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[Accepted] Argyre, Mars

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Note: I should have sent this in when Zundy was running things, because we talked about it, I just took forever to write it all out.

Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Settlement

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2259 (or thereabouts)

Region of Space: Mars, Sol

Controlled by (if not a faction): Sol Alliance

Other Snapshot information: A popular tourist spot amongst Martians, the Argyre crater is largely used for farming. At its center, Lake Agyre, which is aggressively treated to be relatively safe (compared to most Martian bodies of water) to swim in. As a result, Lake Argyre and it's little town (also called Argyre) serves as an immensely popular location for Martians and is the closest thing Mars has to a beach town. Very few people make this their permanent residence, as costs are prohibitive, but a vast majority of homes in the town are booked out as vacation homes and timeshares.

Long Description: Population, 50,000. Northeast of Olympia, the town of Argyre rests in the Argyre basin, which has been terraformed to support the agriculture that feeds Olympia. The town itself sits at the center of the basic, on the west shore of Lake Argyre. Extensive efforts have been made to keep the lake water safe, as it is a popular vacation/beach spot for the residents of Olympia. Residents still know not to spend too much time in the water and to take a thorough shower afterward, as the acidity of the lake is still relatively high. The town's actual population is small, but it increases tenfold during peak tourist season. Fish are introduced to the water for game, but tend not to live for very long.

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