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[Denied]CCIA Application - Zelmana

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I'm going to keep my application fairly casual and straightforward, with some brisk responses. If you require any additional clarification or validation, please feel free to ask questions.

CCIA Staff Application

Basic Information
Byond key: Zelmana
Character names:


Sean Brianne - Haughty HoS

Benji Tiller - Terrible Telescientist

Hatius Black - Busy Bureaucrat (IA)

Cerebel - Positronic Psychologist

Timezone: EST (US)
What times are you most available?: I typically play a lot on Monday and Tuesday for a lot of the day on and off. Wed-Fri I will play a bit less, maybe 2 or 3 rounds at night. Weekends I am available Saturday for a majority of the day. I am available nearly 24/7 on Discord (read: if i am awake i will reply).
How long have you played SS13?: Maybe a few months before my first join on Aurora listed below.
How long have you played on Aurora?: 1376 Days ago. June 3, 2015
How active on the forums, discord and/or server are you?Extremely active on Discord. Some would say too active. With the new forums I am becoming slightly active. I am learning to not hate the forums as much as I did.
Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?:No
Have you ever volunteered as moderation staff for any other servers, SS13 or otherwise?:No other servers. This server, yes.
Do you have any other experience that you believe would be relevant to a position in the CCIA?: I'm good with corporate / legalese. I've done internal auditing as well as internal policy development for a Fortune 150.
Why do you want to join the CCIA?:I wish to join the CCIA because I really enjoy writing situation reports, analyzing the corporate regulations, and helping players when needed. I believe that I can resolve in character disputes very well. I have filed or assisted people filing IRs in the past. I think that the dynamic of helping in-character drama would be something I am much suited for than ooc things.
What do you think are the most important qualities for a CCIA Agent to possess?:Writing skills, patience, understanding of regulations and when to show leniency.
What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is in an ongoing round?:Respond to faxes, possibly interview, provide end of round roleplay if possible, assist other staff in ahelp concerning regulations or corporate matters.
What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is outside of the server?: Outside of the server, I believe that a CCIA agent should assist the playerbase in understanding corporate regulations, work jointly with the wiki team to document them, and address lapses or breaks of regulations filed on the forums via IRs.
How do you handle stress?: I believe that I can handle stress fairly well. When I believe that I am justified regarding something, I do stand my ground. 
How well do you work autonomously?: I feel that, if given specifications for the task, or guidelines to follow, I will be able to work well by myself. That is not to say, however, that I am incapable or cannot perform excellently without guidelines or procedures, but more that I prefer them. I feel that I would be able to work on in character things, making careful judgement, and complete tasks well without much supervision or cooperation.

Additional Notes: Within the past few months I have been getting into some arguments within the political thunderdome that I believe I should address. I have come to terms that there is a very small group of users whom I clashed heads with on multiple occasions, causing me to lose my cool. I've gotten a strike or two because of this but I have taken the measures of not being active in that channel for a good few weeks, and I plan to continue to do so as a self check.

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3 hours ago, NerdyVampire said:

Hi, just pointing out that you may have mistaken this question "How well do you work autonomously?:" as autonomy isn't the same as anonymity :)

Hey Nerdy, I totally misread that. That makes much more sense with the context. Thanks for pointing that out, it was a bit late when filling this out.

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