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[Processing] Kane DeWitt - Chained Wedding Band


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BYOND Key:Joe Kane

Character name:Kane DeWitt

Item name:Chained Wedding Ring

Why is your character carrying said item to work? This wedding ring was the one Kane bought for his deceased wife, and he felt it natural to hold onto it, as a physical reminder of her.

Item function(s):Just a fluff item, with the ability to attach to a jumpsuit? Probably a tiny item?

Item description:A gold wedding band, hanging from a steel chain, with the words inscribed, "Forever and Always, Lucia & Kane".

Item appearance:A simple gold wedding band on a plain steel bead chain.

Additional comments:I don't have any icons for this one, but I was thinking exactly what the description says, if anyone'd like to icon that. Simple gold band, on a plain steel bead chain, like those ones military dog tags come on.

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Disapprove, because I don't understand how somebody who looks like a hobo and whose interaction with other players is limited pretty much to scowls gets so many chicks.

+1 It's somehow touching, and I can see how this would have use in RP. Edit: Now that I think about it, Kane's relationships have this odd way of involving and furthering roleplay for other players as well.

Out of sheer curiousity, how would this work, exactly? I was thinking possibly similarly to ties?

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I was thinking that it'd work like ties, so it could be attached to a jumpsuit in a more sensible way, though having it fit on the neck slot as well would be nice. Also, I'm glad Kane is able to help with other people's roleplay :3

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I'm glad Kane is able to help with other people's roleplay :3


Well, for the most part that means comforting his heartbroken exes, but still :D


>Implying Samantha Mason cared lmao

Anyway, yeah, I'm willing to accept this application. It'll be placed in the archives with the tag [Processing]. Once it says [Complete], then it means that the spawn code and what have you has been completed and will be available to you.

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