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Rig hacking


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So a thought has occured to me that special RIGs are basically untouchable unless you manage to get your hands on an EMAG, captain's spare or an appliccable head of staff ID.

So the suggestion is to allow for other unconventional means of getting your hands on a rig without having to jack a high-security ID or illegal tools.

Could either have a timed period using either a crowbar, welding tool or screwdriver to jimmy open the electronics compartment, destroying the lock in the process. Maybe damaging the internal components to some lesser degree?

Ooor a more.. Loud option using something heavy to bash the panel until it breaks before accessing it. Definately destroying something inside in the process.

I feel this would make stealing departmental rigs a more viable option.

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Bumping. It's next to impossible to get your head's hardsuit in case of the head not being present unless you're a traitor, which seems ridiculous to me considering that the AMI hardsuit is essentially the only viable option for a scientist to have armor without running to security. Big +1

Here's my suggestion on how one could hack these: apply crowbar to pop the hatch open. Bash with anything to break the internal components, one of which just might be the ID reader (breaking it is indicated with a flash of a light or a click? Random chance). Apply wirecutters to carefully cut off the ID reading system, which takes 30 seconds and shouldn't damage parts, or only damage them slightly.

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