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Modular Weapons Expansion


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Kinetic Accelerators seem well received so I'm considering applying it to lethal weapons, starting with Security. Security's laser carbines and laser rifles will be replaced with equally as powerful modular laser weapons using the kinetic accelerator framework. Science will also have the opportunity to create lethal kinetic accelerator modules, cores, and barrels similar to what they can do now.

Perhaps in the future, the framework can be used with mechanical gunpowder based weapons.



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Are tactical frames + planet/experimental core + damage increase upg. not powerful enough? They deal roughly 35 damage per shot outside a vacuum and the worst you spend is a diamond on the frame. Science can essentially make a lethal KA with only one mining shipment (as long as mining brought 5 diamonds minimum).

Cool idea anyway, looking forward to the other stuff, but KAs have a lot of damaging abilities at the moment. If you plan on adding more versatile/utilitarian twists to their lethality then I don't mind it one bit.

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7 hours ago, VTCobaltblood said:

We already have the protoguns framework. Why not use it instead? It's more flexible due to differently sized assemblies and a number of modifications that's more than one. It just needs some sort of buff to make it wear and tear less.


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