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  1. Asheram

    Papers, Please!

    +1 The arrivals/departures gate is woefully underutilized when it comes to RP. It should be given all the love.
  2. In my personal opinion about Tricordrazine I believe that 1-3 units should be available over the counter for minor cuts and bruises that they feel doesn't require treatment from a doctor, but not as a prescription.
  3. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to include an additional area. The nuke console. Personally, I believe that the armory is a bit overkill for such a device, but I can imagine security feeling frustrated about ninjas/wizards stealing all their gear.
  4. Asheram

    Rig hacking

    +1 Nothing should be inviolable. I don't vote for a specific means of hacking the RIG, just that it should be possible. I'll leave that to smarter folk than I.
  5. Asheram

    Removal of Cloaks

    I'll just address this directly. The server is a whitewashed monocultural thing. It's a Corporate Setting. Aurora isn't Babylon 5, Deep Space 9 or any similar multi-cultural trading station. We're Weyland-Yutani and it's time we started looking the part. Aurora is supposed to be a research and mining station operated by professionals and it's high time that folk started to look the part, foremost by implementing a dress code that prohibits non-corporate clothing during worktime.
  6. Asheram

    [1 Dismissal ] New Regulations

    Should point out that Nanotrasen are the lovable ba***rds who would love to produce and sell a product, while completely banning them in the workplace. Just because they're "legal", doesn't mean they're allowed on the station.
  7. Asheram

    Removal of Cloaks

    The jackets have a legitimate place on the station as they started in cargo back when there was a lot of heat loss from airlocks that didn't shut properly. They aren't in use as much these days but they have a practical reason for being there. Cloaks, on the other hand, doesn't protect as much from cold as they do wind and rain. If we have wind and rain on the station then the situation is far too dire to actually worry about such.
  8. Asheram

    Disable Antag status for merchant.

    +1 The merchant is more or less untouchable, spends most of the time off the station and easily acquires a position where they are unassailable. There's absolutely no reason to why the Merchant should be able to be chosen for an antag role when they effectively can choose how much they will interact with the station.
  9. Asheram

    Removal of Cloaks

    I like shotguns with incendiary rounds. Plz add them to loadout since i main sci and cant get them. One of these is a gameplay balance issue, the other is purely aesthetic. Nice false equivalency though friendo. Not quite. It's a question of NT workspace regulations. Sure, folk might own cloaks, tutus, shotguns, spears. And it might be part of their culture and what they use in their time off, but the real question is if it's appropriate to have and use them at work. I'm all for folk wearing what they'd like, but perhaps it's time to implement a proper NT dress code. Edit Tldr: we do have uniforms for a reason.
  10. Asheram

    Minor Mapping suggestions [!]

    Add a paper bin and document shredder to the medbay lobby.
  11. Asheram

    AI shells.

    Now, if it was a permanent migration then I'd be all for it. But for continuous movement back and forth I'm not so keen on this.
  12. -1 There's barely enough time to do your job anyhow for certain professions, I do not want a forced break in the middle of it. Start drawing people to the kitchen RP'wise rather than mechanically.
  13. Should point out that there's always the option of mapping in another set of ladders. Hint, hint. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.
  14. Asheram

    Geeves' Super Cereal Bullyhunter App

    +1 because satire is something beautiful.