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[Declined] DrHobo2k15's dionae whitelist application

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BYOND Key: DrHobo2k15

Character Names:

Joe Anders, Frank Chaplin, Jack Chaplin, Joel Chaplin, Jim Fresco, JOEBOT, Ka'Akaix'Ziim Zo'ra, David McCarthy,

Ariik Nuemann, Za'Akaix'Zaar Zo'ra, Thomas Chang, and last but not least Jesse Neilsson. I do have and have played other characters

but they're either rarely played or one-off.

Species you are applying to play: Dionaea

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): NA

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yeah, I've gone over it a fair few times over the last year or so.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I love playing vaurca and adopting the speech of them as an alien race, as well as their culture. Dionae are a species that I've been

meaning to whitelist for a while now. I've enjoyed seeing dionae characters about the station and their lore is probably the most alien

and mysterious which has really drawn me to them.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Well they aren't really a complete organism but rather a kind of democracy of internal nymphs, they may be as old as time or fresh

out a patch of dirt. Unlike most of my human characters, they don't swear but seem to speak slowly and purposefully like the Entfolk

from LOTRs or some sort of rock golems. Also as well as the need to eat, they are dependent on light and radiation. Language is

absorbed by nymphs through blood, which is quite strange. They predominantly rely on logic as formed individuals but as nymphs can

be a lot cheekier due to how nymphs are more animal like. Pronouns are a weird one, so guess I'm sticking to the whole gender neutral,

them or they etc. Most importantly, they are an incredibly respectful race and treat each other as equals.



Character Name: Silence After Supernova

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Far beyond the frontier, Silence was just a seed caught in an asteroid belt of a dieing sun on a rock far too small and pathetic to

really prosper growth. So the seed sat, dormant for an untold amount of time before the final stages of the star's life. A great cosmic

explosive decimated the solar system but threw it's pitiful rock across the vastness of space to where the supernova was almost no longer

felt as the great force it had been, in an area dominated by the Frontier Confederation. It is within this space that the seed found it's

fertile soil, if you will, to grow. That soil being a free-floating derelict ship hit by the small asteroid, where the seed soon formed

a nymph pod fed by the leaking radiation of the ship's engine.

The nymph wandered the darkness of the ship and devoured what it found; old rations, trash, dust particles, eventually gaining enough

biomass to replicate and merge into a relatively small worker of only 3 nymphs. Unknowning of any known language other than the natural orchestra of

rootsong. Silence was alone with themself for a long time before the derelict was eventually found by scavengers, who adopted the strange being that

mimicked them, and found a home with the frontiersfolk. It was a while before Silence picked up the gutterspeak they spoke and understood,

however the scavengers were poor and saw the creature as a way out of their own rut. They took Silence to Xanu Prime where they sold him

for just over a thousand credits. Their new owner was sympathetic to Silence, an aging engineer who lived alone for most of his later years

being isolated from their own family.

They taught Silence how to repair machines and ships, but in time they passed away and left Silence with his modest home and business. It

wasn't long before Silence was called to register citizenship and taxed on the old mechanics business but people were for the most part

friendly and didn't cause problems for them. However during this time, his home and business was burgled leaving Silence with almost nothing,

a Nanotrasen employee who had their ship serviced while visiting Xanu, saw Silence on the streets and offered them work as a mechanic. Before

long, Silence was employed as an engineering apprentice and was enrolled to formally study engineering at Hongsun Park Institute sponsored

by a Nanotrasen grant. Upon completion of a bachelors degree, they were assigned to various off-world stations and have found themselves

aboard the Aurora.

What do you like about this character?

Silence After Supernova, as the name implies, isn't much of a talker. They largely communicate by gesturing. Their whole life has just

been one big drift from place to place driven by calamity, which actually makes them quite sad to have lost all the people they have met

so far with almost a sense of abandonment by the strange human creatures that adopted them. So a quiet but depressive frontier dionea,

slowly trudging about repairing the station is something I can see myself getting into.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I can really get into various characters, to the point I'm gesturing at my laptop as I'd imagine them behaving. I might not be so fast

with emoting but yeah I try, even though sometimes I wish I had a thesaurus next to me. Keeping track of who knows who while playing different

people is also fun because characters should have different relationships and beliefs that shouldn't reflect me as an OOC person but as the

actual fleshed out character. I'll admit after a fair few rounds I can get sloppy but there's very few that don't. ;)

Notes: Silence, Sas or Sassy is the kinda nicknames I'd be going for, as folk get to know them better.

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Wow, this has been sitting for three days with no comment? Advertise yourself more!

SAS seems to be pretty neat, you have a decent grasp on lore, and you've been around awhile. You already have a whitelist for aliens, so obviously you can be trusted to know what's expected of you. And from where I'm standing, I know Joe Anders as a pretty good character; even if my science department time is short, I've met with him on all sorts of characters. You do a good job!

+1 from me.

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Hello, [mention]DrHobo[/mention] ! I've spotted your application!

So far, a lot of the things look pretty good, but then when we get to the background there's a few things that should be looked at. So let's get to it!

Now, the first thing I've noticed is that the pod was dormant next to a star. Dying or not, the star has enough energy, basically radition to give off in unprotected space to provide a LOT energy to the Nymph. They do not need biomatter if they have radiation, although growth via only radiation can be a little slow. The lore should state this. If not, then I apologize. Basically, the Nymph should have grown out of the pod and been dandy either way.

Another thing: supernovas. Those are incredibly cataclysmic events, and Dionae or not, anything that close to one would perish. You should probably look into some space science and read a little about stars and eneryg/radiation. On top of that, despite everything being spcace-aged now, the chances of a Nymph being flung onto a derelict (which would be a waste of money/resources, depending) is nigh impossible. Space is a vast expance with free-floating objects scattered about. The thing about space is that there is a lot of space.

Next up: Gestalt stage. If you've read the lore, a Gestalt is considered a person and not an animal, and as such it would be considered illegal to sell a Gestalt unless these were shady operaitions, which is possible.

Now we get to the story of it actually growing up. It seems pretty good. I take it the Nymph had began to take an interest in engineering once it saw the man working?

Now the biggest part: emotion. Dionae cannot, or rather should not, feel lonely. As a Gestalt, they are a collabration of other Nymphs and so are always surrounded by company. A Dionae should also be aware that they are more often than not going to outlive their alien friends, and that's just the way of how life's going to be. They are also naturally nomadic and should be used to drifting from place to place in the company of their own in search of knowledge.

This isn't to say that they can't miss interacting with others, but they would more or less have a philosophy of "this is life" and will keep the memories that they have created with their other friends. In that way they live on, like the words of a long-dead author in a book. The Dionae are the book, and the words are the memories. It is a much more plausable conclusion for something more than having some sort of immortal being being depressed and weeping for an eternity. Hell, that's not good for anyone and a lot of people will often tell you to move on and make the best of things with what you have for your sake.

P.S., advertising your application once per round in the OOCchat in game or once in a while on the main Discord servers or otherwise is a good way to get reviews- which aren't needed but can help warm a lore developer cozy up to your application a bit more!

Hope to see your reply soon!

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Thanks! :D I actually had to go off to Edinburgh so been gone for like a week now, haven't really had the chance to advertise it but will be on through the week.

I wasn't too sure if they'd need more matter to grow or if the radiation would just keep it alive, and yeah you're right a supernova would probably totally wreck everything. Actually did a space science course in Aberdeen a few years ago, mainly about Near Earth Asteroids and how much rocks are just floating about but yeah a supernova would be a bit much, I just liked the name Sassy and tried to fit one in. Maybe a supernova in another solar system, could have caused the shockwave to throw the rock away because it would totally destroy the solar system it was in.

Yeah it was suppose to be shady frontiersfolk that found and adopted, I guess my backstory is a bit of a mess. Tried to do it like ripping off a bandaid and just getting it done, seemed fine at the time but looking back it can totally do with getting fixed up. The scale off space is incredibly vast, the chances of hitting a derelict would be incredible but thought it would make a better story if it was abandoned cause of radiation leaks. I will have to figure out their emotions a bit more as well.

I'll get to rewriting the story with a lot of help from your feedback, [mention]Neinbox[/mention]. It's greatly appreciated, dionea are pretty much the oddest species but definitely want to get to know them more! :D Thank you [mention]Doxxmedearly[/mention] as well, definitely encouraged me to get this right!

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I'll get to rewriting the story with a lot of help from your feedback, @Neinbox. It's greatly appreciated, dionea are pretty much the oddest species but definitely want to get to know them more! :D Thank you


No problem [mention]DrHobo[/mention], and I hope the trip was enjoyable! Just let me know when you do edit it, or if I should close this one until you are ready to post a new, updated one when you're more active because it's been taking a while. Generally we try to have these wrapped up within two weeks, but this one has been going on for quite some time (partially my fault, yes, I'll admit).

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