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Welcome to the new forums, no more do you have to stare at a white print backward and awful font type. That's not the only thing that's changed about these forums, notifications have changed too, and by default, you won't get bell pings anymore just by posting in a thread like you used to!

So how do we fix this? It's pretty darn easy.


Click on the globe of the earth right there!

It should display something called "Notification Settings." You should click that.


Next up is all the STOOF that displays in notification settings. Have yours match mine if you like, and it's basically like the old forums. I highly recommend you not enable the email content in this initial box.


You're not done yet. Scroll down past the above box. You should see this stuff now.


Go ahead and like, match all these settings? Or don't. If you want it to replicate the old forums a bit, clicking ON for most of these is generally a good idea, though. It makes you notified of everything that you're involved in.

Make sure to click save. Now you're done.

Remember to also disable the email stuff in the second column if you'd rather not your email be spammed to death. Unless you're a forum influencer at work as well or something. Still wouldn't recommend it.

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