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Reviewing Loyalty Implants


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Note: I’m going in this with a low amount of information, since I can’t seem to locate much on the subject.

Loyalty Implants are kinda in a wonky place right now. They are a literal neural implant but only seem to work half the time.

For example, the cult can’t covert Implanted but the Vampire can dominate them.

I’d like to propose that we add more mechanical restrictions on Loyalty implants to give’em a buff.

( another note I’m saying this is what should be, so some of these could already be in )

Things that should be resisted by the Implanted:

- Wizard Contracts

- Cult

- Vampire Dominate

- Rev Conversions

What they should disable roundstart:

- Traitoring (99% already in)

- Vampire

- Cult

Really this just a “plz update Loyalty implants”

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From what I know, the loyalty implant blacklists any roundstart antag that isnt loyalist.

I dont know about wizard contracts if they only obliterate you or whatever, but as for all the others, you cannot become an autotraitor, revolutionary, cultist or be dominated normally. The only exception here is if the vampire is at full power, then it bypasses the implant lock.

If you want your resident HoS/Captain to be any of the antags, you need to rip their implant out and convert them.

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Prate really said all I wanted to, with the exception of specifying that loyalty implanted personnel should almost never be signing contracts from wizards. I would adminhelp to get permission if you do with to go down that path.

As for updating/reworking implants as this suggestion describes, I don’t think it’s necessary to further mechanically restrict stuff with implants.

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