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WykedEvil, Unban Appeal- Second Time's a charm

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BYOND Key: wykedevil
Total Ban Length: Permanent Ban
Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk
Reason of Ban: "Because, you were feeding him poison and he was pretty much eating it, and as I said, you two had a fair share of notes and warnings for messing around together."

Reason for Appeal: As follows.

In my last appeal, I said that if I were to be warned/banned again, I would accept that I am not conducive to the server's health and go on my merry way, and I intend to honor my word,


I believe that the cause of this warning and subsequent ban to be unjust and undeserved. Upon approaching admin Alberyk in a open palmed question regarding the actual events/broken rules that lead to my ban, he provided me with two rules (Avoid Pain and Characters must be believable and well rounded) that I do not believe have any pertinence to the events that transpired. I will admit that my follow up explanation was perhaps a bit pointed due to the now perceived slight on my side, I do believe my statement has held true. 

The rational for the ban was "Because, you were feeding him poison and he was pretty much eating it, and as I said, you two had a fair share of notes and warnings for messing around together."
And while the latter half of the statement may be true, I present my statement below


The substance I fed him neither he nor I had any clue would be harmful. For three consecutive games my character has expressed a OCD level interest in field testing a non-lethal alternative to hostile encounters. 

The drug I was field testing was Potassium Chlorophoride^1, dexalin^2, and chloral hydrate^1

The chlorophoride deals 10 oxy damage per tick, the Dexalin cures 10 oxy per tick, and the chloral was designed to subdue for capture, not doing toxin damage until the concentration is in 20u, with the mixture only containing 5, giving a metabolic rate of 200 seconds total.

The side effect I had not considered was the apparent but not actual cardiovascular damage, which the medical staff took as real, and treated, causing him toxin damage. 

Mathematically speaking, he was in little danger.

Jhin signal accepted 5k credit for the human trial of this drug, which was preformed in medical bay with three doctors present, with Dylovine and Dexalin on hand, ensuring a safe test.

James Cutter asked for assistance in field testing in game, no OOC this time, showing his interest in this test for multiple rounds, not just spur of the moment. He would continually check up on signal throughout the entirety of the episode because he thought he might have messed up the mixture and killed the man, stating over and over that he is not a sadist, just curious and meant no harm 

In fact, I do so believe that the only undue escalation was at the end where signal attacked with a knife in revenge for almost killing him, which was solved with a syringe of chloral hydrate, yet another non lethal alternative. 


So, in summary, James Cutter (Played by myself) has committed no crimes save reckless endangerment, has not caused lasting or permanent harm to a NT crew member, conducted his experiment in a safe environment (relatively speaking) and was going to provide monetary compensation for crew member Signal's risk. 
I believe another line of reason behind the ban may be (my interpretation only, mind you) that Alberyk's point may be that Jhin Signal only agreed to the human trial was because I'm his good friend in reality - The same could be said of any character in the game. James Cutter and Jhin Signal have had encounters that made them friends, just as Signal and Alexi also became rather close - simply close proximity.
It would be illogical to state that only a OOC friend would agree to the experiment, when, in the terms of IC behavior, it's a matter of trust. 

That is all I have to say on the matter,

If you still feel that my behavior is detrimental to the server, I will accept it and move on, as I promised I would.


Thank you for your time

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As I said in the last appeal, you had a lot of notes and warnings, around three of them were about messing around with the same player and their characters. In this case, it included human experimentation with poison, which even in taking in consideration the context and the situation as whole does not excuse it in the face of the rules that talk about playing a sane and believable character, as it clearly caused organ damage since the person that made the situation aware to the staff was medical staff in game. And I do recall that one of the reasons for doing that was because one of you had to leave and just wanted an excuse to leave the game, or something like that.

I am not really sure if I should really give you another chance right away, I will ask the other staff to see what they think however.

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