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  1. My second round in almost a year and I become a Merc. I was entirely unprepared.
  2. I hate the trolley and I have a forklift license in real life so I’d love to see this become a thing. Though it would kind of inert some good quick barricading items for events and such.
  3. That sounds truly awesome. And well needed too. Great work. I just have to get ingame.
  4. Hasn’t killed me for over a year. Plz ban.
  5. I hate wizard just as much as the next but this basically voids secret. Secret. A round type where you are 80% likely going to be disappointed regardless.
  6. I hate it, as a CT I'd use it to find Bounty crap. It'd take 4 minutes of my round and just break things up a little. You don't know how much 4 minutes means when you do the same each round.
  7. Like that octopus that can squeeze through any gap that fits its beak. I support. Squids don’t really have many tactical advantages apart from slippage bases shenanigans.
  8. Hendricks

    Remove Cargonia

    I don’t know much about Cargo. But in my little experience I’ve never seen KA’s used as weapons. Also gun crates you can order need a head ID to unlock. So if anyone uses KA’s to get around that ahelp it. As for mindset in Cargo it is true there are a lot of newbies and shitters. But from what I’ve seen most people actually play relatively good characters. You occasionally get the idiots and they more often then not just Cryo.
  9. Why not make it so instead of being forced to do what the Borer says, you could add some lore in the initial text saying you've had it for a long enough time to the point you don't even know anything is wrong with you, that you are more coerced into doing what it says, sort of like Vampire charm aura thingie. You're not bound to it, but it's like a trusted voiced in your head. Feels more fitting then being tied to following without character choice. Just an idea. When I was first a borer thrall I just pretended it was my own thoughts and subtly went along with things until it started forcing me to do things my character wouldn't normally do. When it took over and started zombie walking at armed officers all horde like I fought it so I could run away. There RP from both this little fucker inside my head and myself that was really enjoyable by doing it that way. There's a lot of RP you can get when someone is literally tied to you and you both have different objectives and mindsets.
  10. Honestly once the option to disable it as a preference it will be fine, if your not up to anything different then you can do what you like. For those of us that appreciate the addition and change will keep it on. Simple. As for forced Coersion with the Borer, I'm not too bothered about. AS long as there is some leniency in self preservation.
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