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  1. I think we may also need to address the point of 'in a threatening way'. Showing equipment to a cadet wouldn't apply to this infraction, but drawing it in the middle of the hallway would. I'm also pretty sure there's a way to draw things non-aggressively and aggressively. Perhaps we can judge it by that? I don't see this as a bad addition but I do think it needs to be thought through all the way.
  2. Then we should at least get some official documentation the staff would follow that we can use for character creation as well. That or simply restrict jobs on character select with certain disabilities, like we do now with age. That would at least prevent a lot of confusion over the subject. I received one in the past but apparently it was outdated and unofficial.
  3. I'm going to add that I was never told I could prepare something for the meeting, and after the meeting I immediately asked if Yumi was fine in engineering like this, to several staff members, and got a 'yes' answer from them. Then, out of the blue a bit later, I got reprimanded for Yumi being a mute engineer, and I'm still pretty pissed about it.
  4. I'm going to say now I'm 100% against forced conversion. I already hate cult enough, don't make Rev worse by making conversions forced. Forced ICly would be one thing, but not mechanically, please. Like said above, if we wanted to play an antag, we'd tick the box in character setup. If we don't, we do not want to play that role. This is why forced conversion is so incredibly dumb (and why cult is so incredibly terrible). And it's made even worse when you don't know the game mode because it's secret, get converted against your OOC will, then leave the round because you don't want to play i
  5. I didn't address it because I thought I did in the opening post. Might have been something else, my bad. It's honestly very easy to say that social policies like 'it's too dangerous for mutes' can have changed since this takes place in the future, social policies can change over time. Plus, it's also easy to say that people with disabilities need to keep to more rules. There's plenty of solutions that don't have to include banning disabilities from certain jobs. And honestly, from my experience with engineering, people don't communicate much even if they can talk. Though that can have changed
  6. "Impacts your ability to be productive in a role." That is complete bullshit for muteness in engineering, since it doesn't impact your ability to actually do physical things. I've literally played Yumi like that for over a year and guess what, she was more productive than most engineers at that time. So much so that at one point, back on the Exodus, a CE at that time had to leave and appointed her, a mute engineering apprentice, to interim CE to take over instead of any other engineer present at that time. Yes, mute characters cannot call for help, but that is exactly why you're extra car
  7. I think I've waited long enough. Since it's me posting the suggestion, people will think I'm biased (I'm Yumi Yotin's player.) and I might be, but I've always thought that the disability rule is hampering RP instead of enabling it. It feels like a blanket rule thrown out over most if not all disabilities, which simply isn't fair and makes no sense. Things like security officers with one arm or engineers in wheelchairs won't make much sense, sure. But I have played Yumi in the past, as an engineering apprentice, mute, for longer than a year, with no substantial major issues arising from it. I w
  8. I agree with Schev. Especially since the removal of onstation cloning. The point of joining here is to RP. You can't RP when your character is dead. Cloning used to be a way of getting characters back for RP, even if it was abused to shit and back to validhunt antags. You can't tell someone to just 'play another character', mental states don't work like that. If I join a game to play my bartender and some random bullet from an antag firefight flies in and hits, kills my character, and prevents me from playing, I can't just switch to another character. I logged on to play a specific character,
  9. Putting aside a flaw or two in the app itself, I enjoy roleplaying with the player. Also yes, I did give consent for the backstory to use Yumi. I'll give a +1 for trust and roleplay (though I can't say anything about dionae being represented well since I'm not a tree whitelistee.)
  10. For me as a personal thing, what I tend to see in most 'bad' antag rounds is where people use the 'combat = conflict' mindset. But for real, a bunch of guys spamming lasers or bullets at eachother down the hallway isn't fun for anyone but the ones involved in the firefight. I myself absolutely despise combat in SS13, and I tend to stay away from security play because of it. Conversely, the best antag rounds are when there's next to no combat at all. That leaves a lot more time (and players, as they don't die in firefights) to spend on some actual roleplay instead of john rambo #345 running at
  11. Effort results in this. Hell yeah.
  12. Not an expert on Dionae, so I can't say whether the unathi thing is unique or not, but I can at least vouch for the player themselves being honest about it all, and I believe they deserve this. +1.
  13. There is such a thing as too much realism imo. Sure, six bullets to the head to kill someone is stupid, but when a stray bullet kills you from the other side of the hallway because it scamped your hair is dumb too. At the end of the run this is still a game, that people want to PLAY. Not sit around doing nothing after getting killed. The killing is bad mentality exists because people actually care about the person behind the other character. Aurora should be trying to be fun for everyone, not just the players that like using guns.
  14. A risk of dying IC is fine by itself. But dying shouldn't feel like a punishment just because today's antag decided to antag you.
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