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Second attempt: Decisive Resolve's custom items.

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BYOND Key: itanimulli

Character name: Decisive Resolve

Item name: Resolve's identity kit.

Treads, projector, hoodless poncho, and communication array.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Whew, this is gonna be a long one. This character's been in the background for a long, long time. Read this so y'all know I ain't yanking this out my buttcrack.


This over-lays the majority of the project both Aegis and Resolve come from; I've had this in planning for a long time, now. Previously under a different name, Resolve had a very troubled developmental cycle. In the first two rounds I played her, she burnt herself out trying to beat someone in a thunderdome match. Now essentially a piece of junk, Aegis bought her on credit, and essentially put her into a storage unit until he could figure out what to do with such a decrepit frame. He then sold her for the same price he bought her for, directly to NT. NT priced her much higher than aegis sold her for; his initial idea was to sell her and then give her the money he earned from the sale, but that barely covered the price of the initial repair. Thus, she's now essentially owned by NT. With that being said, both IPCs in the "Objective Guardian" project have come into the hands of NanoTrasen, both now working sheerly to own themselves. At least they're finally on the same station. Now that she's once more online and kicking, Resolve's determined to make her mark in a much more positive light; part of the programming was to become a trustworthy, dependable beacon for others to rely on, amongst other avenues. Said other programming functions were more or less left in the dust of Resolve's big repair.


Like aegis, she had a variety of items that would be special to her that extend from the little project that the interns worked on. Chief amongst them would be Cassidy Finch's hoodless poncho, given to Resolve midway through the project more or less as decoration. It isn't worth much, but it's memory of the first gift Resolve can say she's received. Second and third are the items she was tested with; one being a more ergonomic antennae for Resolve to make use of, and the other being the other big-deal of the experiment: resolve's model of the Hephaestus Experimental Projector. Being useless to literally anyone else in the universe, it stands as a piece of Resolve's identity that cannot be stressed enough in importance. It became what Resolve saw in the mirror for almost a year straight during the lifetime of the project. The treads are just rubberized soles on the bottom of resolve's actuators. Make her feet sound like shoes. Tap tap tap.


Item function(s):

Antennae: It's a headset resprite.

Treads: They are shoes that fit the overall look I'm trying to achieve.

Projector: This would be basically an officer's uniform. However, experience with aegis has let me know that it would be a good idea to have a version that can be worn in any scenario. Thus, I'd give it a different sprite when in a rolled-down state, that essentially removes the officer's uniform but keeps the other properties the projector puts out. Essentially, I still intend to play resolve, even when the security slots are filled. I intend to commit to her as a character, much like I have with Kiiv and COFFIN.

Poncho: This would be a regular poncho, but without a heat variable(?) so as to be suitable for constant IPC wear. I reckon it might have a pocket or two, but I suppose that's at alb's discretion.

Item description:

Antennae: Collapsible spherical antennae designed to interface with an IPC. On it, in permanent marker, are the words: "Cody Brickstend was here" is immaculate, tiny handwriting.

Treads: Clip-on rubber treads, for that extra grip. Designed for an IPC.

Poncho: A decorative synthleather covering. Probably isn't the best for rain. On the shoulder's edge is a small, paper tag, that reads: "Cassidy Finch was here" in sloppy handwriting.

Haphaestus Experimental Projector: A flashing device seemingly attached to an officer's corporate security uniform. On the side of the casing are the words: "Brickstend," "Dernestess," "Jastovski," and "Finch."

Item appearance:

See: .dmi files.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

Humans tend to latch on to what is familiar, and (in my own opinion) the eyes of a Hu model look a bit to harsh for the method I wish to use Decisive in. She is meant to be a expert in diffusing situations, and goes out of her way to talk to the rest of the crew. The point of both aegis and resolve are as officers people can go to, to solve even the smallest of issues, and both will go out of their way to help, as long as there isn't a more pressing emergency at hand. Resolve can also do this faster; she can be called on to actually respond to a situation at hand. Aegis is more on the patient, defensive side of things, often remaining with the majority of the crew as a big, mobile shield.

A visual difference can go a long way to stimulate rp. I've learned that with Aegis, I've learned that with Kiiv. Kiiv is an especially big point, as the first thing they see is the big, red dominion coat. And then the rp rolls in from there.

Additional comments: 

I've built this upon both experience with Aegis and IC character relations. Mostly to my own. It's neat to bring this character back, because previously, I'd no clue how to make her into her own thing. I also spent a few rounds getting her personality down. Making sure that she could stand on her own and at least provide favorable interaction via her own mannerisms.




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