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Counselors and Chaplains Treat Traumas

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

There is a bottleneck in terms of treating traumas; you need a psychologist or CMO that knows how to diagnose the trauma and then treat it.

Counselors should be given an ability to cure mental traumas. Sitting in the chaplain's office and having the ability target the person with the trauma. After a set amount of time, there is a chance for the trauma to be cured. They can only cure traumas in their office, for the quiet contemplation it brings.

Give them a hypnosis clock and a diagnosis book too.

This will add another crewmember with the power to help handle traumas, giving chaplains and counselors a mechanical method of fulfilling their job description, as well as providing three crewmembers that have the power to handle these otherwise debilitating debuffs.

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