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Alter the Security Upper-Level


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Currently, there is an upper Z-level within the brig. It is split into two parts, the theory wing, and the investigation wing. There is a little narrow maintenance corridor that connects the two. I have multiple ideas to put together into a sort of rework to improve the investigation division and remove some redundancy and improve the brig.

The theory wing of the brig is rarely if at all used. There is no real point in having a gym given there is the holodeck. The forensics training room is never used since cadets and officers tend not to attempt to work in such fields and the theory training room is utterly useless with a briefing room downstairs.

This is the current briefing room.



And this is the theory wing upstairs, useless when you have such a large room downstairs right?




What I suggest is two major changes to the brig.

First, I propose that we remove the lower entrance to the investigations division, perhaps expanding the evidence storage into the little gap left or making it into a small auxiliary office like medical has to file autopsy reports or such. This allows for the next part of this first suggestion to flesh out the upper z-level more.




In place of it, I suggest that the little maintenance tunnel between the two is removed and instead is replaced with a small hallway to it. This honestly would feel a bit more streamlined rather than a small little corner off somewhere in the side of the brig away from everywhere else.




The second part of the suggestion is to remove the gym and theory room and replace it with a break room for the security department. Currently all major departments have a break room, even supply, while security is left with a cigarette machine and some steel chairs. It would be better to have the theory room and gym room combined into somewhere staff are able to grab a drink or snack like any other department is able to. This might just give it more use into the Z-level instead of just sitting there and gathering dust.

This was a screenshot from an extended round where we tried to make a break room proposed. The map, console and gym equipment could not be removed. They may be removed in any suggestions or they may not, depending on how people feel.




And that is that, a relatively minor attempt to spruce up the brig and standardize it a bit more to be in line with other departments and give the upper z-level some more use.

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Overall, I think this is a great idea. We should have a brainstorming session or something after furrycactus does their thing. I wonder if burger has any input on this as well?

TBH the evidence room could be a LOT smaller. I think that is my only thought on the remap, besides how wide the hallway between investigations and the break area should be.

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I thought the squad room was the break room. You know, with the four corner-desks. Instead of making a new one, could we not simply expand the size and amenities in there? To more than just the coffee&smoke vendors


I suggested moving it upstairs since having a second briefing room is redundant, and the gym is useless. The upper level is hardly ever used. The 'break room' currently is literally just a cigarette room and cubical office. This is more of a break room now if we make the change instead of some office that looks like it's for paperwork.

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Going to give this another nudge - yes it's from 2018 - but I really, really feel like security needs to have a break room, and trim a bit of the excess. I.e why do they need two briefing rooms...? Every other department has a place where they can settle down and use a drink and food vendor. Security has a small office with a single hot drink machine and cigarette machine. Medical has two breakrooms and even cargo has a break room.

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