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  1. Trazz666

    Captain Panic Button

    I don't think a button pressing macro is what's stopping that antagonist. If they're free to interact with an object (in this case, the button), then that means this antagonist isn't pointing a gun or some other weapon at this captain to restrict their movements. This also means they could just very easily type ";help office" and the AI would be able to see their rank and message, and have the office in-view and bolted in 2 clicks. Not to mention the captain could always just pull their self defense pistol and defend themself. Being bad at antagonism isn't a reason to exclude a feature. Plus, even if the alarm was tripped, you still have a living captain to hold hostage. Or just murder them for flipping the switch, steal their hardsuit and bust out into space. If you don't have a backup plan and are relying on not being caught in the act, then your plan was doomed from the start.
  2. -1 from me, mainly on the grounds that there's not a real problem with telescience, just one person abusing it. However, knowing how the server's been going, saying no means essentially nothing. I feel like this device should have to be an actively activated one that uses up power faster than the apc can charge, meaning you can't just flip it on and be protected forever.
  3. Trazz666

    Captain Panic Button

    I like this idea. I feel the button should be physically under their desk like they are IRL, requiring them to right/alt-click the tile to hit it. Doing so would also trigger the use object restriction on aiming mechanics, meaning any captain/head that tries to do it while being aimed at gets shot (and probably bwoinked).
  4. Trazz666

    Rolling Papers

    Yes, good. There could even be options for nicotine and nicotine free bags.
  5. Trazz666

    Remove Emagged Maintenance Drones

    Honestly just make the emagged plasma cutter the same as the handheld. At that point, anyone killed or even maimed by it can only blame themselves.
  6. Trazz666

    Disable Antag status for merchant.

    It's literally a second dock that you just need to send a fax to reach the merchant station. It's a much better solution than to disable merchant antag status all together. Besides, merchant doesn't spawn every round, this suggestion is largely unneeded. I was offering a solution that actually adds gameplay, rather than removing it.
  7. Trazz666

    Disable Antag status for merchant.

    Instead of punishing all merchants for 1 players bad antagging, why not come up with something interesting that solves the root problem. Besides being terribly annoying, a 5 minute jump time isn't going to solve the problem of the inaccessible station. My solution is as follows: integrate the rarely used option to fax the Tau Ceti government. We all know the merchant operates outside of NanoTrasen authority, but not Tau Ceti's legal authority. When merchant does x thing, a warrant request can be sent to the government requesting a police/military shuttle be sent. Admins can then send a shuttle to a second dock just north of the merchant dock to pick up officers or whatever. It'd have a console that can bluespace it to the merchant station and dock. Boom, suddenly you have a lore friendly, non-nerfing solution to the problem of the inaccessible merchant station. And if you're wondering why the government would allow a company's private security force to perform law-related arrests, you're looking too deep into it. It's a game, man.
  8. Trazz666

    Rolling Papers

    You know you're the one hydroponist who I was referencing before lol. However, I doubt you're going to be on 24/7 for all my joint rolling completely legitimate cigarette making needs.
  9. Trazz666

    Rolling Papers

    So I've been meaning to suggest this idea for over a week now, but my job has me craving death pretty busy. Essentially, this idea adds a pack of cigarette rolling papers to both the loadout screen, and biogenerators. Each pack would hold a number of papers (anywhere between 5 to 8, I feel) in a small sized pack that you can roll your own cigarettes with. To roll a cigarette, you click the rolling paper with the plant that you want to roll in hand. The plant can be dried out beforehand with the rack, or put in there raw. You're then free to light it and enjoy. To address a few things. Mechanically, when rolling a cigarette, the chemical reagents in the plant (minus nutriment) would be transferred to the newly rolled cigarette. This would allow you to smoke more than just tobacco. Examining the rolled cigarette or cigarette butt will reveal what plant was used to make the cigarette, allowing security to sniff out the Ambrosia stoners. As for the biogenerators, my argument for including them to be made is: 1. Biogenerators can already make empty cigarette shells. 2. Despite the fact that biogenerators can make empty cigarettes, you need a gardener/hydroponist to be: present, competent, and willing to work with you, something they're not exactly known for (I can name only 1). It would be a lot easier on the gardener to just make you some rolling papers for the plants you grew in the civ garden than to grind up the plants, extract the chemical reagents, and inject them into a cigarette shell.
  10. I wasn't complaining about chefs logging in, I'm complaining about the second chef slot. I realize there's 2 of everything in the kitchen for the purpose of dual chefs, but my cheffing style gets clogged up with someone else in the way. I was expressing my distaste for more than 1 person in my dang kitchen, which would be increased by allowing damn bartenders and useless servers. I can smell the traffic jam already lol.
  11. -1 from me. It's bad enough when the occasional chef shows up and takes up precious kitchen room, but this is ridiculous. I also despise the idea of the kitchen being a separate franchise. My job has a restaurant inside, and it's employees are with the company. We're not even hailed as "the biggest most successful corporation in the universe". The bar and the kitchen are ribbon roles, they don't need all these suggestions and reworks. The only decent idea is the renaming and redescribing food aspect. Which is already in-game.
  12. You're manually setting hunger meters to coincide with this lunch time. Sure, this can be ignored by nutrition-less junk food and lunch boxes (which 'coincidentally' happen to be slated for being filled with only junk food) for the time being, but you're intentionally setting it so everyone gets hungry around the time that 'lunch' happens. Sure, it's not exactly forcing people mechanically, but it's not exactly a subtle mechanical encouragement.
  13. Please no. I really don't like this idea. Not only does this fall into the trend of trying to add in 'events' based on jobs filled, but this is another attempt at adding mechanics to force gently encourage people to RP with the chef. It didn't work with organ damage, and I don't think it should work now.
  14. I used to like Shane. He was fun, timid, bully-able, and was always fun to tease. He was the one person who you could grab and drag into maint for a good old fashion noogie or swirlie without them flipping out unrealistically and attacking metafearing being parapenned or succ'd. Shane used to get paralyzed with fear and actually act out true fear reflective of someone his age. Now he's just another screaming asshole. I'm still going to steal his janicart though.
  15. Trazz666

    Robotitist [1 dismissal]

    Having it's own virus seems a little silly. I would have the research thing cause medborgs/scienceborgs unlock nanites to inject people with. I accidently infected myself with nanites once, years ago. It was the closet thing to legit body horror I experienced in ss13.