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[Accepted] Melodic Voids IPC Application

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BYOND Key: MelodicVoid

Character Names: Emeal Rikito, Zuri Madeler, Mae Aiiko, Bill Mull, Hope OF A Fallen Sapphire, Qistina Latifa, Riluxin Xrimqu-Tup, Rilumim Feiire, C.R.O.s.S(AI), T.E.R(Borg)

Species you are applying to play: IPC

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Exempt

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I personally started playing as Borgs and AI when I first joined the server, and I have always debated on making a IPC Whitelist due to my enjoyment of playing those roles.  Now that I have a few whitelists out of the way I think its time for me to try for an IPC. Though not overly like an AI or Borg as they have more freedom in a sense. The vast RP styles and frames that are available to an IPC should make for some excellent character design options.  


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Thought of by most humans as tools, Mysteries to Tajara and Dionaea new to the system and Disliked, hated or feared by some older Skrell an IPC is vastly different in the way they function, they are creations of other species intellect. they play more like a Borg with a better processing and interpretation matrix, though they have varrying Rp styles based on what software is loaded on them. They are the only species capable of using and understanding EAL, besides stationbounds, If owned they are seen as property and destruction is not murder but sabotage or vandalism. they are capable of processing situations faster then other species and can output answers quicker. there mind is a database and they are immune to infection and other such things. They are repaired instead of healed and is done with 3 tools, unlike humans who have a more complex internal system. They require cooling systems at least to go EVA. they are highly frame dependent where there stats are based off of such. They can be hacked, require charge and can charge from APC or Cyborg chargers. They are also lawed when owned, not to extent of a borg but lawed none the less 



Character Name: NT-7-C  (Humans call it Plexi, and will be called such in creator where records will show NT-7-C as main name)

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs.

The NT-[]-C Series or Nanotrasen –[Unit Number] – Clerical Unit is a unit designed as part of a agreement between Zeng-hu Pharmaceuticals and NanoTrasen designed by Bishop Cybernetics. The purpose of the agreement was to create a fast and efficient clerical unit that was able to work with and type up paper and databases efficiently. Zeng-hu provided a bulk purchase discount to Nanotrasen partially due to the research agreement they have. There were 7 units, all Zeng-Hu Mobility Frames created from this arrangement of which the first four went to the NSS Baldr, an administration station in Sol, the rest including NT-7-C were sent to the NTCC Odin to assist in paperwork administration.

NT-7-C was the last to role off the assembly line and was the end of the bulk order. This unit saw service aboard the NTCC Odin processing paperwork written by Captains, HOPS and CIAA’s. The Mobility frame assisted in fast moving from fax to database to storing and organizing physical copies. Noticing NT-7-C’s ability to accomplish tasks with a higher efficiency and quality, if only slightly than NT-5 and 6-C lead to NT-7-C being given additional tasks, moving from processing paper work to processing transfers, new hires and vacation days.  Eventually NTCC Odin was posed with a issue, an abnormal amount of requests was coming in from the NSS Aurora, a station in which was lacking Head Of Personal staff due to a vacation booking error. The NTCC Odin decided to send NT-7-C to the NSS Aurora to cover the position in absence of the appropriate staff. To central commands surprise the mess of paperwork that was coming out of the NSS Aurora was rectified quickly and paperwork was moving incredibly efficient. Station transfers to position alteration was handled almost perfectly. 

After the period of time In which the Head of personal staff’s vacations came to a conclusion NT-7-C returned to the NTCC Odin and began to continue its tasks. However things had changed, if a Head Of Personal called in sick and shift was about to begin NT-7-C would accompany the crew shuttle to fill in as the Head Of Personal for the needed station from NSS Upsilon To Phoenix, this of course included the NSS Aurora.


What do you like about this character? The big thing about this character will be growth, as she (has a more feminine frame design) will start out as being HOP on the aurora sometimes, Plexi won’t be seen too often. However my idea for character growth is overtime she will gain a permanent position on the Aurora. Plexi is loaded with most needed clerical information such as corporate regulations, Job requirements and paperwork formats, however her personality matrix is still developing and how she handles crew emotions will be lacking to start, like for example she will start off firing someone without a care but as time goes on and she learned more from her interaction with the crew she may be able to process the situations behind the actions and find alternatives to benefit both Nanotrasen and the employee. Huge emphasis on may, as who knows how the crews RP will help shape her matrix


How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would give it a 7/10 as nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement



Please provide all feedback, it is greatly appreciated and will help me to develop better characters and improve my knowledge of lore

I know its rather abnormal to apply for a race using a command position but I wanted to make something non-ordinary, that and I have a CE and Captain but I don't have a HOP character and I want to make one, why not a synthetic... that is after all how I started playing the server anyway and I feel I can play I decent synthetic being.

Thank you for reading my application – void

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Altering name to allow crew to name NT-7-C
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The story is evident, and the personality fine. It's all very realistic in a lore sense, too.

I see that you're using your own character to move along RP. That's... Fine. But it's always better naturally. It would be much more rewarding if the nickname happened naturally instead of just appearing because you wanted to.

Other than that, I have no qualms. And, it's a little unclear, what chassis are you going to be using?

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Oh sorry, I said In the first portion that all 7 units in the bulk agreement were Zeng-Hu Mobility frame to allow for fast filing and moving of paperwork.

As for the name I actually wanted to be called NT-7-C but I wasn't sure if that was okay for a first character. I'd rather a nickname be made by the crew as well.

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2 hours ago, MelodicVoid said:

Oh sorry, I said In the first portion that all 7 units in the bulk agreement were Zeng-Hu Mobility frame to allow for fast filing and moving of paperwork.

As for the name I actually wanted to be called NT-7-C but I wasn't sure if that was okay for a first character. I'd rather a nickname be made by the crew as well.

IPC names can be anything.

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Sorry for the long delay, I'll be processing this application.

I like it, honestly. With all the industrial and security frame applications we get, it's nice to see someone seeking out something simple yet unused like a clerical background to describe their backstory.

Application accepted.

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