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[Denied] Discord Ban - Pacmandevil

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BYOND Key: N/A - Vorewolf95

Total Ban Length: Perma due to Discord being the big stink and not supporting non-permabans at the time of the ban

Banning staff member's Key:N/A - see above except discord's "you've been banned" page just being a failed invite due to big shitcode.

Reason of Ban: I made a shitpost using Xander's profile picture which got them real miffed. Argument insued and the staff went all hiroshima and nuked everyone involved.

Reason for Appeal: A permaban for a shitpost is kinda dumb.

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Yes. actually. I do. for multiple reasons.

However you may feel about shitposting, permabanning someone (whether that be due to discord being shit or not) for a relatively harmless throwaway joke is in fact a joke.

said shitpost consisted only of XanderDox's current profile picture on a "this is bait" picture, which I posted (if I remember correctly. can't exactly check) after he's said some dumb, argument inducing things in the general chat.

Said picture contained no slurs, no personal insults. and only served to poke light fun at Xander - which in typical fashion he threw a shitshow about.

the only thing overtly wrong with posting it, was the fact that it was in general. which considering the fact posting shitposts outside of the trashcan was never something I had an issue with, doesn't really deserve a perma ban by any means.

ESPECIALLY considering I (IIRC mind you) didn't have any active warnings on Borialis at the time. making me feel like this entire thing was overblown to shit.

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Well, my perspective is different. I took it as a personal attack against xander because i had asked others to knock it off and it continued. I have always said my tolerance for butts on discord is relatively low. I do not really care how many warnings someone has on discord. I dont even think you're a bad dude, you just sit on discord and shitpost to annoy people. Whether intentionally or not it makes me consider why we ought let you stay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I fail to see how anything that essentially amounts to:unknown.png with the white circle being a profile picture could ever account to anywhere even approaching a personal insult. it's blatantly obvious it's a harmless joke just looking at the thing.

The image itself wasn't even what you were telling people to knock off iirc (though that may be wrong, considering I thought it was Abo that was telling people to knock it off.) what you were telling me/Xander to knock off was the argument insuing from Xander going nuclear at the mere sight of the profile picture they were using in another - harmless, image.

Implying the shitposting I did was meant to annoy people is also shortsighted, considering the vast majority of said shitposts were in the correct channel. if someone's getting miffed at that. they could probably just do the sane thing and avoid the shitposting channel.

Unless of course you considered my controversial views on several topics "shitposting", in which case you're simply wrong.

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I do not really care how many warnings someone has on discord.

Apologies if this comes off as off-topic, but what's the point of the system if you're just going to bypass it entirely?


The discord rules also states that staff has no obligation in applying strikes first, they can ban people under their own discretion. Taking in consideration what is in the discord rules, not a valid point in this case.

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