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"Newbie" button for actions


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So I was reading the skill system post and I thought to myself: "Why not instead of changing how skills work, just adding a toggle button that makes you 'bad' at doing stuff until you toggle it off?" Like, making you fail or take longer to do actions. This could be useful for entry level jobs, like cadets, residents and apprentices, or people that try to cook without the know-how. This would also help with RP, as instead of having to walk away from an object to cancel an action, it can just fail. Maybe with a bit of flavor text for people to see. And it can just as easily be toggled off again to be doing regular actions. I think this will be nice addition, and if people don't want to use it, they're not forced to.

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I think this is an even worse idea. We don't need mechanical enforcement of incompetence. Especially when it happens in a way where you can forget to toggle it and now you're a surgeon who forgot how to medical degree oops.

Just roleplay being bad at stuff.

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