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  1. Hendricks

    SS13 Memes

  2. Mouse Hunter Extraordinaire, the one who stares never forgets. >->
  3. Make it very delicate if possible. It can’t be empd but it’s slime it should be very fragile even with hardened places.
  4. The image sold it for me. A prosthetic that can’t be emp’d is also good. Plus something different is always nice.
  5. I would hope so. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t even be used that much regardless but still a small feature I suppose.
  6. I can just imagine someone having a small beanie then just toggling it to reveal that massive awful red pony tail that touches the ground. But sure, why not.
  7. Getting salty about what they died about of course. What else.
  8. I entirely agree. One of the few Antags that can engage the whole crew in interesting ways. Pitting co-workers against each other has made some of the best moments for me. Keep it in. But give a choice as proposed.
  9. Can also order from Cargo. I think.
  10. Goddammit Shane what have you done now...
  11. All praise Kyres1 so I shant. Damn I can’t ok, they too good for us and have well earned such prestigious title. Re-write Manlet back onto existence for me.
  12. Vesper. My favourite wench for a game of cat and mouse. Small +1 don’t know too much other then they terminator walk at me.
  13. That’s freaky as shit. Imagine a dickbutt comin at ya. Cool sprites though.
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