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Getting Rid of Nuke Announcement

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So, at the start of a Nuke round, there is the whole announcement of like "It's Nuclear, there are Nuke Ops here to blow up Nuke using Authorization Disk, don't let Nuke Ops do that if you're Crew. If you're Nuke Ops, Get Dat FUCK'IN DISK. Etc"

That's really stupid, since we have objectiveless antags anyways, and it's kinda metagamey even if no one actually listen to it. It also doesn't really fit the tone of the server so much.

So, like, yeah:


Line 25:

world << "<B>The current game mode is - Nuclear Emergency!</B>"
world << "<B>A [syndicate_name()] Strike Force is approaching [station_name()]!</B>"
world << "A nuclear explosive was being transported by Nanotrasen to a military base. The transport ship mysteriously lost contact with Space Traffic Control (STC). About that time a strange disk was discovered around [station_name()]. It was identified by Nanotrasen as a nuclear auth. disk and now Syndicate Operatives have arrived to retake the disk and detonate SS13! Also, most likely Syndicate star ships are in the vicinity so take care not to lose the disk!\n<B>Syndicate</B>: Reclaim the disk and detonate the nuclear bomb anywhere on SS13.\n<B>Personnel</B>: Hold the disk and <B>escape with the disk</B> on the shuttle!"


Changed into


world << "<B>The current game mode is - Nuclear Emergency!</B>"


There are probably other rounds that could use similar treatment, with removing all the lines that print text involving objectives, winning and losing, and whatnot. Afterall, Antags are supposed to focus on making the round fun for everyone, and not just winning. And the crew is supposed to not powergame the shit out the antags back a result. But like, Nuke is the biggest offender right now, so I'm starting with this.

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Remove it.

The way nuclear emergency is on our server, the antags technically aren't even properly equipped to take on an entire security force, overwhelm rambo engineers/assistants/scientistsspendingthewholeroundmakingbombcappedexplosivesandweapons.

Fuck, I think it's up for a rework on top of that. I was thinking of something along the same lines as a merge between Bay and /tg/'s nuke playstyles.

For now? Yeah, change the OOC info announcement. The players shouldn't even be predicting that the antags are going to do something in some way.

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