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Destructable pianos/minimooogs


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You know that situation where you're walking down the hall, minding your own business, and your poor unsuspecting eardrums are assaulted with a discordant cocophany of an instrument that sounds so bad it should be considered a war crime?

We've all been there, it's a relatable scenario. The mind numbing, off-beat honks of the instruments would drive even the Dalai Lama into a frothing fit of rage and destruction. Thankfully, one-third of these Satan noise makers can be destroyed by bashing it against the head of their deaf, malicious wielder. However, this leaves the piano and the minimoog as indestructible tools of soundwave warfare.

The suggestion is simple: make any item that does damage to the body a potential problem solver! Well, I should say a problem solver that won't get you bwionked for righteously murdering any wanna be meistro tickling the ivories of death. Give the piano/minimoog a health amount, or give it a number of hits it will take to put the foul machine out of everyone's misery.

Personally, I suggest 3-5 hits with something similar to a crowbar should be enough to do it

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tempting, but i'm afraid of people just running up and smashing the piano the moment that anyone starts playing a song, like people already do with the violin.

i'd be for it, but only if we set the precedent that just smashing a piano because you don't like someone playing it will be punishable. we all know the piano sounds shit. it's meant to convey something ICly. if you don't like it, turn the sound down, or grit your teeth and bare it. if your character doesn't like it, react to it in an appropriate and believable way. it's a lot more believable for someone to shove you off the piano than it is for them to just smash it. hell, if someone's playing it at stupid times, like when you're grieving a lost one or held at gunpoint or whatever, ahelp them.

that said, more options for story-building is interesting. i can see antagonists using this to develop character, and to portray the damage of a firefight/swordfight. add it. just make sure we don't let it get stupid

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I mean. Yeah. Destructible shit is always fun. So I'm in for that idea.

You can always disable the sound of it if it bothers you that much (I think?)

Personally I really enjoy the piano and modifying MIDIs to make it sound NOT hellish is a fun past-time for me. I wish we could get a better soundfont for it, but that's beyond the scope of this thread.

+1 for more breaking shit, but I definitely agree with Ornias.

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