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  1. While Borya is not the worst pick for the position, I think he can be somewhat dogmatic in what he sees as the best possible way to do something. Be that as it may, he probably is not a bad choice.
  2. It would take a pointless eternity to go over everything that has happened in the last two years, so I will simply say this complaint is no longer necessary.
  3. I am going to deny this canonization application. My deputies and I are in agreement that this does not fit the past and current themes of the techno-conglomerate. However, some parts of this may be used in future detailing of their lore. Thank you for your application.
  4. I am going to accept this with the following verdict: they will likely be integrated as a loose member of the Coalition of Colonies, and I will have a discussion with my deputies as to their opinions on how this should be done. Thank you.
  5. 2461.12.27 FIGHTING CONTINUES ON LAKTO PRIME After valiant efforts by His Imperial Majesty’s Army and Navy, General Lanz reported today that 47% of the planet’s surface was under Imperial control. In order to hasten victory over Lakto Prime, 500,000 more troops are expected to leave for the system next month. The battleship Moroz, now the flagship of the First Battle Division, is also departing for the system for its first combat missions after commissioning and shakedown cruise. An advanced base of operations and shipyard is now being constructed on Lakto Prime, along with facilities for the troops engaged there. So far 9,373 heroic martyrs from the Imperial Army and 732 from the Imperial Navy have passed to join the Goddess. Their eternal glory and sacrifice is rewarded in the great beyond with their ancestors. Long live the Emperor, and Goddess bless our soldiers who fight for holy liberation. A happy new year to Imperial citizens across our Goddess-spun galaxy, and may the sun rise on another year of glory for the Empire.
  6. The lore reasons for these prices no longer exist and they should be lowered to something more reasonable.
  7. After months of debate in one of the longest Representative Summits in the Frontier Alliance’s history, the members of the Alliance has adopted a resolution to fundamentally change the name and nature of the Alliance, toward a more solidified governing system. Now headed by a Chief Representative, the newly-chosen Reilly Sianne of the new capital Xanu Prime, the Coalition of Colonies looks inward as debates continue to take place over what place an overarching government has in the frontier. With new threats from the Empire of Dominia, the Sol Alliance, and Izweski Hegemony, along with increases in piracy, rebellion and terrorism across the frontier, the calls for a firmer hand seem to have won a small victory. After the dissolution of the Free Assembly party, the remaining four major parties in the Coalition, the Liberal Party, Party for a Secure Coalition, Zaurghisian Free Party, and the Coalition Alliance of Labor have all failed to secure a governing majority. Only time will tell how well these parties will work together in the coming year.
  8. PEACE ON ADHOMAI: PRIME MINISTER FROST LIFTS TAJARA BAN At last, peace on Adhomai! Today Prime Minister Frost announced that he, with the assent of the legislature, would be signing a bill lifting the Second Tajara Ban. It has been a busy month for the newly-elected Prime Minister from the Human Unity Party with over thirty bills being signed into law, the majority of them with cooperation from Senate Minority Leader Roon of the Sol First Party. “For the first time in over a century, we are making ardent steps toward reforming our corrupt, inefficient government. For the first time in over a century, two opposing parties have found common ground, and we will push forward together to bring reform that will forge a new Alliance, a new shining beacon for all of humanity to unite under,” remarked the Prime Minister today at the signing. In the past four months, a great deal of change has happened in the political landscape. Four parties vie to direct the Alliance forward: Prime Minister Frost’s Human Unity party, which pushes to unite all of human populated space under the Solarian government again, and Senate Minority Leader Thomas Roon’s Sol First party, which aims to guarantee Sol the highest quality of life in the galaxy. Alongside them are two smaller parties, the System Freedom Party led by Representative Chambers of the Artesia System, and the Reform Party led by Senator Benekr of the Silversun System. For those readers who haven’t quite kept track of the myriad developments in the political landscape in the past four months that led to former admiral and hero Michael Frost being chosen as Prime Minister by the newly-ascendant Human Unity Party, it is hard to decipher the individual changes that led to one of the largest shifts in politics since the Crisis of the 22nd Century. Needless to say, the Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations certainly seems to be entering a new era of much-needed bipartisan change and reform.
  9. As the person responsible for the current population figures, I think my input may be relevant here. With that said, I am putting the practical lore considerations of what it would mean to change these aside to say the following: that the current amounts are by most considerations of myself, my deputies, and the past human lore staff I worked with, a low figure compared to what would be possible population-wise, especially compared to those that they replaced. For my brief example: look at the world population in 1900 - 1.65 billion. In 2000, 7 billion. With a desire to avoid dragging myself back into the population growth math and statistics debate, I would like to argue that these figures are very reasonable as is and could easily be greatly increased without straining belief.
  10. It's been a long time waiting since I put this on hold, but I am accepting this today in light of some on-going changes being made. Caveat is that some major changes may be made to this in during implementation. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to dm me.
  11. Right, thank you, pardon my forgetting to respond to this. The issue with the concept is that currently extra factions are not being added for a variety of reasons; something like this would have to be considered part of one of the current major entities in the setting. How would this best be incorporated into either the Empire or the Frontier Alliance?
  12. Hello, thank you for your lore canonization app. I think the concepts and ideas here are interesting and worth looking into. However, before diving deep into this, one thing I would like cleared up just in case I'm misunderstanding something here: Do you see this being included as part of the Frontier Alliance, or as its own independent, new faction?
  13. Thank you for your application. It was a tough decision, but on feedback from others, I have chosen the other applicant. Please feel free to apply again in the future, as it was a hard choice to pick between you two.
  14. 2461.11.2 FIRST LIBERATION ARMY LANDS ON LAKTO PRIME This week the Imperial Army General Headquarters announced the First Liberation Army “Emperor’s Own” has landed on the largest planet in the Lakto system, located on the western frontier of the Empire, in an effort to liberate the surrounding area. A mix of jungles, mountains, and swamps, Lakto Prime is the base of operations for several known terrorist and pirate cells that have attacked Goddess-fearing citizens of the Empire. General Lanz is expected to proclaim total victory on the planet within weeks and liberate the entire system within the year. Cruiser Division 4 under Admiral Renier Caladius is supporting the invasion. With Imperial sovereignty asserted over the resource-rich and strategically located Lakto system, the reach of the Tribunal and the Empire grows ever closer to the decadent recreants of the Frontier Alliance. Rumors swirl that the Emperor is already considering candidates to bestow the honor of governing the new system on, as well as how to allocate its lands and assets. Praise God, and long live Emperor Keeser. Long live the Empire.
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