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[Denied] BulletBudgie's IPC Application (Updated)

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BYOND User: BulletBudgie

Character Name: Raymond Carver

Species you are applying to play: IPC

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, extensively.


Why do you wish to play this specific race: To quote the Wikipedia page; "IPCs, being androids, inherently mimic Human behavior but only to a certain degree." Being an IPC gives me the the opportunity to have a character that isn't as organic as Raymond, and therefore allows me to create a more integrated backstory that follows the current lore. The way IPCs interact with other crewmembers is something that I want to experience myself, while also creating a human-like character through the RP that this character has.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Like I said in my previous statement, playing as an IPC allows me to less organic with my speech, this combined with the fact that some characters dislike humanoid robots, will create an interesting atmosphere in which I'd be able to forge a believable character. To state again, an IPC is different to a Human as: They are owned by a company/private-owner, and until they can pay off the money spent on their development they are (for lack of a better term) slaves, once an IPC has payed it's debts, they have the chance to expand their view on everything i.e: Political Powers, Self-Endorsed Opinions and much, much more, giving the player plenty of opportunities to roleplay differently as they would a Human.


Character Name: C.I.P.U.

C.I.P.U. (Civic Integration Patrol Unit) is an A.I. mounted to IPC Chassis programmed to be diplomatic and selfless; their purpose as an owned IPC was to give Humans and other races the notion that Synthetics aren't evil, scary or otherwise harmful. Having recently payed off their debts; C.I.P.U. has been counting their possibilities, knowing nothing more impact-full than their previous employment, they've decided to continue acting as an ambassador for Synthetics.

C.I.P.U. is an A.I. mounted into the Positronic computing cell of a Shell Chassis, using a deep female-esq voice synthesizer to communicate. C.I.P.U. is programmed to act very feminine and will react to dangerous situations as if they were a 'damsel in distress'.

The A.I. controlling C.I.P.U. has had no prior involvement with NanoTransen, and has reluctantly accepted a job offer on the NSS Aurora, following the recommendations of their owner.

The job application accepted where for the roles of "Generalized Chemist" and "Janitor" with the former being the priority job.

Using global databanks, C.I.P.U. has taught themselves advanced chemistry, that of which could be compared to top-of-the-line university students graduating from multiple academies located in the Tau Ceti region.


What do you like about this character?

C.I.P.U.s current situation with employment along with the fact that they've recently become a free IPC, makes it possible for me to forge a character that goes along with the current lore situations; therefore giving me a larger field of opportunities to enhance my character or the roleplays that they are in. When IPCs become free, they are awoken to a whole world of ongoing complications and events, they make their own ambitions and goals to follow once they are free, I like the idea of being able to roleplay as a character with stars in their eyes!


How would you rate your role-playing ability?

My current Human character, Raymond is (or atleast I'd like to think) a very believable character with normal morals and ideologies, I play this character very well.

I'd give myself a 5-6/10, someone will disagree.   



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As said before, wrong format. The explanation of RP is fine, but the explanation of the current state of Tau Ceti is lacking. Nothing about the main factors of Tau Ceti-- Biesel, megacorps, recent invasion of Sol, haven for xenos, etc, etc.

And, you give no reason of wanting to play IPC other than "heads" are too hard. I'm a bit weirded out that you would think this app would pass. Yes, you used the wrong format, but it still lacks a lot of basic things that you would normally expect to write about. Nothing about why you want to play an IPC, the differences of an IPC to a human, and, most importantly, a description of your character.

Make sure to edit this app with the right format and keep those things in mind.

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Hey, sorry for the wait. I'll be taking this application.

While the application itself has various issues, a more important consideration is your playtime. You have been playing on Aurora for a couple weeks (under this ckey, at least) and made your application in your first few days of playing here. For this reason alone I need to decline the application, as generally we want to avoid accepting brand new players before they've had a chance to 1. grow accustomed to the server and its rules, and 2. figure out if they even like it here enough to warrant wanting a whitelist. You're free to reapply later down the line, give it a month or two minimum.

Application denied.

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