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Port some of /tg/ circuitry parts


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Currently, circuitry drones are completely useless because they can't open doors. So I suggest we port over /tg/'s ID readers in circuitry, so drones can open doors with whatever access they got from swiping. I also suggest porting over grippers and perhaps throwers, as that will expand circuitry drones use tremendously by making them deliver objects.

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This is incredibly difficult to do. I have attempted it and found that porting it from /tg/ is harder than making a brand new temperature reagent system involving science concepts I had no understanding of from the begining.

I think a better milestone is to just port the circuits they have from baystation since we use baycode as our framework.

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Baycode, ported this, and uses Baycode. So like, you wot?

By ported, as you can't really port directly to and from different codebases (/tg/, /Bay/, whatever), you kind of repurpose it to suit what you wanted it to accomplish with the framework they had if I recall right.

So yeah, Bay 'Ported' /tg/ circuits and pieces. So did Polaris.

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