. it has been fun, and they play august well. OC'ly i think they are a nice lad, they seem fun and talkative, i have a feeling they would bring some fresh air to command, and would be capable of dealing with the issues the role presents on a daily basis. Overall a +1 from me, keep beeping lad.
  14. Alright then, first off, i think 8bitbento is an interesting player, i've had a good bit of RP with both their HoP and their intern, and i can't say that it's been anything but fun. thye react well to most things thrown their way, and show a good ability to improv if needed. all of my interactions with them OOC'ly have also been great and humorus, they sem like a chill person who can take a joke. secondly. I like this character idea, the story is sound to me, and i find it geniuenly interesting as a concept, and im curius how you plan to work around shells in particular. Overall, i think bento would make a good skrellian player in general, and introduce some interesting RP to the server with his. A good +1 from me.
  15. i think Tagada would have a nice shot at being a CE and a command member, the few interactions ive had with their chars have been good overall, and they are a pretty chill person OOC'ly. they also know a hell of alot about engineering, and i think they could easily learn other departments too. So +1 from mee
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