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Suvek Tokash's Wall Mounted Spear (Decoration Only)


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BYOND Key: Evandorf

Character name: Suvek Tokash

Item name: Tokash Ancestral Spear

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Tokash comes from a proud and traditional Unathi clan. Canonically we was given this spear by his Grandfather before he left Moghes to remind him of his clan and lineage.

Item function(s): The item will serve a purely decorative function with similar mechanics to a flag.

Item description: "This spear is clearly very old but well cared for."

Item appearance: It would look very similar to a normal spear with the addition of simple magnetic hooks to allow easy installation to a wall of the user's choice.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? It is a cherished object that clearly ties Tokash to his clan. Hung in his office it would be a conversation piece at the very least. I intend also to add it to my exploitable information so it can act as a weakness or at least leverage for antagonists.

Additional comments:

I want to be clear that this is not, mechanically speaking, a weapon. If the simple fact of it being a spear is going against rule three then I guess I'm out of luck.

The reason I am asking for this item is because I want Tokash to have something to make him feel more Unathi. Since moving from Officer to HoS he has been on the front lines less, there is really no excuse for him to carry a spear because he has an energy pistol and telebaton. But he still is Unathi at heart. If this is allowed, I would like to ask that perhaps the sprite when mounted on the wall appear as a mounted spear, but when carried the sprite would look as a spear normally would. I do not plan to carry it around the station, perhaps I would only take it off the wall if there were an emergency shuttle called and he feared to lose it. Or perhaps if there were an Unathi dignitary it would be prudent to present it.

Regardless, the effect of hitting someone would have the effect of hitting someone with a flag.

If having the carry sprite look like a spear is too much, then I would opt for having it be boxed up when carried.

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