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Regarding Dionaea's intelligence and their knowledge limits.


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So, Dionaea workers are very intelligent beings, with an high learning potential. They learn, and adapt quickly, but they can also immediatly gain knowledge by absorbing genes samples from various creatures, therefore, my question is: Do Dionaea workers actually have a limit to how much they can learn, before they need to merge with other nymphs to become more intelligent, but react slower?

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The amount of knowledge that they gain from a biological sample is actually a bit limited. They can't learn things like math equations, but more very basic, rough things like simple or recent memories, like what they had for lunch or what time they like to get up at every day, or even a little bit about the person such as their personality and views on life. They can also learn primary languages and cultures. Very rough and abstract things. In game they cannot obtain blood samples to prevent power gaming such as obtaining a sample from a cultist and exploiting the newfound information they can translate.

As for the limitations, there are a few. The size of a Dionae and how many core Nymphs they have as well as the number of overall Nymphs in a Gestalt determines this. A human can only learn so much because they only have so much room in their brain to store all this information. The largest Nymph acts as a central node/processor of this information and acts/functions like a brain in addition to the sensory input and internal communications from the others. So that's one Skrell-like brain with the addition of five other more average brains working together. They can store a *lot* of information, but they still learn it about as fast as anyone else and more or less must do it in more traditional ways such as reading books- which they can do rather fast- or being taught in a classroom setting and/or given tutorials.

In-game, the maximum amount of years you can mechanically play as a Gestalt is 1,000 years old, and with that age you're capable of more or less becoming capable of preforming all departmental jobs safely according to the skill mechanics. But, it would be much safer (ICly and OOCly) for them to become masters at one department and know everything about it per Gestalt that has one core Nymph present within. With each additional core, they may be able to master another department- but by then they may no longer be considered a "worker" class Gestalt.

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I would argue that memories and overall personality are more complicated than math equations. For math equations, we know what parts of the brain are used for this processing. But memories and personality? No one is really sure where it is as a biological process. Then there's some who believe that memory engrams simply don't exist. But, back to point. If dionae can absorb something as complex as memory then math equations would be child's play in comparison. 

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