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Improved Explosive Implants


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Due to how pathetic the explosive implants are when you actually set them to 'full explosion' I have tweaked them to actually pack a punch instead of just killing the person exploded and making people nearby get some blood on them.

What this means:

-Some testing has revealed that this new setup means that anyone directly adjacent to the bomb holder will probably be slurried.

-I used the HoS armor to test explosion resistance, and took approximately 50 total damage between burn and brute.

-This item therefore will do little against a protected opponent, but will annihilate unprotected individuals right next to the detonation.

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This isn't a -1 but I'm very concerned about giving traitors and explosive that has devastation range. I recall that the ninja explosion was really fucking awful because of how destructive it was and it lead to bad ninjas suicide bombing people when they ran out of ideas. In a previous round I observed, this happened with an antag where their gimmick wasn't going well so they decided to trigger their explosive implant while near people.

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I suppose? I tend to think suicide bombing, while it happens IRL and creates horrific stories to tell about for the survivors, tends to be very punishing for characters involved in it... especially if there aren't survivors of suicide bombings in-game. Am I on a watchlist for writing that? Jesus.

It's an odd balance to strike for that reason. I would talk about the implications this has on combat as an, "I lose, but you do too" button but it honestly doesn't matter as much as the roleplay integrity concerns.

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I have created a new proc for use in this. The full explosion now uses a variant of iterative explosions that has slightly more precision.

Also, it has a variable strength, discouraging people from using it as anything more than a last ditch attack, because it's not reliably dangerous, just potentially. It's also very unlikely to kill, but it can hurt a lot. After 10 tests of experiencing a point-blank explosion, only once did it deal enough damage to floor me to the point of not being able to stand.

Since it uses iterative explosion method, too, the STRENGTH of the explosion doesn't actually directly relate to how much damage people nearby take. More power means they're more likely to take more damage, but there's a strong element of RNG.

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