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  1. Right, thank you, pardon my forgetting to respond to this. The issue with the concept is that currently extra factions are not being added for a variety of reasons; something like this would have to be considered part of one of the current major entities in the setting. How would this best be incorporated into either the Empire or the Frontier Alliance?
  2. Hello, thank you for your lore canonization app. I think the concepts and ideas here are interesting and worth looking into. However, before diving deep into this, one thing I would like cleared up just in case I'm misunderstanding something here: Do you see this being included as part of the Frontier Alliance, or as its own independent, new faction?
  3. Thank you for your application. It was a tough decision, but on feedback from others, I have chosen the other applicant. Please feel free to apply again in the future, as it was a hard choice to pick between you two.
  4. 2461.11.2 FIRST LIBERATION ARMY LANDS ON LAKTO PRIME This week the Imperial Army General Headquarters announced the First Liberation Army “Emperor’s Own” has landed on the largest planet in the Lakto system, located on the western frontier of the Empire, in an effort to liberate the surrounding area. A mix of jungles, mountains, and swamps, Lakto Prime is the base of operations for several known terrorist and pirate cells that have attacked Goddess-fearing citizens of the Empire. General Lanz is expected to proclaim total victory on the planet within weeks and liberate the entire system within the year. Cruiser Division 4 under Admiral Renier Caladius is supporting the invasion. With Imperial sovereignty asserted over the resource-rich and strategically located Lakto system, the reach of the Tribunal and the Empire grows ever closer to the decadent recreants of the Frontier Alliance. Rumors swirl that the Emperor is already considering candidates to bestow the honor of governing the new system on, as well as how to allocate its lands and assets. Praise God, and long live Emperor Keeser. Long live the Empire.
  5. Thank you for your application. A question related to what Coalf has said - where can human lore be consolidated or simplified to make it more accessible? Is it worth doing so at the cost of detail in order to form a more coherent narrative for these factions and human lore as a whole?
  6. Well, I've been reminded I said I was going to open the second slot and forgot to open it. Feel free to apply with an essay on any topic in human lore, or one of the previously suggested ones.
  7. 2461.10.12 Battleship Moroz Launched Today the first pair of massive doors at the Imperial Naval Arsenal opened to reveal a newly-constructed battleship, over a mile in length, to the public. Asserted to be unrivaled in size and power, little substantive information on the ship itself has been released by the Imperial Naval Staff. Several thousand men alongside vehicles and equipment were seen boarding the ship before launch. Countless gun turrets and hangars dot the ship which is adorned by a huge gilded plasteel prow. Speculation exists as to the contents of the other slipway at the Arsenal, still strictly guarded by the Marine Legion. Admiral Rall, a veteran of the Corsair wars, formally took command of the ship at the launch ceremony. In command of the ship’s marine contingent is Legion-General Johan Han’san, another veteran of the conflict. As the now-largest ship in the Imperial Navy it is assumed that the hulking battleship, named the Moroz, will take the role of flagship after its trial period. His Imperial Majesty Bolesław Keeser addressed the Imperial Diet later this evening saying, “It has always been, and will remain, the position of my government that the sovereignty and safety of the Empire and its people are our foremost concern. This crowning achievement of our proud military is just one step of many that we will take to protect our independence, religion, and culture. Goddess bless the Empire.”
  8. Contractors save NanoTrasen money. If they were such a risk to hire they wouldn't be hired. I disagree with limiting contractors, especially when it's one specific contractor role from one specific megacorps being targeted. -1
  9. Thank you for your application and please excuse my late reply to it. Having gone over your essay, I have a followup question: Does adding detail to parts of the Frontier Alliance narrow what, until now, has been a very open-ended place for players to create characters from, and is this beneficial if it does?
  10. Thank you for your application and your essay on Elyra. An additional question from me: What should be done to ensure consistency in human lore? It's passed through a lot of hands, and there are a lot of loose ends and now-mistakes present, and whoever is chosen as deputy will be a part of fixing this.
  11. I am opening the second lore deputy slot for human lore. Please include in your application an essay on one of the following topics: - Culture in Human Lore and its purpose - Politics in Human Lore and its purpose - Republic of Elyra (in general) - Frontier Alliance (in general) These essay topics are based upon areas of the lore that the applicant is most likely to be working on. Essays have no minimum or maximum length, use as much or as little as it takes to completely convey your ideas. Include criticism of the current versions of these topics.
  12. Effects of Tajara Ban Continue to Spread In the aftermath of the issuance of a ban on Tajara travel into or outside the Sol Alliance after a terrorist attack by unidentified Tajara in Tau Ceti on a Sol Navy cruiser, the effects of this legislation have come to a slow resolution. Tajara in the midst of travelling through the Sol Alliance were given two weeks to leave the Alliance. Diplomatic officials of the People’s Republic of Adhomai have been permitted travel under escort through the Alliance as they lobby Unity Station to have the ban lifted. Those Tajara who are citizens of states aside from the PRA such as the Republic of Biesel, Empire of Dominia, Frontier Alliance or the Sol Alliance itself are still permitted travel through Sol space after a background check. Dual citizens of the PRA and other states will face a waiting period along with a background check. For Tajara unwilling or unable to leave Sol space, many have turned to the megacorporations for contract work while the ban is being enforced, with those unwilling to work being temporarily interned in a facility on Mars. Those employed by businesses certified in Sol Alliance space are permitted travel if their visas are valid, though newly issued visas require a far longer waiting period to acquire. Many have sought refuge in the Republic of Biesel, with a small facility being hurriedly constructed on New Gibson pending hopes that Unity Station will allow them to return to Adhomai, or that they will be granted asylum in Tau Ceti. Sol immigration officials have attempted to crack down on now-illegal travel by Tajara, with two dozen small craft being interned and their crews detained in line with the ban in an effort to limit the potential of reoffending, with their living cargo being returned to Adhomai. While a small number of shuttles bearing Tajara have been sighted in the Republic of Biesel without a record of their passage through Solarian space, Prime Minister Chater spoke recently saying that additional funding would be granted in an attempt to fully seal Alliance borders against these traffickers.
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