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[Accepted] Science unJobban appeal

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Ckey: PoZe

Banning staff:Jennalele.

Reason of jobban: bombing science/medical research.

Reason of Unjobban:Well, i am not native speaker, just to say). So i let's start from introduction: i was playing scientist, it was pretty nice shift, i was doing science staffs, for example upgrading research level to 8 everything, at the same time i was doing plasma research. I was experimenting with temperature, so i manage to get maximum stable temperature for plasma and i set freezer at maximum so i have maded a perfect bomb with maximum blow-up effect. Obvious, but the first test was most impressive then i had before. Some miner come up with idea to use that bomb for minig, i told her to make paperwork for such things, while she was doing that some problem turned up from nowhere, so the shuttle was called. I already have made bomb for mining purpose, but as shuttle was arriving bomb was useless for miner. So i thought that bombimg station whe round ends is not breaking your rules, because there was said about griefing at shuttle not station when round ends. So i was doing some pre-bomb tests on telescience pod i manage to focus in medbay as target(That wasn't my target, just randomly settings), so when there was 40 seconds before shuttle will be undocked from station i thrown bomb and pressed the teleport button. I was going to shuttle, but i didn't make it(Also timer was set up to 40-50 seconds). Seems like bomb was near to the fuel tanks because i heard about 3-5 explosives(As i mentioned before it was perfect bomb with extremely hot plasma and freezing-cold oxygen).

That was itroduction. I am really want to give my appologise to you guys and most of them to Jennalele, sorry for giving a problem to you. I understand that this action is ridiculous, radical and that is actualy griefing. That was Extended game mode(with traitors, but i didn't know about that) and i know that at extended game mode greifing is most awful. On the other hand you know that most of problems actualy is turned out at extended. I promise that it will never happen again.

Hope thae you will find at my appeal some sense)

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Alright. I can see that you acknowledge this as being wrong, but in order to stop it from happening again, I want to ask you this: Why do you think this was wrong? Can you identity what it is about your actions that makes this a bad thing?

Oh... First of all it's beaking your server rules as you said to me. But on my opinion, yeah actually it was griefing, but not at all, speaking about what is griefing - irritating and harassing other players, station was empty. Yeap that is radical, aggressive actions, but for me it's common place now, because o was playing and administrating Russian-Ukrainian server from 2011-2013 i saw worse griefe and sometimes even peacefull player could make something like this. Tha is bad, becasue you have your own server rules and anyone that is trying to break them must take punishment, that's why i was agreed with your jobban for almost month. On the one hand, if we will look on it not from ICy side that is just game - i have blowed up restarting game, that cause servers lags for 3 minutes until restart. On the other hand, if we will look at this from ICy side: i don't think that High-qualifed scientist will blow up station if he is loyal and NT woudn't hire that kind of people, that's why i am wrong.

P.S. But still it's just causing lags, not irretating or harassing other player, except your admin team)))

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I don't get why you keep saying you are wrong but still trying to justify that the job-ban was wrong?

I am not trying to justify my job-ban, i am trying to tell you my opinion. I was think about that a long time... it's really just a game, but i understand that is wrong. As i said before, if we will playing at Garry's Mod that would be something different to look at that situation, but according to the Role-play and ICy(because space station is role-play game with sandbox mode and abillites.) it's worng.

Try to understand please: i am not arguming about that i am done wrong. I am agreed with your Job-ban reason. I would do the same if i would be on your position.

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